Team Information

AC3 HQ: San Francisco

AC3 is the #1 IRC2 application token in market capitalization on the ICON network AC3 started in 2017 and launched the platform this year. We believe that programmable securities (tokenized assets) are the future and we want to make ICON a key destination. is the only platform that allows tokenized asset companies to educate and engage global users. Users “earn” by promoting and learning about a company’s product. Users then acquire tokenized assets and build their digital portfolio. The platform offers digital asset ownership of token-backed gold, U.S. real estate, music royalties, cash flows and a large collection of NFTs (digital collectibles). GrowYourBase is on track to have 10,000 active users and with over 50,000 micro transactions already completed. The team has a history of successfully growing global enterprises with specific expertise in derivatives, tokenomics, social media influencing, viral marketing and governance. AC3 exclusively utilizes MouseBelt, a premier development team that both built the AC3 token asset on the ICON Network and continues to develop the GrowYourBase platform. Due to the success of the partnership, MouseBelt Accelerator recently made a considerable financial investment in AC3. MouseBelt is an accelerator and engineering team that specializes in blockchain and has invested $40M in over 60 ICOs while the engineering team has built over 20 blockchain projects. MouseBelt Engineering (formerly No Rest Labs) conducted the first STO on the ICON network, ZenSports (SPORT token). You can read more about their work on ICON in their interview with the ICONist The accelerator makes 10 blockchain project investments per year, with AC3 as the first project investment on the ICON network.



AC3 drives the most users to the ICON Network by utilizing our growth platform to educate, promote and strategically incentivize users to engage the entire ICON ecosystem. Our focus is to both grow wallet downloads and engagements with existing and future DAPPS and games. 

Proposal Motivation

The block rewards allow us to prioritize the development of connecting the GrowYourBase platform to the ICON Network. Currently, thousands of daily GrowYourBase platform transactions are not being credited to the ICON Blockchain. As the platform grows, we anticipate millions of on-chain transactions that will strengthen and propel the ICON Network.

MouseBelt believes that the best way to drive innovation in the blockchain space is to encourage students to become blockchain engineers. As an additional value add, we will utilize the MouseBelt University Platform to educate new users with explanatory videos and marketing material about the ICON Network and associated projects. 

MouseBelt’s team will help to educate students in its University Program about ICON. By adding ICON to the program, MouseBelt will help bring the next wave of DAPPs to the ICON network.

Success Plan

We will utilize the AC3 token to reward users to facilitate ICON ecosystem growth. Since we believe so strongly in ICON’s mission, we will use our own AC3 token treasury to incentivize new user traffic with educational growth campaigns to download the ICONex wallet. Also, we’ll prioritize awareness campaigns for member’s projects that contribute to the ICON community.

Additionally, MouseBelt has a strong interest in the ICON network and hopes to make more investments in promising ICON project.

The engineers and developers at MouseBelt focus on blockchain, working on centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, wallets, block explorers, DAPPS and enterprise blockchains. They frequently build open-source tools on other blockchains and will devote some resources from the block rewards to develop tools for the ICON blockchain (see more here: Tools previously built include a multi-chain explorer, a KYC utility, a wallet management SDK and a multi-chain mnemonic tool.

MouseBelt developers bring a strong security background from having worked on significant cryptocurrency exchange projects by building systems that keep the funds of users secure from possible attacks. They maintain full nodes on many blockchains, handling deposits and withdrawals.  They will take best practices from developing these products to run the node in AWS. The server will be hosted using EC2, storing data in EBS. The EC2 instance will be monitored and updated to avoid any downtime and keys maintained with the highest level of security.

In addition to the accelerator program (MouseBelt Labs, and engineering services (MouseBelt Engineering,, MouseBelt also focuses on blockchain education (MouseBelt University, MouseBelt University is an association of more than 60 student blockchain organizations (e.g. Harvard, Yale, UT Sydney, University of Hong Kong, Soongsil and many more) from 12 different countries. The program connects students with event funding, educational resources and networking opportunities. 

In working with these students, MouseBelt has discovered a real demand for blockchain education at universities that needs to be filled. This is why MouseBelt funded the first-ever blockchain engineering course at UCLA ( and introduced a free 8-week online blockchain development curriculum where students get hands-on experience writing code around Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric and other blockchain protocols.

Students involved in the program have gone on to develop their own blockchain products. Two student projects originating in the University Program haven gone on to be accepted into the accelerator program. (Covoir: and EduNode


Since the platform is already performing with an experienced development team in place, the timeline for delivering the proposal is immediately upon selection designation as a P-Rep. 

The engineering team will be responsible for maintaining the ICON P-Rep and developing new products to help the ICON ecosystem.

Zhu Gang - Smart Contract Engineer at MouseBelt

Ohta Yoshida - Senior Backend Engineer at MouseBelt

Wang Gang - DevOps Engineer at MouseBelt

Oleg Baturov - Technical Project Manager at MouseBelt

Expected Network Information

United States CPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz

Instance type: C5.18xlarge CPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz vCPU(core): 72 RAM: 144G Disk: 1000G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 9 Gbps) Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

John Fields - CEO of Team Member

John has more than 20 years of experience in financial innovation with extensive experience in capital markets and strategy. John is the co-founder of the utility token AC3 and the CEO of, a platform that allows users to earn and acquire a portfolio of digital assets. He is recognized as an innovator, who began his career in the Pacific Options Exchange. He consolidated his experience with positions at CSI Capital Management and Barclays Global Investors (BlackRock). He held positions in the White House, OPIC, Deloitte through the IOOF group at the United Nations.

Galen Danziger - CTO of MouseBelt Team Member

Galen as CTO works to implement and invest in emerging blockchain products. He has worked on software projects in gambling, fitness, internet of things and blockchain over the last decade, taking software products from an idea to serving hundreds of thousands of users. Currently, his focus is scaling the MouseBelt engineering team and delivering strong blockchain products to attract the next wave of users.

Steve McGarry - COO of Team Member

Steve is an entrepreneur, content creator, and investor. In 2014, Steve raised $3.5 million for his Fintech startup LendLayer which was acquired by Max Levchin's (founder of PayPal) new company Affirm. In the last 5 years, Steve has both built an online community that reaches 2.4 million people every month on social media and successfully exited three online businesses. Currently, he's pioneering a new industry called the "The Earn Economy" with Fintech Mastermind John Fields called GrowYourBase. Steve is a ranked top 20 crypto YouTuber and was awarded Crypto-Gamer of the year in 2019.

Ashlie Meredith - University Program Director at MouseBelt Team Member

Ashlie Meredith is an MA in Philosophy with over 12 years of experience educating at the university level. Currently, she is the University Program Director at MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator. In this role, she helps students acquire funding, resources, and professional connections for their blockchain events and projects. Previously, she worked with the co-founders of MouseBelt at tagMonkey with whom she participated in Batch 16 of the 500 Startups accelerator in San Francisco.