Team Information

ICON China Community Confederation (ICCC) HQ: Shanghai, China

ICON China Community Confederation (ICCC) is the largest ICON community in China, with nearly 3,000 members, mainly in the Wechat groups and Telegram communities.


1. Proposal Introduction (what)

ICON China Community Confederation hopes to join ICON Network to become one of the P-REPs to help maintain the network. ICON China Community Confederation (ICCC) is the largest ICON community in China, with nearly 3,000 members, mainly in the Wechat groups and Telegram communities. ICCC maintains good relationships with many open source communities and helps ICON cooperate with them in different areas. By doing so, ICON can better solve challenging block chain technology problems and maintain a leading position in the field of block chain. At the same time, ICC will help ICON project marketing and brand promotion in China through its own PR and social media influencers in China. We believe that ICCC will become an important member of ICON.

2. Proposal Goal (why)

The ICCC team is composed of young people who love block chain technology, industry and ecology. We are doing our best to promote the development of great projects in China and gather local projects and communities abroad.

ICON is one of the projects we are very happy to learn about. We hope to introduce existing customers and communities into ICON and improve its development. By contributing to the development of ICON, we are also ready for our customers, because we can create opportunities for them to participate in the development of projects with great potential. Our goal has always been to create win-win solutions for customers and projects we plan to join in.

3. Execution Plan of the Proposal (how)

ICCC community members are spread all over China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major cities. ICCC community is supported by million-bitcoin community resources owned by MetaLab. By utilizing these resources, ICCC can help expand the community influence of ICON in the following ways:

a) Promoting ICON projects in million-bitcoin communities and diverting them to the official ICON community for continuous development and growth.

b) Organizing all kinds of online activities in ICON community, such as AMA and live, to gather community strength and enhance project brand influence.

c) Organizing ICON fans’ meetings in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and holding various offline fans’ gatherings and other activities from time to time.

4. Scheduled Timetable of the Proposal (when)

Once we have established official contacts with the ICON team, we can begin to help improve the ICON Chinese community. ICCC hopes to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with ICON in terms of market operation.

Expected Network Information

Shanghai, China Cloud

Universal Computing Type|s2.large.2|2vCPUs|4GB|windows Common IO|40GB 5M bandwidth

Team Members

Shawn You Team Member

Rich experience of Marketing and PR in Fintech and Blockchain industry, once served as PR director of NEO, Onchain and be responsible for domestic and overseas Marketing and Public relations.

Marija Savic Team Member

MsBA from Jiao Tong University. Experienced in Blockchain marketing, business development and policy making: worked for McAfee and IOB llc Venture Capital, advising and creating Blockchain and crypto policies with Montenegro Capital Market Authority and Government of Montenegro. World Bank Award and European Commission Award.