Team Information

HASH RATE PLUS HQ: Toronto, Canada

HashRate Plus is an established Crypto Player in Canada. Involved in the production of Mining Rigs, Cloud Mining, Trading and Exchange as well as numerous other crypto related projects, HRP is excited to be developing its own Crypto based debit / credit card as well as promoting its newly found interest: ICON.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

HashRate Plus will strive to promote the adoption of ICON in North America with a particular focus on Canada. Hosting and attending industry events as well as online promotion and the development of DApps will be the expected areas of active promotion while also actively contributing to the community, providing development resources and an interest in sound Governance. 

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

ICON has demonstrated its value in the crypto ecosystem by building a next generation blockchain and HashRate Plus is excited at the opportunity to help develop this value in the coming years of what will undoubtedly be the most interesting yet in this space.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

HashRate and its team have a proven record of success in their endeavors and will execute our vision for ICON in the same way and with the same vigor as their other ventures. Providing a forum and venues to satisfy its proposal outline, development resources and finance are all tools available in the execution and realization of HRP's goals as they relate to ICON. The humility to listen and learn as well as the knowledge to share and to teach will be a cornerstone of our execution.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

In compliance with ICON guidelines and immediately after P-Rep Elections


Expected Network Information

ON, Canada AWS + Bare Metal

AWS 36 x Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz 72G RAM 500G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5 Gbps) 10 Gbps Network BARE METAL 64 x Intel® Xeon® @ 3.00 GHz 128G RAM 4TB SSD > 10 Gbps Network

Team Members

Al Rehmtulla Team Member

Technical heavyweight with vast experience. He has worked in key technological industries including Telecom, Data Services, Infrastructure and Crypto Projects.