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ICX Australia HQ: Melbourne

ICX Australia is a collaboration between Cryptocate and Digital Value, two Australian Blockchain leaders who share a vision of a decentralised future where the crypto-economy will bring freedom to everyone who participates. Cryptocate is a community oriented blockchain consultancy, with a focus on raising the level of education on blockchain technology and delivering consumer services. Digital Value provides secure, resilient and highly available blockchain processing platforms and corporate consultancy services. Both companies leverage their business connections to develop blockchain use cases in the real world and have collaboratively run successful blockchain infrastructure in the past.


Hello ICONists!

First of all, we would like to share a big thank you to our community and supporters for your patience; we have been busy strategising at ICX Australia and have updated our proposal — we are excited to share it with you!

Our goal at ICX Australia is to become a P-Rep and block producer for ICON. As a P-Rep we will deliver value to the ICON ecosystem in the following ways:


1 Education

Host a monthly Australian community webinar to explain ICON, answer questions and discuss ICON updates.

Create and moderate Australian ICON Telegram, directing community members to valuable online resources.


2 Governance

Honestly represent our delegates interests in all on-chain governance matters.

Engage with our community to cooperatively make governance decisions.

If ICX Australia is elected as a Main P-Rep and receives the block reward in addition to the Representative Reward, we are able to expand our offering to include:


3 Development

Create ICX Pay, a ICX enabled payment processor based on BTC Pay.

Maintain and expand ICX Pay to support open source tools, and ecosystem development projects.


4 Community

Manage and fund Community Hubs in major Australian cities.

Fund DApp and EEP projects.

Provide partnership opportunities to ICON in the Australian ecosystem.


5 Security

Run a state of the art ICON node with maximum security and efficiency.

AWS Cloudwatch and backup infrastructure to ensure constant uptime.

Let us explore these key areas in more detail.


1 Education

Cryptocate, a partner in ICX Australia, is a trusted Australian company that has dedicated their time to assisting individuals and businesses to better understand and use blockchain technology.

ICX Australia will provide ICONists with access to education and support services to assist their journey as ICONists.

In order to raise the level of education around ICON in Australia we will:

Facilitate a monthly educational webinar to assist the community in understanding ICON.

Promote educational content and publish through our social media channels.

Operate our ICX Australia Telegram as a means to ensure the smooth introduction of new members to our community, and support developers.

We look forward to bringing new ideas to blockchain communities around Australia, as well as sharing concepts with the existing community of ICONists.


2 Governance

ICX Australia commits to honestly representing the interests of the global ICON community, and that of our delegates, in all on-chain governance matters. We will engage the stakeholders of ICX Australia in open discussions to arrive at conclusions that benefit the entire ICON network.

Therefore, our strategy when making governance decisions will be as follows:

Conduct initial investigation into the proposed decision using a cost-benefit analysis and synthesise initial determinations.

Share initial investigation with ICX Australia community.

Encourage feedback on our interpretation through Google Forms.

Review feedback provided and publish response.

This process will allow us to accurately represent our community’s wishes and be the best possible P-Rep we can be.


3 Development

Usability is one of the key metrics used to analyse new technology. ICX Australia is solving one of the key issues that currently faces ICX adoption: payments.

We plan to create ICX Pay by forking BTC Pay, the world’s leading self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor. BTC Pay currently integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and other online store templates, which means ICX Pay will allow those wishing to set up ecommerce sites that accept ICX to do so effortlessly.

If elected as a Main P-Rep, we will use a percentage of our Representative Reward for the initial build, as well as the ongoing maintenance and support of the platform. ICX Pay will be of significant benefit to the widespread use of ICX and enable a new economy of ICX fuelled ecommerce. ICX Australia endeavours to make this technology widely accessible and exceptionally user friendly.


4 Community

It is well known that community forms the heart of every cryptocurrency project. If elected as a Main P-Rep ICX Australia will build a decentralised Australian community that is focused on enabling community members, developers, and investors to participate in the ICON network.

Community Hubs

ICX Australia’s goal is to have an ICON community in five major cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. We will start by running Meetups in our local cities of Adelaide and Melbourne, with plans to launch hubs in other states as ICONs Australian community grows.

These hubs will receive ICX from our Representative Reward to run monthly meetups and community expansion projects both online and offline.

Project Funding

There are many great plans in development across the global community of ICONists. The ICON foundation is developing methods of support through EEP and DApp projects.

ICX Australia plans to use our Representative Reward to directly fund development projects such as EEPs and DApps. These will be projects of various scales, from large projects backed by the ICON Foundation, to small DApps and community development projects that are nominated through our Australian community channels.


ICX Australia is intimately connected to the blockchain community in Australia and will leverage existing connections to create new opportunities for ICON.

These opportunities include but are not limited to:

Becoming a member of the Blockchain Center in Melbourne, making ICON visible to thousands already engaged with blockchain technology.

Sponsoring the South Australian Blockchain Association, gaining exposure to the South Australian blockchain community.

Representing ICON to other blockchain organisations and communities in Australia, such as Blockchain Australia to form strategic partnerships.


5 Security

Running a secure and efficient node is as important as representing our community. Our experience in enterprise security systems will ensure the maximum security for our node, adding another valuable point of decentralised infrastructure to the ICON blockchain.

ICX Australia have experience running Tezos, Bitcoin C-Lightning, Bitcoin Lightning, and Bitcoin core nodes, as well as a BTC Pay server. Steve Daws, our Chief of Technology, has worked in information technology security systems at some of Australia’s biggest companies, such as ANZ Bank, Cisco Systems, Telstra, SingTel and even the Australian Military. Steve’s understanding of digital security is second to none.

Our security approach is as follows: AWS Cloudwatch will be configured to monitor all system availability and performance and will be used to provide our existing operational staff with alerts of any issues. Every four hours a snapshot of the production node will be made, and daily snapshots of the other hosts will be taken and sent to AWS Glacier in an alternate AWS availability zone. This alternate AWS availability zone will be pre-configured as a cold standby complete replica of the production environment allowing a full system recovery to be completed in under 30 minutes. All systems will use hardened OS releases and remote management will be via our existing secure private management network.



ICX Australia are uniquely positioned to reach an entirely new market of blockchain enthusiasts in Australia. We are extensively connected to the blockchain ecosystem here and will act as reputable delegates for the ICON blockchain in conducting our community expansion projects.

As a P-Rep we will deliver high quality education and governance to our community. As a Main P-Rep we plan to reinvest 80% of our Representative Reward directly into community projects, technology development and ecosystem growth.

We hope that you see the value in our proposal and unique global positioning and choose to grow with us as we expand ICON to Australia.


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Expected Network Information

Melbourne, VIC, Australia cloud

Production NodeAWS EC2 C5.9xlargeIntel Xeon Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00GHz - 36 core72G RAM500G NVMe SSD10Gbps InternetDevelopment NodeC5.4xlarge Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00GHzvCPU (core) Ram 32G Disk 500G NVMe SSD10Gbps InternetWeb Front EndAWS EC2 t3a.medium4G RAM20G SSD5 Gbps InternetApplication/Database/Wallet backendAWS EC2 t3a.medium4G RAM500G SSD5 Gbps Internet

Team Members

Steve Daws Team Member

Steve is Chief of Technology at ICX Australia, having extensive experience with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tezos mining. His technical expertise will ensure that the node servers will run smoothly without downtime. His experience in enterprise grade security will ensure that ICX Australia node will run securely for its entire long lifetime. Steve has had over 20 years of experience working as an IT Enterprise Architect, specialising in cyber security, for leading Australian organisations including ANZ bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Cisco Systems, Telstra, SingTel and the Australian Military. ​ Steve began his journey into the digital asset world in 2013, initially mining for bitcoin with specialist ASIC technology and then as a founding investor in Ethereum. ​ He holds post graduate qualifications in Information Systems Security, an MBA, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). ​ His professional goal is to leverage his Blockchain technology, and IT security expertise to bring opportunities to individuals and businesses.

Callan Sarre Team Member

Callan is Chief Operations Officer at ICX Australia, ensuring that the node, community expansion and technical development is on track. He loves being involved in a community of passionate technologists and is looking forward to the growth of the Australian ICONist community. Blockchain captured Callan’s attention in early 2017 as a way to increase financial inclusion, upgrade the aging financial system, and restore trust between institutions and individuals. His background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science helped him to understand the complex systems that blockchain seeks to improve. Callan co-founded Cryptocate, a blockchain consultancy, in November 2017 and has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry ever since. He co-founded the South Australian Blockchain Association in early 2019, a not for profit organisation with a mission to grow the blockchain ecosystem.

Marc Phillis Team Member

At ICX Australia, Marc is Chief of Community Development and Business Expansion. His passion for education makes him a strong community lead, while his business acumen give him insight into strategic positioning of ICON in the Australian blockchain marketplace. Marc is a passionate believer in the power of collaboration and has a vision for a more equitable future driven by the advancement of trustless technologies such as blockchain. He is Callan’s business partner and co-director at Cryptocate. Having completed 4 years of tertiary study in Mechanical Engineering and Finance, Marc draws on his systems solutions mindset to explore blockchain applications and enable others to put their best foot forward when implementing this new technology.

Wandi Yang Team Member

Wandi is the Chief of Communications and Marketing at ICX Australia. Her career as a journalist has enabled her to communicate the unique selling point of ICON to a large and varied audience of investors, developers, and business leaders. Her passion for blockchain is second only to her passion for community. Wandi’s experience with viral and social media marketing will ensure a new influx of community members for ICX Australia. Wandi is a journalist, communication professional and Crypto enthusiasts. She co-founded BTCWonderland in 2018, Australia’s first online retail outlet accepting Bitcoin lightning payments. Wandi dedicates herself into building Crypto economy and a decentralised future, sharing the belief of ICX Australia in the benefits of decentralised technology for humanity.