Team Information

Insight Protocol HQ: Seoul, Korea

Insight Protocol is a tokenized platform that provides reasonable compensation for information consumption and distributes service revenues to users. The ultimate goal of the Insight Protocol is to provide users with information that is consumed and rewarded through our Dapp. Insight Protocol will release DAPP services in a variety of fields and will contribute to ICON's ecosystem expansion.


1. Introduction

- Insight protocol creates an ecosystem in which users can share their app revenues and be rewarded for information consumption. 

Insight Protocol will launch information DApps in a wide range of areas, each of which will reward users for their contributions to the app ecosystem to activate the Icon network. As we plan to launch a wide range of apps, we can have a wide variety of users coming into the ICON network, and a new service platform that makes it easy for first-time users to get rewarded by blockchain technology.


⑴ Users can cash in with a token from the Insight protocol token called INX.

Insight protocol allows users to allocate a certain amount of revenue from the DApp to create an ecosystem that is grown by users.


Last June, We launched the ICON DApp, Blockinsight.

Blockinsight, the first DApp of Insight Protocol, is a blockchain specialized news information app and has been reborn as an ICON DApp close to actual use. We want to expand the Icon network and contribute a lot to the Icon ecosystem.



2. Motivation

Insight Protocol took its first step as a blockchain marketing company. We held various meetings and conferences and successfully performed joint meetings with icons and ICON DApps. We've also done online marketing and helped grow ICON DApps with airdrop marketing such as Somesing, ICON, and weBloc. 

In June, Insight Protocol launched blockchain news information DApp, Blockinsight. BlockInsight has delivered blockchain news and introduced blockchain projects and DApp to provide good information to users.

We promise to give full support to ICON DApp using our BlockInsight app, and we will contribute greatly to the ICON network.



3. HOW

Blockinsight is a blockchain news information app that supports both Android and iPhone. It is an app that helps both users and the project by putting blockchain news, offline events(Meetup, Conference) and airdrops on the app.

Recently, Blockinsight has been updated to allow receive WOK (weBloc token). User can mine WOK as well as INX in Blockinsight app. It is not just an information-delivery app, but it is growing as a representative app for the icon network.

Insight protocol will support offline marketing such as meeting up and conference as well as online marketing through Blockinsight app.



4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

○ 2019 2Q: Establish Insight Protocol, launch BlockInsight App

○ 2019 3Q: Alliance token WOK airdrop via BlockInsight, Start saving in icon blockchain

○ 2019 4Q: BlockInsight sponsored icon DApp Integration Meeting, Insight Protocol 2nd DApp launch

Expected Network Information

Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea AWS Cloud Server

AWS Cloud Server - Instance type: C5.18xlarge CPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz vCPU(core): 72 RAM: 144G Disk: 1000G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 9 Gbps) Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

Jang Ki-Tae Team Member

Jang Ki-Tae has various online marketing experiences through GE & Samsung Medical Systems, i-biznet, and kakao. He established Mobile Face, FocusM, FocusM China sequentially to carry out various app services and mobile marketing businesses. By publishing "Everything in App Marketing" book, He helped promote mobile marketing to more people. Based on our advertisement marketing experience during the online mobile era for about 22 years, He conducted on- and off-line blockchain marketing. He is now the CEO of Insight Protocol.

Kim Jun-Seok Team Member

Kim Jun-Seok led the successful launch by taking charge of building the Insight Protocol ecosystem and managing projects. He is very interested in blockchain and currently in charge of the operation at Insight Protocol.

Lee Seung-Woo Team Member

Lee Seung-Woo has experienced both the Web and mobile age as an expert with 24 years of development experience. He worked on numerous projects such as service development and game development. He is now the CTO of Insight Protocol.

Kim Tae-Kyoung Team Member

Kim Tae-Kyoung has a history of Maeil Dairy Industry, Hyundai Hmall China Online, and Brand Marketing, and has conducted on- and off-line marketing specializing in blockchain. Based on experience in blockchain marketing, She is in charge of marketing to Insight Protocol.

Zhang Yi-Xuan Team Member

Zhang Yi-Xuan was in charge of marketing in China for Snow and AmorePacific, and has been involved in on- and off-line marketing for blockchain. Based on experience in blockchain marketing, She is in charge of marketing to Insight Protocol.