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FOMO MASTERNODE is focused on global brand build, investments, masternodes, exchange listings and events. Given existing institutional relationships over two decades spanning the U.S. and Asia, FOMO MASTERNODE facilitates adoption by guiding Wall Street & Main Street into blockchain. ​ First to bring mainstream global media to Asia in early 2018 to cover blockchain & cryptocurrency -- brought CNBC specifically to Korea to cover some of the best names in crypto, producing a show that generated the most views in all of Crypto Trader history (several millions of impressions).


1. Proposal introduction: Provide a description of your proposal you wish to pitch and briefly explain how it will enhance the ICON Network.

At the height of the 2017 bull-run, 90%+ of the overall US$800B crypto market capitalization was comprised of retail money. Given the fundamental & technical promise of blockchain & cryptocurrency, many anticipate the market capitalization to grow to trillions of U.S. dollars over the next several years. 

The next massive wave of growth in terms of capital inflows & worldwide adoption will come from the collective efforts of:

  • Financial institutions: Wall Street funds & banks, university endowments, public pensions;
  • Tech powerhouses: Facebook, Alibaba, Apple;
  • Mainstream media: CNBC, NASDAQ, Forbes;
  • Traditional financial exchanges: ICE/NYSE, CME, NASDAQ;
  • Visionaries / Business icons: Tim Draper, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk
  • Real estate: world’s largest asset class (hundreds of trillions of U.S. dollars)  

For ICON to realize its long-term potential in terms of widespread adoption and price appreciation, it will be important to: i) tap into several of the drivers/catalysts above; and ii) attract 22 of the most secure & performant block producer nodes for its decentralized Proof of Contribution (DPoC) governance protocol. FOMO MASTERNODE has these high-powered relationships and a technically-sound DevOps team to maintain the integrity of ICON’s decentralized network. Am confident FOMO MASTERNODE is best-positioned to help ICON thrive as one of its Genesis P-Rep ambassadors.

Brief background on FOMO MASTERNODE:

2. Motivation of the proposal: What brought you to become a P-Rep of ICON and what was the motivation for the proposal above?

History w/ICON
In 2018, I arranged for my good friend, Ran Neuner, and CNBC Crypto Trader to fly to Asia to produce a show covering the inaugural FOMO MASTERNODE private event and provide a platform for up-and-coming blockchain projects to showcase their stories for the world to see. At the time, one of the biggest issues in Asia and other parts of the world was exposure — how local founders with cultural/language/network barriers find the right channels to raise awareness, fundraise and build community, in a large-scale way. I caught onto this need and delivered a solution. 

CNBC Crypto Trader has been, and still continues to be, the most mainstream, crypto-focused media outlet worldwide. While Ran Neuner is considered the 9th most influential person in blockchain. As co-producer of the show, I was in a position to select a few projects to air — one major beneficiary was ICON. Ran Neuner and I produced a show that generated the most views in all of CNBC Crypto Trader history (millions of impressions). It’s been rewarding to see ICON continue to grow, in terms of global exposure and community, since the show aired, becoming one of the largest decentralized networks in the world. 

Since the show, several folks at ICON have been extremely gracious. I consider Min Kim (ICON co-founder) and Scott Smiley aka Benny Options (ICX Station) good friends, who I keep in touch with regularly. I have a vested interested in helping good people and seeing them succeed. 

Unique & Complimentary Value-Add
I’ve read through all 80 proposals submitted to-date. There are many overlaps / similarities in terms of how each candidate intends to contribute — social media, community meet-ups, dApp development; these areas appear to be in good hands. Given my background and network, my contributions to ICON has been and will continue to be different; it’s this uniqueness in approach (examples all throughout the proposal) that compelled me to apply. 

3. Execution plan of the proposal: How would you actually carry out your proposal? Please elaborate related action items and technical explanation.

Any critical, ICON-specific, technical issues, I will rely on my DevOps team and two close friends from Apple and Facebook. 

I will continue to increase visibility and grow the global audience of crypto and ICON via:

  • Media: interviews and live coverage. I have close relationships with CNBC and NASDAQ
  • Meetings: w/key decision-makers (Founders, CEOs) around the world
  • Investments: financially supporting promising projects
  • Events: Curated global networking events
  • Education: talks at Wharton (my alma mater) and blockchain conferences
  • Governance: engaging in discussions based on my two decades of professional and academic experiences

There are a lot of great ideas and tech solutions for the ICON ecosystem, but the audience needs to be larger. ICONists / P-Reps work hard to create helpful Medium / Reddit posts, Youtube clips and Tweets, but they’re not reaching the folks they’re meant to reach – Liked by and Re-tweeted by only a handful. 

Grow the Audience
I’m fortunate to consider some of the most recognized & influential folks in blockchain — as well as on Wall Street and Main Street tech — close friends, partners and advisors. Recently, I spent 10 days in San Francisco and New York City meeting with Tier 1 players in crypto — Founders, CEOs, CFOs and Partners. U.S. itinerary was as follows: 

  • San Francisco | Winklevoss Capital, Pantera, Facebook, Slack, Start X | Stanford Accelerator, Coinbase Custody, Neo Global Capital, ICON (Min Kim), Peter Thiel Fellows, Y Combinator Founders, Hummingbot
  • New York City | Gemini Exchange, FundStrat, Peter Thiel Fellows, Coinbase OTC, Genesis Capital, DCG, Circle, Archegos Capital (US$15B Tiger Asia), NASDAQ, CNBC
  • Philadelphia | Wharton Professors

These types of meetings indirectly help to: i) elevate ICON’s brand/name, aligning ICON’s name amongst some of world’s tech & crypto greats; ii) lead to more eyeballs and questions regarding ICON and their latest developments; iii) encourage potential ICON partnership discussions; iv) help spread awareness around ICX Station, ICON’s incubation/acceleration arm; v) lead to potential incubation/investment opportunities for ICX Station

I have these types of meetings regularly across Asia and the U.S. In 2018, I was on a plane every week. 


  • These are high-end, global private networking events + after-parties. Execution is paramount. 
  • To-date, hosted five in Seoul and Taipei, all showcased: on
  • Four of the five have been covered by CNBC. CNBC has asked to cover the 6th FOMO event.
  • At FOMO #6, I will have Min Kim (the founder of ICON) featured on CNBC to speak about the DPoC protocol and P-Rep program.

FOMO Attendees (Crypto): 
Bithumb, NEO Global Capital, BITMEX, Circle, Huobi, Coinbase, Hyperithm, UpBit, Ground X | Klayton, many more 

FOMO Attendees (Outside of Crypto):  
Financial Institutions: OakTree Capital (US$100B AUM) + TCK (Howard Mark's Seoul/London family office), The Carlyle Group, The Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, McKinsey, CVC Capital, Kleiner Perkins, UBS, Affinity Equity Partners, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Mirae Asset Private Equity, Spark Labs Global  

Corporate Incumbents: Alibaba, Facebook, Apple, Line, KakaoTalk, Samsung   

Others: Peter Thiel Fellows, Y-Combinator Founders

4. Expected timeline of the proposal: Provide specific milestones, expected timeline to fulfill your proposal.

What I’ve committed to is a marathon, not a sprint. Global brand-build, adoption, new money, investments, partnerships is an on-going hustle and process.

Expected Network Information

Seoul, Korea AWS Cloud Server

C5.9x large CPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHzv CPU (core): 36RAM: 72GDisk: 500G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5 Gbps) Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

Andrew Team Member

Professional executive experiences in the U.S. and Asia as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, M&A investment banker, derivatives trader at a multi-billion dollar Tiger Cub hedge fund, Apple, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Enron. MBA and Bachelor degrees in Finance, Accounting, Economics from The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania. Professional experience spans two decades and network consists of Asia and the U.S.