Team Information

Foundry Box Media LLC HQ: Albuquerque, NM, USA

Foundry Box Media LLC is a software development company based out of Albuquerque NM with experience designing, developing and deploying private enterprise level web applications in the realms of e-commerce, big data and data analysis. Recognizing the impact blockchain will have on the industry, we seek to further expand our capabilities by developing powerful, intuitive and public facing applications that leverage the strength of blockchain technologies.


Our Proposal

            Foundry Box Media is a small, albeit experienced and adaptable software development company seeking the opportunity to represent the ICON network as a P-Rep.

            Our first and primary goal is to support and help facilitate growth and adoption of the ICON network and its communities. In addition to securing, maintaining and upgrading an ICON Node, we will also establish and develop communication and information channels to help engage existing and prospective communities regarding ICON’s functionality, members, clients and potential functionality. As representatives of the ICON community we take the opportunity and responsibility seriously and endeavor to represent it and its communities with the highest professional regard. Additionally, should we be elected as apart of the P-Rep network in any capacity, we will reinvest no less then 20% of our representative rewards towards these goals through education, marketing and secondary delegated rewards.

            Secondly as an experienced software development company, we seek to expand the ICON network and adoption through a number of development initiatives. As representatives of the community we will engage the community and prioritize its demands as much as possible and seek to implement desired functionality. Secondly, we have begun, and will continue, to develop software services that both consume and provide services on the ICON network. Our first initiative of this type is a web application project called “Bounty Cat”, which will expand ICON’s tokenomics through a blockchain and incentive-based advertisement platform. More details to come on the project as it matures in the near future.

            As representatives of ICON we will also endeavor to be a reliable source of intuitive and concise information about developing on the ICON network and to help grow the communities and resources around those goals.

Our Motivation

            As a web development company, we fully realize the importance blockchain will have on our industry and at the root of our motivation is the desire to adapt to those changes. We chose ICON because we have been long time supporters of the project and share ICON's vision of providing a global blockchain network that connects everyone. At the end of the day, we want to be a part of what will make ICON successful by building solutions into and from its ever-growing network.

Our Plan

While tentative and subject to expansion, our initial plan includes the following initiatives:

  • Acquire, setup and launch Azure VM based server(s) for an ICON Node, configuring for redundancy, security, implement and test against ICON network.
  • Design & implement a Foundry Box Media P-Rep website with ICON specific information, road maps, goals and progress of our initiatives, in addition to development and community resources.
  • Continued development and subsequent launch "Bounty Cat", our ICON based advertisement and incentive platform and its ICON based Token.
  • Launch an ICON development blog through our P-REP portal documenting the steps and progress of our application development and tutorials.
  • Write tutorials and information for building application solutions in .NET, Javscript and other technologies using the ICON blockchain as needed.
  • Promote ICON's growth by reaching out to potential clients seeking blockchain solutions and propose ICON whenever possible.
  • Actively promote and market ICON through social media and technology conventions as a meaningful and robust blockchain solution, demonstrating our application(s).
  • Engage community about desired functionality and endeavor to design, implement and launch these functionalities.
  • Seek additional personnel and support to help further facilitate our development and content initiatives.

Our Timeline

  • Server acquisition, setup and configuration will be completed within 2 weeks of approval.
  • "Bounty Cat" development is already in progress, but is expected to debut Q1 2020.
  • P-Rep portal will be developed and operational early Q4 2019.
  • Our content objectives will be an ongoing effort starting immediately, with the goal of releasing regular updates about ICON and related news and development information through our website, existing media channels and new information channels as possible.
Expected Network Information

AZ, United States Cloud

• Azure Fsv2-Series VM Instance(s) rapidly and fully scalable on demand• F16s v2 (as a secondary P-Rep)o 16 VCPU running at 3.4 Ghzo 32 GB RAMo 512 GB (Scalable) Storage space on SSDso 4 NIC / 7 Gbps• F32s v2 (as a primary P-Rep)o 32 VCPU running at 3.4 Ghzo 64 GB memoryo 512 GB (scalable) storage space on SSDso 8 NIC / 14 Gbps

Team Members

Brandon Winkler, Owner & Lead Software Developer Team Member

With over a decade of experience developing enterprise level web applications in various industries I feel I bring a breadth of experience to this opportunity. Couple that with my fierce desire to learn and implement new technologies and methodologies whenever possible, the opportunity to work with blockchain technologies and, specifically, ICON has driven me to try and position myself and this company in a way that we can not only benefit from this dramatic change in the industry, but help facilitate it too!