Team Information

MyCryptoJournal HQ: Bucharest, Romania

MyCryptoJournal is a platform that connects to your favorite exchange and empowers you to import, track and analyze your trades.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

We have followed and backed ICON from its inception and believe the team is building a solid foundation for future blockchain technologies to be built upon. We believe the technologies ICON is buliding will help grow blockchain adoption throughout the world and this aligns with our views to bring communities together with decentralized technologies.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

We feel one of the best ways we can further support ICON is to join the P-Rep program and maintain a Node to help support the network itself. We want to help share the hyperconnectivity vision ICON has and we like to put back our words with actions by joining this program.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

We will set up the Node as soon as available, engage with ICON and its community as best we can and continue to grow our support of the network.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

We will set our first Node up as soon as we are allowed and would aim to have it full online within 1 month of being accepted into the program.

Expected Network Information

Paris, Île-de-France, France cloud

Instance type C5.4xlarge CPU model Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz vCPU(core) 16 RAM 32G Disk 500G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5 Gbps) Network 10 Gbps

Team Members

Andrei Radulescu Team Member

Blockchain Developer, Technical Co-Founder @MyCryptoJournal, Mobile Development Consultant

Iulian Margeloiu Team Member

Product Manager, Co-Founder @MyCryptoJournal