Team Information

iBriz HQ: San Francisco, USA/Kathmandu, Nepal

Blockchain projects and blockchain-based businesses touch on and require an incredibly broad range of skills and technology to be successful. Our team has the right mix of diverse backgrounds, deep experience and global connection to build successful blockchain projects from idea to scale. We are excited to add our efforts to those of the ICON team to realize a shared vision. We have been actively involved with the ICON team since before the formation of the ICON Foundation. We have helped them with development of demo apps for the testnet, a hands-on workshop at San Francisco Blockchain Week to train developers in writing SCOREs, and writing and hosting the ICON Testnet ICX Faucet to support the ICON developer community. We are also investing for the future with ICON by producing a 16 week blockchain training course that goes into depth with the ICON development process. The first cohort just finished the class held in Kathmandu Nepal. We will iterate and refine this offering to strengthen the ICON developer community in Nepal and other places around the globe.


1. Introduction

We strongly believe in ICON’s Delegated Proof of Contribution approach to governance. Our involvement with the ICON team has grown organically since early 2017. We have continuously become more deeply and broadly engaged with the ICON community since that time. From our initial engagement with the Dayli Financial group, and their AI platform (DaVinci), who we invited to an AI hackathon that we had organized for Emirates Airlines and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), we have been impressed with the ICON team, leadership and vision.

Accomplishments within ICON ecosystem:

  1. NonFungible Token (NFT): Demonstration of a working non-fungible token (IDOL Token) and dApp development using tbears before the testnet launch at the ICX Station SF Launchpad Kickoff event (9/6/2018)

  2. Dice Roll Game: Developed ICX DiceRoll app - See it on GitLab here, play it here -

  3. Testnet Faucet: ICX Testnet Faucet - Hosted by us and still in use by developer community.

  4. ICON developers workshop: SF Blockchain week (10/8/2018) - Enhanced and nicely written up as a blog post by 2infiniti here, here and here.

  5. Running ICON Testnet Node: On hyukjin network since 8/1/2019.

  6. Payment Gateway: Developed payment gateway for clients to receive their IRC2 token.

  7. dApps: Actively working with clients developing multiple dApps on ICON since 2/1/2019.

  8. Token Economics and DAO Governance: Comprehensive logic for token economics, access management and DAO governance that we think could revolutionize how ownership mechanics can evolve with the DAO concept.

  9. Feedback to Core ICON dev Team: During this time we have been in frequent contact with the core ICON development team, from whom we have received generous technical support, and to whom we have been happy to give feedback regarding platform development.

  10. ICON developer training: First iteration of ICON developer training in progress in Nepal.


Our Capabilities:

  1. Marketing and Business Growth: Part of our core expertise is digital marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media). Aside from our technology capabilities, the marketing know how will really help promote the ecosystem to a wider range of adoptees.
  2. Global Connection: Our network is spread across the US, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and Latin America.
  3. Remittance and Financial Inclusion: We have deep connections in Nepal where many financial and humanitarian projects receive funding. We are working with government and non-governmental entities there to develop business around blockchain-based solutions for identity verification for remittance and financial inclusion for the unbanked. We are currently building prototypes on ICON.
  4. Deflationary Influence: Our company is based out of the Silicon Valley but also have resources in low cost parts of the world like Nepal. We are able to leverage the advanced technology of the San Francisco Bay Area and couple that with the low cost resources to provide a positive impact on ICX inflation.


2. Motivation

Our team has a deep history of commitment to building projects that foster community growth and personal empowerment. It is the potential in these directions that has drawn us progressively further into the blockchain space and strengthened our commitment to the ICON platform. We believe that blockchain technology will transform the world and ICON is poised to be a key player in this movement. Their vision of bringing together communities with decentralized technologies to change the world for the better is a vision that is very much aligned with ours. PoS/DPoS is the future of blockchain and we are excited to partner with ICON and use our resources to drive global adoption.


3. Execution Plan

  1. Develop a detailed server implementation plan based on the recommended server specification, including attention to security, load scalability and fault tolerance.

  2. Develop Dapps that form the basis for businesses aligned with our mission to drive financial inclusion and empower individuals to more effectively govern their own lives and engage with their communities.

  3. Develop and conduct educational events such as classes, workshops and hackathons to cultivate community in the ICON developer network, grow a source of talent and raise awareness.

  4. Promote involvement in ICON by authoring content, encouraging investor connections to become stakeholders, and leveraging our marketing talent.

  5. Participate in governance through submission, evaluation and implementation of resolutions. We are excited to help the ICON digital nation grow and be an active part in its creative process.


4. Expected Timeline


Item Description

Time Line

a. Building Dapps 

Completed some & Ongoing

  1. Identity Verification / Attestation Marketplace


  2. Prototype Use-to-Own DAO models


b. Training course to develop global ICON developer talent

Completed & Ongoing

c. Hosting of ICON Testnet Faucet at


d. Marketing and evangelist efforts.


e. Start running ICON testnet node on the hyukjin network

Completed August 1, 2019

f. Server implementation plan to be released along with designation of P-rep dev-ops personnel.

August 10, 2019

g. ICON node to be deployed for mainnet.

August 2019

h. The Moon!!!

September 2019


Expected Network Information

San Francisco, CA, United States AWS

We currently plan to deploy the recommended server specification in an as-yet-to-be-chosen Amazon AWS region. As we go through the server setup and configuration process we will actively evaluate the specification and share our determinations regarding best practices.

Team Members

Bijay Niraula Team Member

A serial entrepreneur with some smaller exits in the Bay Area, Bijay comes from business development and digital marketing background. Having done his MBA and MAIA (Master's International Affairs), he has a very multi-dimentional approach to business success. A key member of a team that was able to raise over $100 million dollars for various tech and non-tech projects in the SF Bay Area, Bijay brings a wide range of US and international connections to promote ICON nation globally.

Kumar Pandey Team Member

Over 20 years of hands on software development experience with focus over last 10 years in fintech. As a first employee and chief architect, developed payment platform for Clip, a very successful fintech startup in Mexico. Designed and developed in game virtual currencies around 2010 for a fintech that was later acquired by Visa. Blockchain and crypto enthusiast since early 2014 with hands on experience on Ethereum platform. Currently advising and consulting startups on their blockchain, smart contract and token strategies. Interested in spreading the blockchain knowledge via meetups, group class etc.

Daniel Brehmer, PhD Team Member

Dan is an applied research scientist at his core. He loves working with new ideas, discovering things and building real world products that help people live better lives. He started his career as a semiconductor materials physicist, studying at UC Santa Barbara and working at Stanford’s Stanford’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory where he led development of soft X-ray Vacuum ultraviolet beamlines and instrumentation for materials research until 2013. His entrepreneurial roots go way back, first working on business ideas as early as 1992, which was also the time of his first exposure to public key cryptography, one of the core innovations that makes blockchain possible. Since moving to the Silicon Valley area in 2001 he has become progressively more involved in the entrepreneurial community, leaving his job at the national lab in 2013 for pursuits involving data science and blockchain applications to build a better world. With 25+ years directing scientific research and over 15 years leading teams of highly talented individuals, Dan has never been happier or more excited than now, actively building products and businesses based on blockchain, data science and research.

Sandeep Ranjitkar Team Member

Sandeep, a co-founder of Bitsbeat has over 5 years of experience as a software engineer. He started his career as a .NET developer and later as a full stack Javascript developer. He is leading the vibrant teams of Bitsbeat at the Blockchain Department over a year and a half. He is a passionate follower of emerging technologies and has been exploring the multitudes of opportunities such as Blockchain to solve the real world problems. Currently, at Bitsbeat he is managing the Blockchain based product development and client projects from various parts of the world. Through persistent learning and exploring blockchain technology, he has developed a special skill for Smart Contract development, Digital Wallet, Distributed Applications and Full Stack Development.

Shrawan Lakhe Team Member

Shrawan Lakhe is a CTO and Co-founder at Bitsbeat, Senior Backend Engineer - XcelTrip, Oyster, Blogger, Open Source Enthusiast. He is also a technical writer for the OpenSource CMS called nodebeats. He is an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the emerging technologies. He is passionate about Full Stack Development and has an expertise in Node Js, React.js, AWS, Docker, several DB technologies like MongoDB, MySQL and others. He has been working on the microservices architecture for one of the top fintech startups from the silicon valley. His high level experience in JavaScript Development, jQuery, ASP.NET AJAX, SQL Server Management Studio, and .NET Framework adds up a great in his tech journey. Academically, he holds a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Tribhuvan University, the largest university in Nepal

Dinesh Lamsal Team Member

Having being worked as a Software developer for 3+ years, Dinesh chose himself to lead the company he co-founded as CEO i.e bitsbeat. As CEO he is responsible for running all facets of business. Dinesh has a proven and over the time period of 3 years, bitsbeat is on of the emerging tech company in Nepal. He possesses the many characteristics of an entrepreneur and it is clear he was born to lead. With a keen eye on the technology, he makes sure that bitsbeat is always up front on adopting the latest technology, due to which bitsbeat have pioneer themselves on the blockchain and AI. Nepal being a developing country, he believes that technology plays the bigger role to empower the people and have been doing the same.