Team Information

melea HQ: Barcelona, Spain

melea blockchain solutions is a validation service in plenty growing that is currently supported by third party delegations and is not controlled by any private capital, for that all the decisions we make for the networks in which we are present are because we think they will be the best for the tokens holders and the network itself. We advocate decentralization and clean energy, we are constantly developing and we want to implement these ideas as values for our company. Melea function thanks to the trust placed in us, over time we want that trust will be paid back in our delegates. Also, we want to educate about the Crypto in Spain and the Spanish-speaking world through some ideas that will be developed over time, besides English, meanwhile looking to hire adequate staff to fill the vacancies that will be available to make the team grow. The last but not less important melea was one "Game of Stakes" winner


1. Proposal introduction

Melea will provide decentralized servers in different parts of the world to ensure the best validation service that can be offered. We are winners of Game oF Stakes and currently validate in different mainnet and testnet projects can be seen on our website, our purpose is to build and educate a community in Spanish-speaking world for our projects, besides English.


2. Motivation of the proposal

We were invited by several members of the community to present ourselves as candidates, after reading and understanding the project we see that it fits with our ideals of decentralization and we want to try, we do not believe in tribalisms and that is why we are precursors that technologies can coexist in harmony in instead of killing each other, that's why we want to provide our 24x7x365 validation services in several networks at the same time.


3. Execution plan of the proposal :

To meet the expectations, we will apply our knowledge acquired through experience and that we have been applying since 2017 in different PoW and PoS projects.

  Currently we validate on the mainnet of Cosmos, Iris, Peerplays and in different testnets such as Polkadot, RegenNetwork, Kava, Kusama, Cora, Near Protocol, Edgeware, Sentinel and others, information about our servers and detailed information can be seen on our website. 


4. Expected timeline of the proposal

We are prepared to configure the servers and try to validate when the main network is launched, the servers and all the infrastructure necessary for a secure validation will be taken by the recommendations of the foundation, the equipment that is recommended as the best for a good operation will be those that are implanted to validate in the ICON network.

Expected Network Information

Germany, France, Canada bare metal

* Actual Hardware server specifications may vary depending on the network environment.. for the time of launch.

Team Members

Víctor AkA melea Team Member

Víctor is the current CEO and founder of melea, has extensive experience in hardware and testing software for third parties, he has been present in the world of Cryptocurrencies for more than 5 years presenting experience in the area of mining and soft tests, currently Polkadot ambassador, trader, crypto evangelist and maximalist.