Team Information

MW HQ: Shanghai

MW is a community with high autonomous, openness, democracy and freedom, and it focuses more on the technology. With the strong belief on ICON project and the responsibility to the community members, MW community will work hard to spread the blockchain technology, distribute the latest blockchain technology & market information, and develop professional blockchain investment and R&D talents. MW is dedicated to building up the most professional ICON community all round the world, and becomes one of the most important players in the global blockchain industry.


Operation Plan of MW Community Joining in ICON

MW is a fully open development community, which is mainly composed of developers from different regions and countries in Korea and the world. POW is a minable, extensible and open code currency with value storage.

In order to make the ICON community more standardized with sustainable operation, and help promote the ecological development of ICON, the following programs are specially formulated.


  1. Community Carrier

The community includes QQ group and Wechat group, which is an instant messaging tool and can achieve communication with each other in a high density and deep level. Through the Wechat community space, ICON community can better process the relevant information, and deeply participate in the ecological construction through community communication.


QQ Group: Build 2 QQ groups with 500 people included respectively

Wechat Group: Build 10 Wechat groups with 300-500 people included respectively

Construct the System: Construct and improve the operation system of “community-forum (Wechat group space) – media”, further improving communication efficiency and expanding community influence.


Prepare plans-transition and diversion plan, public opinion guiding plan, counter-pressure plan, emergency response plan, white list recruitment plan of pools, draft regulations of the Council, etc.


  1. Community Management

Manage the community. Carefully manage the QQ and Wechat groups, locate and classify the communities, set up the criteria of the groups to limit disorderly expansion of the communities, improve the communication level of the communities, and guide the members of the communities to carry out relevant discussions and expand the scope of public opinion by themselves.


  1. Establish the Value System of Communities

1. Build a customer service system, which answers questions always and quickly, and has a good service attitude.

2. The bright vision of ICON project-project endorsement, solve certain social problems, financial strength, expansion background and long-term planning.

Shaping value-industry pain point, resolve pain point and promote development.

3. Timely data collection + sharing


IV. Building a Cooperative Scheme between Community and New Media

Community operation is inseparable from the cooperation of new media. A community needs to be rich in content while new media acts as the output of content. When the community organizes activities, the new media needs to post related activities to facilitate the promotion of activities by the community.


V. Offline Promotion:

1. Cooperate with the major events of the project to carry out road shows, present the latest pictures and video materials of the road shows, and publicize the community through these materials.
    2. Conduct various signing ceremonies, strategic cooperation and strategic equity. Present the latest pictures and video materials of the road shows, and publicize the community through these materials. (Consistent with the attributes of the project)


VI. Community Classification


Design incentive plan, cooperate with the project itself, encourage members of the community to join the white list plan, promote the self-organization and self-operation of the community, inspire each member to contribute his/her own strength and spontaneously promote community development, and carry out hierarchical classification of community members:


1. Standing White List Node

2. Pool White List

3. Administrator

4. Common Community Users


Guide and assist the White List to build their own communities, expand community influence, carry out community autonomy, classify all members of the community according to their calculation power so that they will enter different groups separately, and carry out deeper management. Through pre-construction, influencers’ promotion, the White List members in the pool form 100 Wechat groups on coins with each group limited to 300 members. Therefore, only 30,000 coin users are focused. Recruit administrators for community management.


VII. Standing White List

Standing White List members directly assume the position in the boards, which are the core organization of MX and the backbone of ecological construction. They participate in ecological construction spontaneously and have a clear division of labor.


1. Media Promotion: Promote projects by contacting various kinds of coin media, so as to expand the influence of projects.

2. Community Construction: Manage Wechat Groups and QQ Groups, guide and train the White List of the pool to build communities and provide suggestions for community construction

3. Content Construction: Editors write promotion-oriented texts to improve the content quality of Wechat Groups.

4. Hold regular meetings of the Standing Council on improving the quality and speed of ICON ecological construction.

Expected Network Information

Beijing, China Cloud

Universal Computing Type|s2.large.2|2vCPUs|4GB|windows Common IO|40GB 5M bandwidth

Team Members

LEO MAO Team Member

Experienced blockchain participator, investor, and worked in the trading industry for many years in China. Comprehensive understanding about blockchain technology and application, great resources in the blockchain industry, like digital asset exchanges, investment institution, community, media, etc. Great relationship with the political resources in Africa, Fiji, Vanuatu, etc, and excellent management experience and high quality resources to the blockchain financial investment, and community organization and spread.


Blockchain passionate enthusiastic, investor, evangelist, worked in the software industry for 10 years, and great understanding about the blockchain technology & application. Good at blockchain financial investment and community organization and spread.