Team Information

ICON Foundation HQ: Zug, Switzerland

Launched in 2017, the ICON Foundation leads the ICON project, one of the largest blockchain networks in the world, with the vision to ‘Hyperconnect the World’. By using the high-performance blockchain engine, ‘loopchain’, ICON plans to connect various blockchain communities and build an environment where blockchain technology can be applied to the real world. Our governance and incentive design mechanisms reward those who contribute to the project development.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

The ICON Foundation is the founder of the ICON Project and has been devoted to various fields such as the ICON Network's operation, the ICON Network's technological development, application development for ICONists, ICON community operation and ICON DApp investment. After decentralization, The ICON Foundation will devote itself to the following areas to fulfill its responsibilities as a member of the ecosystem. 

1) Infrastructure
The ICON Foundation will configure the best server environment for the complete liveness of the ICON Network so that the network can be maintained without difficulty. The ICON Foundation will set the sufficiently secure server specifications and continue to expand technical infrastructure in line with the growth of the network. 

2) Technology
The ICON Foundation has provided the initial ICON Network software and will continue to update new features in the future. The ICON Foundation is developing many technologies such as loopchain, EEP, DBP, BTP and others for the growth of the ICON Network. We will dedicate all our resources to research and development of new technologies for the ICON Network.

3) Community and Governance
ICON Foundation has a vision to build a community of people who want to be part of the token based economy on the ICON Network. Our mission will start immediately and will go on as a long-term project. Permanent and spontaneous communities are incredibly important in the blockchain ecosystem. We will work to build communities for P-Reps, DApps, and EEPs based on responsibility.

5) Expansion of the ICX Economy
Applying and spreading the ICX economy to diverse fields will greatly contribute to the growth of ICX value. The ICON Foundation will propose strategies that promote ICX to be widely used. The ICON Foundation has been focusing on establishing the underlying infrastructure to support an economy built on the ICON Network. We are devoted to the adoption of ICX.

6) Education
The ICON Foundation has been reaching out to developers who are interested in blockchain and educating them about the ICON Network. The more people contributing to the development, the faster the ICON Network will grow. We are focusing on educating our smart-contract platform for developer to spread ICON’s technology to the world.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

As the first key milestone of ICONSENSUS, the election of the initial 22 P-Reps will lay the groundwork for a strong and secure network. Without this milestone, the growth of the network through successful EEPs and DBPs will not be possible. In order to achieve this milestone, the ICON Foundation is a participant in the ICON ecosystem and is committed to the development and prosperity of the ICON Network.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

1) Infrastructure
ICON Foundation will prepare a security plan against disability of the network or external attacks such as hacking. Additionally, the ICON Foundation will run citizen nodes for exchanges, DApps and all developers who want to develop products on the ICON Network. 

2) Technology
ICON Foundation is researching and developing EEP and DBP functions for the ICON Network's economy and governance system, and is developing BTP for Interchain. Additionally, we will research and develop improvements to loopchain and will provide such developments to the ecosystem. We will contribute to the ecosystem by developing various applications such as ICONex, the ICON Tracker, and a DApp Browser used for the ICON Network. Moreover, the ICON Foundation will continue to support P-Reps with technical support after decentralization.

3) Community and Governance
The ICON Foundation is a community member of  We sponsor various activities such as offline meetups and online forum discussions leading to community growth. Also, we are creating content and analytical reports to contribute to the community. We will continue to grow the community for P-Reps and ICONists, and we will provide more support to to grow the developer base. Also, ICON Foundation will actively conduct research on the network monetary system and transaction fee policy to create an ideal economic system.

In addition, ICON Foundation will establish ICONgress, which is the off-chain governance body for the ICON Network. Through this governance body, representatives, developer groups, EEP groups and other parties can collaborate to enhance the ICON Network. 

4) Education 
We are running social media channels, offline education programs and technology seminars for education. Also, we are working with high-quality DApp projects and holding developer hackathons and contests in an effort are to facilitate the development and commercialization of the ICON Network. 

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

We are going to finish most of the development of major technologies by early next year, and we will do new technical challenges, and all other parts are already in place. We will devote to the growth of ICON Network.

Expected Network Information

Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea On-premise

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon 6150 CPU@2.70GHz 18Core * 4CPU / RAM: 128GB / Disk: 1TB NVMe * 2 (Raid 1) / Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

Min Kim Team Member

Min Kim has over 12 years of experience in the financial and technology industry. He is the founder and Council Member of the ICON Foundation, the organizer behind one of the largest public blockchain projects in the world. Previously, he was the Chief Strategy Officer of DAYLI Financial Group, a leading fintech holdings company with over 20 portfolio companies including Quarterback Investments, PeopleFund, and Coinone Exchange. Min began his career at Deutsche Bank's technology investment banking division in San Francisco where he led transactions for global clients including Alibaba, AOL Time Warner, and Yandex. Min received his B.S. in Business Administration from Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley.

Bongan Ha Team Member

Bongan Ha is a passionate cryptoeconomic architect and governance system designer of the ICON Network with a varied skill set and have experience building blockchain economics and ecosystem. Based on the strong belief in the future of crypto-economics and decentralized network, he is designing the system of ICON Network for the productizing the vision of ICON Network. This included being the lead for designing and building out the governance system and cryptoeconomics system (IISS). Also, he engaged with the ICON community and assisted them as they self-organized to create various governance structures and community including the Ecosystem Expansion Project (EEP), DApp Booster Program (DBP), and the ICONgress. He believes blockchain technology will revolutionize the digital world by achieving the vision of a decentralized Internet, not belonging to anyone else.

Chiwon Cho Team Member

Chiwon is interested in a broad knowledge of Computer Science and Technology. He has developed various types of applications including home network, media, app, medical software and so on for more than 15 years. At ICON, he is a lead software engineer of ICON Service which supports SCORE execution, virtual step and IISS. Besides he is also in charge of ICON SDK and t-bears which is a test suite for SCORE development. he is still trying to make ICON better than yesterday.

Jinwoo Jung Team Member

Jinwoo is a system architect for ICON. His main goal is to ensure and maintain high availability and efficiency of the system architecture. He will be managing the operation of the ICON Network’s infrastructure after decentralization. Currently, he is developing various tools for the P-Reps such as a monitor console during the P-Rep TestNet phase. Jinwoo has built a large-scale web service infrastructure for a top-tier commerce company in Korea. Based on his expertise in server operation, he will contribute to creating a solid and secure blockchain network.

Ben Lee Team Member

Ben is cryptoeconomic architect and big data analytics who received his B.S. in financial math and economics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and also received his Ph.D degree in Industrial engineering at Seoul National University, Seoul. He participated in numerous big data analysis projects in South Korea. He has great passion in ICON Network and managing ICON Incentive Score System and fee system. One of his jobs at ICON is to analyze blockchain data and create simulation model to make sure ICON Network to have fair and sustainable blockchain network. Recently, he is working on Artificial Intelligence model for the ICON Incentive Score System so that P-Reps can make optimal decisions for the ICON Network. He has great faith on ICON Network and will create ICON Network efficient, fair and sustainable.