Team Information

Cypher Core HQ: California

We are blockchain enthusiasts who believe that blockchain technology, as a disruptive innovation, is poised to revolutionize the commerce world across every industry. Moreover, we are a collective of professionals with a shared passion to expose and deliver infallible opportunities for investors and consumers alike.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cypher Core was founded in 2017 as an industry-leading staking service provider. We have worked closely with several outstanding projects in the scaling of educational awareness while delivering a plethora of insight to communities across the United States. Through trust in our quality service we've had the privilege of working to provide projects with first-rate infrastructure support and staking services abroad to their international communities. In order for us to provide invaluable insight for the developer communities that become a part of our network, it has become vital for us to become an early stage participant. Cosmos, Regen Network, and IRISnet are just some of the many projects that we've assisted by contributing significantly to their content curations. In addition to offering critical insight during several testnet phases of each project, we currently have the ability to work hands-on with each community 24/7 with developer and business operations. With over 2.2 million USD in delegated assets across two active project mainnets, it's plain to see why and how Cypher Core is a priceless asset to each network we contribute to.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

The Cypher Core team has been thoroughly interested in the gradual and deliberate expansion of our staking portfolio. As we continue to branch out, we’ve been introduced to a wide range of projects looking for staking service providers to expand their network with. As part of our efforts to expand, ICON has been on our list of projects to engage. Due to recent development we acknowledge the perfect opportunity has now presented itself for us to expand our portfolio and onboard our communities to the ICON way! 

We are excited to continue developing our presence within the ICON community, and are looking forward to providing quality contributions to all.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

Infrastructure Construction - Our developer team would immediately reach out to provide the correct and recommended infrastructure to extend our trusted services to the ICON community. 

Development Contributions - Upon successfully onboarding into the ICON Network, our developer team will provide proper integrations for our expanded toolset to allow the ICON community access to Coris, our own Blockchain explorer, and our custom Telegram bots. Finally, we'd work towards expanding our toolset to provide relevant synergies for existing Dapps within the ICON Network. 

Community Support - Community involvement is a founding principle at Cypher Core. It is the reason why we do what we do today. Every team member has been able to witness first-hand whether through general onboarding or by fielding technical questions from curious developers why proper community engagement is so crucial in this space. Understanding the significance of each interaction and each content piece we write means everything to us. We will continue with that mentality within the ICON community as well by providing educational content series, governance discussion content campaigns, and general insight write-ups regarding ICON’s importance. Positive community experience, authentic content curation, and outreach have been and will continue to be the cornerstones in this space. Through our efforts, we’d be honored to deliver on these commitments to community building for ICON across the United States. 

Governance - Within the blockchain industry, newly developed methods of governance are sometimes difficult for the public to understand at first. As a team with 23 years of professional experience combined, we feel uniquely qualified to see through open perspectives and deliver valuable insight to make sure we are always contributing towards an equitable result. Over the past year, we've had the luxury of writing about several network proposals for various projects and have provided crucial insight for these projects. Within the ICON community, we'd like to provide that same level of insight into the future and make sure each step is carefully taken to ensure a productive burgeoning network.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

Infrastructure Setup - Currently in testing. Production build will be deployed shortly after application approval.

Development Contributions - Botilicious (bot) and Coris (explorer) will both be ported to the ICON network

Community Support - Cypher Core team members will be immediately available within all community platforms upon approval of our application. The next step would be for our publication to start catering to the ICON communities. This entails inclusion in:
-Our Portfolio update series, which is released every 14 days in order to provide technical updates and discuss relevant community contributions that have occurred over that time.
-A potential new series catered to ICON governance topics, and have it released on a rolling 30-day schedule. 
-Our podcast we're currently in the works with, to host once a month an ICON developer/Dapp contributor, or community leader to discuss governance proposals, network updates, Dapp's in the works, or anything they see fit for the community to stay in the loop with.

Expected Network Information

United States bare metal

- Instance type: onsite - CPU: 2 X 2.1GHz Octa-Core E5-2620 v4 Broadwell Xeon - vCPU (core): 16 - RAM: 128GB - Disk: 4 X 960GB SSD - Network: 10Gbps

Team Members

Jay Jie Team Member

Graduated from Columbia University with a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, Jay has a deep passion for blockchain technology and disruptive innovation. He aims to help push blockchain technology forward and achieve its potential of becoming the world's first viable trustless system. Jay is a software engineer and has been involved in multiple blockchain projects. He is currently the CTO of Edduus, and a member of Columbia Blockchain Alliance. Jay is based out of the Bay Area, and enjoys weight training in his spare time.

Ken Trueba Team Member

Working in sales management and finance, Ken seeks to use his experience and knowledge within the industry to help benefit the average consumers lifestyle worldwide. Ken has been involved with Bitcoin and blockchain technology for some time and is fascinated with it's ability to improve finance industries across the globe. He is based out of Orange County and enjoys cooking and hiking with his dogs.

Artem Akatev Team Member

Artem has had an interest in mathematics from an early age. Later on, he shifted his attention to less theoretical studies, and developed a growing passion for computers and digital communications. Today, span of his interests includes development of web applications, blockchain technology, and cryptography. He is currently enrolled in undergraduate Computer Science program at San Francisco State University. In his spare time, Artem enjoys working on cars, and playing basketball.