Team Information

freezer HQ: Singapore

Freezer is a project created to enhance and support the dPoC/dPoS ecosystem so that all the stakeholders can contribute. In a decentralized environment of dPoC/dPoS, Freezer has the mission to provide an additional level of decentralization where all the governance, rewards and liquidity can be provided for all ICONists within the platform. The Freezer team consists of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have been in this space since 2013 with experience of successfully executing the first crypto-remittance company in 2015.


1. Proposal Introduction

Freezer Team has made various contributions to the blockchain industry by successfully carrying out various projects from the birth of blockchain, 2013 to the present time, and through this, the team has accumulated various experiences and know-how about the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Freezer's such experiences and accumulated know-how will contribute to the further development of the ICON network.

If Freezer is elected as P-Rep:

 1) Equal Compensation Share

20% of the rewards from the block proposals and block verification will be used to keep the Freezer Foundation running smoothly, which will be used for operating expenses, benefits given to ICONists supporting Freezer, and marketing expenses to brand the ICON Ecosystem. The remaining 80%, will be rewarded to ICONists who support Freezer pro-rata to the contribution.

 2) Additional rewards for ICONists who support Freezer

Freezer's differentiated system mentioned above can provide additional benefits to ICONists who support Freezer.

 3) Freezer's own differentiated system

Freezer is run by ICONists who support Freezer(P-rep). Therefore, every ICONists’ opinion is important, and we will build Freezer’s own differentiated system so that the opinions of Freezer ICONists can be fully reflected when implementing policies or suggestions in the ICON Ecosystem.

 4) Freezer Loan/Repayment System

Freezer will provide a loan system for ICONists, which the purpose is to allow ICX holders to retain ICX and at the same time, receive additional liquidity. For this, the Freezer Team is preparing a Freezer Loan/Repayment System.

 5) Regular meet-ups in Asia

The Freezer Team will actively communicate with ICONist on various topics such as P-Rep's direction, policy proposal, and policy voting through regular meet-ups. In addition, we are planning to attract new ICONists by inviting the general public as well as the existing ICONists in hosting the meet-up. By providing Freezer's own differentiated system to ICONist, Freezer will give ICONists a strong motivation to participate in policy review and proposal. Also, Freezer will create liquidity through the loan/repayment system, and an environment that can support the ICON Ecosystem in the long run.

2. Motivation of the proposal

Since the ICON project came to the world, ICON has been very impressive. Like the first commercialized blockchain, ICON not only introduced the blockchain to the world, devised and developed a highly-accepted ICON Ecosystem, but also gave people a vision and planted dreams about the future of blockchain through marketing activities that inform people about the ICON.

The Freezer team estimates that the ICON Foundation is already doing well enough. However, in order to materialize and realize the ideal blockchain, more dApp projects should be released in addition to the ICON foundation's operations, and ICONists’ active participation is needed to vitalize the ICON Ecosystem. Our Freezer Team is hoping that the ICON Ecosystem will develop and evolve further and we want to join the future that ICON dreams. Therefore, the Freezer Team is going to be a member of the ICON Ecosystem with P-Rep to lead the ICON Ecosystem in a more developmental and positive direction with the ICON Foundation, ICONists and other P-Reps.

3. Execution plan of the proposal

Freezer Team is preparing to launch the web-based freezer service in November to showcase its differentiated system, and ICONists who support Freezer experience various services on the Freezer website, and they can more easily and actively participate in the ICON Ecosystem.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal

2019.09 P-Rep Election

2019.11 Freezer System Launch

2019.12 P-Rep Activation

2020.01 Freezer Loan/Repayment System Beta Launch

Expected Network Information

Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea On-premise

Instance type: C5.4xlarge CPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz vCPU(core): 16 RAM: 32 Disk: 500 NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5 Gbps) Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

David Seo Team Member

David Seo is the CEO of R2V and YGGDRASH, and founder of the Akashic Foundation. In 2016, he co-founded BluepanNet with Stevie An, and in October 2017, established R2V. David Seo, who has a strong belief in blockchain technology, aims to provide various services based on the 3rd generation blockchain technology through the YGGDRASH project developed by R2V.

Stevie An Team Member

Stevie An is the founder of BluepanNet. He has extensive experience and knowledge in Development and Education in the Financial Product Analyzing Program and was an associate professor at E-Pass Korea. He is also an expert in Economics and Finance Portfolio and has taught at major banks, securities companies and many other firms. He was also a member of the Meta Business Institute and participated in planning and conducting HRD design and smart learning programs.

Logan Hong Team Member

Logan Hong is currently CTO of BluepanNet and REMIIT, and previously CEO of LoopyStory. Completed Major in Mathematics at POSTECH and participated in the development of next-generation armored training simulation system as a software engineer of Simnet in 2003, worked as CTO at NexonDD, then CEO of LoopyStory in 2013, and from 2018 to present, he is a CTO of BluepanNet and REMIIT. He is in the blockchain business, dreaming of a new digital content container.

Jun Ahn Team Member

Jun Ahn is CSO of R2V. His career started from Cornell University as a major of Engineering Physics and until now, he has been so passionate in Crypto, as much as his whole career is specialized and professional in the related field. As he takes the role in the fore-front of crypto and has made strong influences in bringing IEOs to the mainstream.

Joseph Chang Team Member

Joseph Chang is CMO of R2V and AKASHIC FOUNDATION. He has 10 years of knowledge and experience in marketing-related fields working in Eurecanada, BNC Cosmetic, PLACELL and Smile Foundation.