Team Information

Metanyx HQ: United Kingdom

Metanyx are a technical team of blockchain enthusiasts. We believe that next-generation blockchains like ICON will mould the DLT industry unleashing the possibilities of blockchain technology. Metanyx are committed to building the ICON ecosystem.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

Metanyx will focus on UK and European markets to increase ICON adoption in this region. Metanyx will attend a variety of networking events across Europe promoting blockchain adoption. We will actively contribute to the community as well as providing development resources. Metanyx will focus specifically on E-commerce integrations with major shopping carts to provide a real user case to the ICON community.

  • 80% of our rewards will be used for Development initiatives

  • 20% of our rewards will be used for Operating costs

We believe in the long term growth of the ICON ecosystem, our focus will be

  • E-commerce Integrations

  • Community building

  • Attracting Institutional investors

  • Establishing business partnerships

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

ICON has demonstrated over the last couple of years the continuous growth within the ecosystem by building a next generation blockchain. Metanyx are committed to assisting the ICON team achieve success as well as promoting the technology they are creating.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

We will utilise 80% of our overall rewards to fund development initiatives and attend blockchain events across Europe, the remaining 20% will be used for operation costs. In 2019 Metanyx has attended a variety of showing including Malta Blockchain Summit and London Blockchain Summit representing networks we are actively engaged in. Metanyx will keep the ICON community updated on our future engagements.

We will be organising meetups(with our fellow P-REPs), attending blockchain events across Europe and providing development resources and technical experience in running highly available networks. The Metanyx team have run some of the largest payment platforms in the world as well as advised other blockchain teams how to improve their technology. We are always willing to learn and share our knowledge with everyone.

Metanyx will have focus on integration E-commerce to major shopping carts such as Shopify, Oscommerce and Woocommerce with the intention of day to day commerce.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

  • The setup of the node and associated infrastructure will be completed in Q3 of 2019 inline with the current ICONSENSUS schedule.

  • Ensure failover / active log monitoring using StackDriver

  • After mainnet launch we will begin our E-commerce integration objectives

Expected Network Information

United Kingdom

Google Compute Engine

  • n2-standard-32

  • 32 core Skylake

  • 120 GB memory

  • 4 TB SSD (R/W 15,000–60,000 IOPS , R240–1200 MB/sec , W240–400 MB/sec)


Google Compute Engine

  • n2-standard-16

  • 16 core Skylake

  • 60GB memory

  • 4 TB SSD (R/W 15,000–60,000 IOPS , R240–1200 MB/sec , W240–400 MB/sec)

Servers will be monitored and scaled as necessary depending on capacity needs. Metanyx uses Google StackDriver to actively monitor server health as well as alert in realtime on log metrics.

  • Centos 7

  • Docker-CE

  • FluentD StackDriver (active log monitoring)

  • GCLB / Nginx proxy

  • Active/Failover configuration

Expected Network Information

England, United Kingdom Google Compute Engine

•n2-standard-32 •32 core Skylake •120 GB memory •4 TB SSD (R/W 15,000–60,000 IOPS , R240–1200 MB/sec , W240–400 MB/sec)

Team Members

Stuart Team Member

Technical heavyweight with vast experience of transactional platforms. He has worked as a independent consultant for a variety of Financial, Legal, Telco and Government clients.

Sean Team Member

Sean is unquestionably one of the most talented Software Engineers around. Sean holds an MBA.