Team Information

BlockMove HQ: Brno, Czech Republic

BlockMove is a team of blockchain enthusiasts who have been following development around ICON since its first public inception. We pledge ourselves to form a nonprofit organization dedicated to fulfilling ICON’s vision, stimulate its growth via regionally aimed activities, take part in governance and long term development of ICON in cooperation with other P-Reps and network participants.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

BlockMove will operate a P-rep node with decentralization in mind - bare metal configuration with highest tier SLA and DDOS protection.

We believe the long term growth can only be achieved through utility and stakeholders having the right amount of enthusiasm and expectations. This will be achieved by:

  • Educating the community members

  • Organizing local meetups and hackathons

  • Onboarding talented people

  • Financially supporting activities aimed at increasing the utility of the network


2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

This is a historical moment when the public starts to shape the future of ICON and we want to be a part of it! We are well positioned to increase its decentralization and stimulate its future growth.

Czech Republic has a thriving crypto community, it is home to the first bitcoin pool ever - Slush Pool and industry leaders such as SatoshiLabs (Trezor hardware wallet) or General Bytes (the largest cryptocurrency ATM machine producer in the world). 

We are positive there is a lot of talent here that we can onboard.


3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

P-rep node - concentration of AWS instances among P-reps is alarming so we will set up a bare metal server located in top tier data centre in France while aiming for near 100% uptime.

Educating the community members - we propose to create educational materials about ICON for beginners, followed up by a short quiz and getting a reward in ICX upon its successful completion.

Organizing local meetups and hackathons - we will reach out to local crypto communities and organize these events in cooperation with them.

Onboarding talented people - our network and community events will be leveraged to reach out to talented individuals.

Financially supporting activities aimed at increasing the utility of the network - we will be open to early projects building on ICON and possibly invest in such initiatives together with other P-reps.


BlockMove will also take part in all governance related votes.


4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

BlockMove already participated in both ICON’s testnets (node Europa).

  • Mainnet node will be set up according to ICONSENSUS schedule.

  • Supporting activities will be ongoing throughout the election process.

  • Nonprofit organization will be established after successful election (ETA 2 weeks).

  • Hiring additional team members (ETA 2 months).

  • Organizing and sponsoring hackathon (ETA 3 months).

Expected Network Information

Paris, Île-de-France, France bare metal

2x Intel® Xeon® Gold 5120, 384 GB DDR4 ECC, 4x 1 TB NVMe, 1 Gbit/s

Team Members

Tomas Mazal Team Member

Tomas is a founding member of BlockMove which he leads. He graduated from Brno University of Technology and Nottingham Trent University. He gained multidisciplinary work experience in his roles as CTO and CMO in local startups. Tomas is passionate about all things blockchain and is looking forward to helping grow one of the best ones out there.

Emmanouil Kontopoulos Team Member

Emmanouil is a founding member of BlockMove, where he contributes in both code and management. Emmanouil started coding at the age of 14. He has years of experience in designing and developing enterprise level networks and backend applications. Emmanouil is currently a student at the Panteion University in Athens and works as a freelancer.