Team Information

Blockheads Development HQ: Fresno, California USA

Founded in 2018, Blockheads Development is a software company that started as a service for our founder’s marketing clients. We have created custom software solutions for many happy clients globally. Our passion is blockchain technology and we are thrilled to be a part of the ICON Community. We thank the ICON Foundation for this immense opportunity. We have helped market and expand businesses through custom software and incredible marketing campaigns in the following cities: Chicago, IL USA Hollywood, CA USA Napa Valley, CA USA Rockford, IL USA Dunedin, New Zealand Seoul, South Korea Washington, DC USA Fresno, CA USA Gilbert, AZ USA Tokyo, Japan London, UK New York, NY USA San Diego, CA USA

Self-Intro Video


1. Proposal introduction


Blockheads Development, INC was created to build a more transparent and decentralized tomorrow. 


Our projects in the blockchain space include:


  • Bitcoin node hosting for payment processing.

  • Transaction Validation (mining) for AION Network.

  • Building bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment processor for small businesses.

When working with our small business clients, we saw a need to build an easy to use payment processor that people could use, even if they had no idea what cryptocurrency was. Therefore, generating more income for our clients and more transactions for the network.

  • We are currently completing a prototype that will interact with the ICON Network.

This is our Project Seun, an IoT device that measures dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, pH, temperature, and turbidity in water. Our initial tests have also implied that we may be able to measure ammonia, ammonium, biological oxygen demand (BOD), chloride, fluoride, nitrate, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP)/ redox, resistivity, salinity, and total dissolved solids (TDS) in the future. All this data will be sent in real time to the ICON Network, thus revealing the transparency of water. 

Since Fall 2018 we have been actively discussing Project Seun with diplomats in the west African country of Cape Verde. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that this small country always has access to the best quality water, that of which has not been available to the people of this country, even in this modern world. We believe that blockchain technology was created to help the needy as well as the most technologically advanced societies. 

In addition, our founder is a tremendous fan of ICON as well as blockchain technology and holds ICX. We plan to enhance the ICON Network by engaging our local community and international clients of it's awareness as well as to maintain the utmost secure and functional server. 


As you will discover, our server plans go "above and beyond" ICON's recommended requirements. Everything we do is always at this elite scale and level. We have already decided to create a separate, secure room for the ICON server and are in talks with our building’s IT department on the specifications we require that will ensure the safety as well as efficacy of the network with security being a top priority. 


2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)


Blockheads Development, INC. is a company built to change and improve the processes of our global world. We believe that ICON's vision to "...go beyond and be free from traditional economic system and promote frictionless value exchanges with other communities, eventually resulting in maximum total utility of society," is exactly what our world needs at this moment. We are also enormously impressed by the accolades that ICON has received from the South Korean government and want to help spread the technology worldwide. Being ICON's P-Rep would be an extreme honor. 


We also see a necessity to assist the companies and teams within the ICON Network to market and evangelize. Utilizing our over 20 years of marketing success, we are well equipped to create collisions and opportunities for ICON, its DApps, and teams. 


3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)


Blockheads Development, INC. is a full service software company. We have many happy clients in the USA as well as internationally. Our passion however, is blockchain technology. All of our company employees have studied blockchain technology (Blockgeeks) on top of creating custom software solutions for our many clients. We are ready to go all in to blockchain technology in order to make this world a better place. We have the skill set and passion to immediately be responsible and reliable representatives of ICON and it's community members. 


While our passion is blockchain technology, our two decades of experience is marketing a wide range of businesses and services. If elected P-Rep we will commit all of our marketing knowledge to provide services exclusively for the ICON Network, DApps, and teams. 


Our headquarters is located in the technological and innovation hub of Central Valley, California. Our office building has superior security standards as many technology startups are housed in the area. 


Our software engineer has carefully selected components for the server which exceed current recommended standards, executed immediately once elected as P-Rep. If for some reason our Bare Metal server cannot be reached, a back up AWS connection will be utilized. 


4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)




Marketing & Collision


Blockheads Development is fully committed to promote ICON. 


We have already invited P-Rep teams as well as the ICON Foundation to the following events:


Los Angeles Blockchain Week

IBM Event in London

Technology Networking Event in Chicago


We will continually invite and make our ICON family aware of global events that will create collision and opportunities for the ICON Network as our founder and company are constantly invited to these such events. 


During the evolution of ICONsensus (this election) we have noticed that many teams are hesitant to go to meetings and events. Because of this observation, we have decided to additionally support by:


-Providing Pitch Training (pitching to investors)

-Negotiating discounts to global blockchain events 

-Arranging public speaking opportunities and training (if needed)

-Create exceptional marketing collateral 


Blockheads Development truly believes that we cannot grow as an ecosystem unless everyone is fully committed to evangelize. We are fully prepared to help our ICON family achieve this goal on a daily basis. 


Once Election is Completed:


Node Operation


By the end of the election (regardless of our ranking) we will have a separate space for the server as we have started working on these details with our technology building on August 29th, 2019. 


Project Seun and EEP


Depending on our ranking we will either slowly or quickly develop our IoT and EEP. Regardless of ranking, our short term goals are to partner with local water foundations, wineries (past clients), local farms, and a local university engineering department to take these projects a few steps further. Advantageously, we are highly connected to our local technology ecosystem and will be able to utilize this support to continually work and advance these two passion projects. 


Meet our Founder

Interview in the ICONist



Expected Network Information

Fresno, CA, United States Bare Metal/ On Premise

Rack-mountable/ Tower Workstation: 1X Supermicro SYS-7049GP-TRT Dual LGA3647 DDR4 2200W 4U Rack-mountable / Tower Workstation Barebone System 2X Intel Xeon Gold 6150 Tray Processor 18 Core 2.70GHZ 24.75MB 165W 2X Supermicro 64GB SDRAM ECC LRDIMM DDR4 2666 (PC4 21300) Server Memory Model MEM-DR464L-SL01-LR26 6X Crucial BX100 2.5" 1TB SATA 6Gbps (SATA III) Micron 16nm MLC NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) AWS (for high-availability): X1 C5.9xlarge CPI Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00GHz 36 vCPU 72 GB RAM 500G Storage Network Bandwidth 10Gpbs X2 t2.medium (can be upgraded in the future) 2 vCPU 4 GB RAM 200G Storage

Team Members

Jennifer Kim Team Member

• B.A. UCLA • 20+ Operations Management • 20+ of Marketing, Sales & Disruptive Media Marketing Management • 10+ Higher Education Management • Blockchain Technology Investor & Evangelist

Shaun Hallier Team Member

• 4+ of Informational Technology Core Competencies: • PHP, HTML, CSS • JavaScript, SQL, Python • C#, Java, Bash • Linux • Windows • JQuery • Bootstrap • WordPress • MySQL • InnoDB, MyISAM

Morgan Smith Team Member

• B.A. Visual Communication Design Indiana University • 10+ Digital UX/UI • 5+ WordPress • 5+ Social Media Management • 5+ Social Media Marketing • 10+ Print Design • PHP, HTML, CSS