Team Information

IDEACOMES HQ: Seoul, Korea

IDEACOMES is a blockchain technology-based startup company that provides a comprehensive solution. Although blockchain technology based on masternode has been mainly dealt with, it is not limited to a single technology or methodology, but it has been conducting various R&D programs for various technologies with potential and value for growth. It is also strengthening its position in blockchain technology and solutions internally and externally by connecting with many domestic and foreign companies.



The possibilities and expectations ICON Network has shown us in a larger blockchain environment were enough to fascinate us. I think ICON's role in a world where we're not content with a single blockchain, but where we're working together, is more important than anything else. This is consistent with our policy of not sticking to specific blockchain. We want to flexibly use different candidate groups in line with business direction and concept. I think this is the same way we do business and ICON Network direction. So we want to be a part of ICON Network and as active participants in ICON Network, we want to move on to the same path looking at the same time. Through this process, the company plans to create an integrated blockchain economic network that covers Asia and the Pacific with the use of token based on demand.


Proposals and goals

IDEACOMES is a master node-focused blockchain business and technology provider. I've proposed practical business projects in many areas, such as blockchain services such as EOS and PIVX and SWINGBI I'm sure we can contribute to ICON Network through the technical and planning skills we have built up so far.


Block Production: Our experience of maintaining and repairing the master node will contribute greatly to the stable block production on the ICON network.


Securing Practical Use: We are involved in a number of projects using blockchain. We have been working hard to secure practical use by conducting these projects. From now on, we are planning and realizing a number of blockchain businesses with SWINGBI. That means that everyone will be free, not limited to any environment, but naturally using tokens and coins.


Business Extension: We want to use ICON Network's interchain to achieve business scalability through the combination of various blockchain. We are planning various blockchain services through exchanges with various businesses, including Swingbi, a representative service we are preparing. We will build a BM that can make the ICON network world active.


Proposed Date and Execution
In the shortest possible time, we would like to secure command as a P-Rep, secure resources and begin our activities as a P-Rep. Through close communication and collaboration with The Loop ICON team, I want to be a reliable and flexible P-Rep.
In the future, we will actively utilize ICON's interconnect in order to achieve within the ICON network the direction of businesses that want to collaborate with us today, businesses that want to be scalable and flexible, or those that provide reliable services.
We will also secure ICONists' governance and bring ICONists together to discuss the direction they want, the future direction of growth and their contribution to the ICON network. More flexibly than any P-Rep, Icon Network and Ideacomes will be developed in a truly democratic way through mutual agreement and discussion with ICONists, not in a dogmatic direction.

Expected Network Information

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea cloud

CPU Model : Intel(R) Xeon 6150 CPU @2.70GHz 18Core * 2CPU Memory : 64G Disk : Usable 1TB 500G SSD x 4 (Raid 1+0) Network : 1 Gbps

Team Members

Young-rim Choi Team Member

Youngrim is the founder of IDEACOMES and has extensive experience in designing and consulting blockchain business models based on patents that resolve conflicts between stable and flexible coins as CEO. In addition, he holds many patents related to blockchain such as patents for cryptocurrency-based e-commerce systems. He is also expanding its business in a variety of areas, including IDEACOMES's own business: masterchain, coin exchange, and the formation of a actual demand-based coin ecosystem. He is currently in charge of projects such as LEADBLOCK, a content platform using blockchain-based production tools, and master node coin SWINGBI based on actual demand.

Tae-hyeon Kim Team Member

Taehyeon is in charge of technology at IDEACOMES, and has extensive experience working for various large companies such as Hangul, Computer, and Hyundai, as well as master node operation experiences such as DASH, PIVX. BWK, and POLIS. He has also developed various DAPPs based on EOS and STEEM and is currently ranking multiple DAPPs ( on and Currently, he is operating STEEM node based on DPOS reliably and provides monthly node records. (

Min-ju Chae Team Member

Minju is the strategic planning director of IDEACOMES and serves as a service planning and project manager in various projects based on blockchain. In addition, we have been working on the design of token economy to study practical methods of utility coin, acquired blockchain expertise through ICO solution planning and masterchain project manager, and currently we are planning blockchain projects to be used in real life.

Seong-min Kwon Team Member

As the head of IDEACOMES's strategic planning team, Seongmin discovers and plans IDEACOMES's new business based on its diverse startup experience in the past. Based on the knowledge learned from the mechanical and aerospace engineering departments of Seoul National University, he is mainly responsible for the complex mathematical logic needed in the planning process.