Team Information

ICON DAO HQ: Seoul, South Korea

ICON DAO is an ICON Network-based decentralized organization committed to providing the tools and services needed for users to easily develop and manage decentralized communities to collaborate and fund projects.


0. Our Background

CAN Foundation is a group of developers who are leading a new blockchain initiative, CAN(Community Alliance Network). 

CAN’s mission is to empower autonomous communities and enable mass collaboration. We believe in the power of autonomous community and decentralized collaboration. We're witnessing more and more passionate communities pursuing their missions without central governing bodies. The rise of autonomous community is a global big wave. The advent of this new era generates needs for new tools for mass collaboration. 

CAN equips communities with reputation system, collective decision making and governance system, and community bank and tokens, powered by blockchain. We aim to let communities create and run "user-generated institutions" and take over roles held by many traditional organizations.

For the ICON community, we are launching ICON DAO, a special project group dedicated to providing the ICON community with a variety of tools to help them self-organize and proactively run the community as a true DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Community). 


1. Proposal Introduction (What)

As an ICON Main P-Rep candidate, we are not only committed to running a resilient node but also fostering growth of the ICON ecosystem, especially by providing our technology to help ICONists run the ICON community as a well-organized DAO with sophisticated governance structure. ICON DAO is a special project group with this mission in mind.

CAN Foundation leads the initial launch of ICON DAO, but we have a plan to evolve ICON DAO itself into a decentralized developer community embracing a number of ICON enthusiasts around the world. Eventually, we envision ICON DAO as an ICON Network-based decentralized organization.

We will contribute to the ICON community by integrating our existing tools and technology with ICON as well as launching new projects for the ICON ecosystem. We believe the integration of our technology such as CryptoBadge (reputation system), Code in Force (programmable governance system), Community Bank (community fund system), will be a great addition to the ICON community.

We will contribute to the ICON community by facilitating community project collaboration through on-chain activities such as giving grants to community contributors, as well as off-chain activities such as hackathons and meetups.

We will contribute to the ICON community by performing cross-platform promotion of ICON. We will leverage our expansive network to acquire massive adoption both in terms of users and projects. 

We will contribute to the ICON community by promoting open and transparent governance of ICON through proposing policies that reflect the community’s needs and creating mediums through which policies can be clearly communicated to the community.

Our team of 25 engineers and product experts with solid experience in dApp development as well as launching numerous commercially successful Internet/mobile services proves our capability as community-driven ICON P-Rep.


2. Motivation of the Proposal (Why)

We foresee a world where grassroot communities, with their effectiveness and excellency, replace many functions traditionally held by companies and states. Believing in the power of community autonomy, we are eager to catalyze a flourishing of autonomous communities on the ICON Network.

We are not only a big believer in ICON’s vision but we also showed our commitment to the vision by being one of the earliest investors and strategic partners of ICON.


3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)


ICON DAO uses AWS at the server specifications defined by ICON Foundation to ensure a highly secured, resilient and reliable network. In accordance with these server specifications, ICON DAO runs the best possible server configuration and environment for maintaining the ICON Network and will scale as the network grows.

Technical Specifications: AWS

Instance type: C5.9xlarge

CPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz

vCPU(core): 36


Disk: 500G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5 Gbps)

Network: 10 Gbps

Product Development

We are an organization with extensive experience in designing and developing dApps, online services, and backend software.

In support of wide-scale blockchain adoption, we are committed to developing and sourcing new blockchain projects and services wishing to integrate blockchain technology through our community support initiatives and 15year+ tech/startup network. This will enable an increase in ICONists joining and contributing to the network, thus increasing network traffic and value.


The ICON DAO team is committed to growing the ecosystem through product development. We already have existing products on other networks that we are excited to integrate into the ICON ecosystem and already have plans for further dApp developments.

• Cryptobadge -  CAN’s identification/reputation system that allows users to gamify their life through receiving, or 'unlocking', achievement badges that identify their diverse skills, expertise and accomplishments. Check our running prototype on to see it in action.

Code in Force - A governance design tool for users, organizations, or services to facilitate a transparent decision-making process for collaborations. CAN provides Code in Force to allow communities to design their optimal decision making process as well as rules defining member’s rights and privileges. It allows communities to grant different privileges to its members based on the badges issued by community itself or by other external certificate issuers. Communities can also design decision making process based on badges that members hold. CryptoBadge, as proof of member’s expertise and contributions, functions as an underlying infrastructure upon which democratic as well as meritocratic decision processes can be built.

Token Manager - A token creation and issuing tool for users to develop and manage transactions of their community’s own native token.

Community Bank -  The shared funding pool where DAOs developed on our platform may pool their assets for project funding.

GROUP - A development stack for individuals or organizations to build functional communities easily and quickly. Tools include communication, content management and forum development, among others. 


Community Support

ICON DAO will support the ICON ecosystem through:

On-Chain Community Support: 

  • ICON DAO Community Grant - Distributing 10-20% of Representative Rewards to the ICON community directly by rewarding and financially supporting ICONists - individuals, groups, or organizations -  who have been recognized and nominated by the community for their contributions to ICON network growth or awareness.

Community members can be nominated for their interesting dApp, good proposal idea, ICON content creation or even for holding ICON meetup events. The community members choose who they want to nominate.

On our ICON DAO Collaboration Forum, users may create nomination threads outlining their nominee and the dApp, tool, proposal or promotion they have contributed to the community for that month. Every month ICON DAO will compile and review the candidates, selecting candidates based upon creativity, innovativeness, potential and community support. 

This grant is dependant on our P-Rep reward earnings per month so we hope to increase it higher over time to incentivize more ICONists to build on our ecosystem so that we may have an active community of contributors and not just P-Reps and their stakers.

  • Multi-chain support for ease of dApp network interoperability.

  • Providing modules and code templates for dApp development for communities.

Off-Chain Community Support: 

  • Quarterly hackathons.

  • Publishing content and biweekly updates to ICON’s social media to keep the community informed.

  • Marketing and promoting ICON within the blockchain community in Asia.


ICON Expansion

ICON DAO Collaboration Forum

The backbone of any thriving network is its community. As a P-Rep, our team will activate the community by developing a forum where ICONists can interact, engage in discussions and collaborate on development projects that can enhance the network.


ICON DAO Strategic Alliances

We have a dedicated team of 25+ developers spanning across the world with offices in South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and the US. Along with our experience in developing applications we have also developed strong strategic alliances around the world with numerous companies, including ICON Foundation.

Our network includes:

  • Our 5 million+ users from our community service, Vingle and others. 

  • Our 50+ startup investment portfolio worldwide from our early-stage startup investment arm, The Ventures.

ICON DAO is excited about leveraging our network to market and expand ICON.

Transparent Governance

ICON DAO supports transparent governance both for ICON network and our P-rep operation through our DAO tools. Opening up the core decision making process and sharing issues together with the community means we pursue the true blockchain philosophy.


4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

Following election, we will move forward with our development plans.


  • 2019 Q4 - 2020 Q1: Cryptobadge integration to ICON mainnet.

  • 2020 Q1 : Launch ICON DAO Quarterly Hackathon & ICON DAO Community Grant

  • 2020 Q3-Q4: GROUP and Code in Force integration to ICON mainnet.

  • 2021: Launch ICON DAO Community Workshop and Acceleration program. 

Expected Network Information

Singapore, Singapore AWS

Instance type: C5.9xlarge vCPU(core): 36 RAM: 72GB Disk: 500G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5 Gbps) Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

Changseong Ho Team Member

Changseong Ho is one of the co-founders and co-CEO of ICON DAO. He holds a MBA from Stanford University and a B.S in Computer Science from Seoul National University. He has amassed over 17 years of experience in software development and investing as the co-founder of TheVentures (Accelerator/VC for early stage startups), co-founder of Vingle (Mobile Community Forum) and in the past, served as the founding CEO of Viki (successful digital media platform acquired by Rakuten).

Jokyun Jeong Team Member

Jokyun is the CTO and Co-founder of ICON DAO. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Chonbuk University and has an impressive 20 year long career working in the project management and software development as one of the founders of companies DreamWiz and Netian.

Louis Kang Team Member

Louis is a co-founder and Token Economy Lead for ICON DAO. He holds a Phd in Applied Physics from Harvard and a B.S in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Materials Science and Engineering from UC Berkeley. He currently serves as the Director of Impact at MIT Impact Lab and a part-time Venture partner at KTB VC.

Eunielle Yi Team Member

Eunielle is one of the co-founders and Business Relations Lead for ICON DAO. She holds a B.A in Linguistics from Seoul National University and has over 11 years in project development as the founder of DE:FINE (Blockchain Acceleration & Advisory Group), founder of beex (Mobile Beauty Tech Startup and in the past served as the VP of several successful companies.

Donghwan Kim Team Member

Donghwan is the Blockchain Tech Leader for the ICON DAO. He holds a B.S in Computer Science from Korea University and has 10 years of experience working as a CPO at Lecle, a Staff Engineer at and a researcher at Knowledger Cube and Initus.

Daesun Park Team Member

Daesun is ICON DAO's Vietnam Dev Team Leader. He holds a B.S in Computer Science from Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul and has experience working as the General Director of Lecle Vietnam, CTO at Lecle, Software Developer at Orgos and a consultant for Future Trend Consulting during his 15 year career in the IT industry.

Manh Vu Team Member

Manh is the Backend Team Leader for ICON DAO. He has over 7 years of experience working app development as a Web Developer for Lecle, a Full-stack Developer for Clearway Solutions and a Java Developer for various companies. He holds a B.S in Computer Science aquired from Vietnam National University.

Hung Nguyen Team Member

Hung is ICON DAO's Mobile Team Leader. He holds a M.S in Computer Science from Soongshil University and a B.S in Computer Science from Ho Chi Minh University of Science. He has acquired 8 years of experience working as a Sofware Engineer at Lecle, an Android Developer at Knorex and a Software Developer at CSC.

Quoc Le Viet Team Member

Quoc is one of ICON DAO's key Blockchain Developers. He holds a B.S in Computer Science from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and has experience working as a Blockchain Developer at Lecle, Software Developer at Luxoft and Embedded Software Engineer at SH Consulting.

Tuan Tran Team Member

Tuan is one of ICON DAO's key Blockchain Developers. He graduated from RMIT University with a B.S IN BIS and has experience working as a Technical Product Manager at Lecle, a R&D Specialist at Infinity Blockchain Labs and an IT Associate at VinaCapital.

John E Milburn Team Member

John serves as a Tech and Service Architecture advisor for ICON DAO. He brings over 38 years of experience to ICON DAO and has experience working for big name companies such as Gmarket (acquired by eBay), Korea Venture Partners, Newton Technology Partners and KT, as well as major blockchain players such as EOS. He serves as ICON DAO's advisor as well as the EOS Community Engineer, CEO of FastDCC (from Cloud Service to Blockchain Tech & Dev.) and CEO of Squaltech (a secure authentication payment technology company). John holds a B.S in Nuclear Engineering from University of California, Berkeley.

Danielle King Team Member

Danielle is the Community Manager for ICON DAO. She graduated from Ewha Womans University with a B.E in Computer Science and Engineering, and developed a strong interest in blockchain technology soon-after. She has experience working as an intern at Bitcoin Center Korea and as a Quality Assurance Technician for software development companies.