Team Information

Symmetry SLC HQ: Salt Lake City, USA

Symmetry SLC was formed by a group of cryptocurrency evangelists who have been active in the crypto community since before the first ICO. We choose a small number of highly promising projects in which to invest our time and resources, nurturing their budding ecosystems behind the scenes in order to help these projects thrive and reach their full potential. Using viral marketing and proactive community development, we’ve had a hand in helping many of the top crypto projects become what they are today.



For years we searched for a Korean team and cryptocurrency project with the right vision and connections to develop a secure and decentralized blockchain network. After reading about ICON and meeting the team in 2017, we quickly realized this project fit perfectly with our vision of Korea becoming the first blockchain enabled nation.

We've had our eye on Korea and their voracious appetite for technology since one of our team members moved there in 2006. We’ve witnessed just how rapidly the Korean people accept and normalize new technology. From smart phone adoption to 5G buildouts, Koreans are consistently years ahead of the rest of the world (including the US) in adopting new technologies. Korea’s adoption of blockchain technology is no different. Simply put, ICON is operating in the best market with the best team we’ve seen in the blockchain universe. We’re thrilled to be a part of their growth.

When it comes to the P-reps running ICON’s infrastructure, we know what you want. You want a highly qualified and skilled team. You want extremely high availability and uptime along with high productivity. You want 24/7 monitoring with industry-leading safeguards to ensure that you’re never penalized while staking your ICX. And on top of all this, you want a P-rep who actually helps ICON to grow and reach its potential. Symmetry SLC offers all of the above. We’re looking forward to building ICON together.


The Proposal:

First we would like to address the fact that we voted for our own node. We have a group of investors with diverse educational and professional backgrounds who are all committed to the ICON cause. We bring a lot to the table and we're putting our money where our mouth is.  We’ve been here since the beginning and we’ll be here to see ICON reach its full potential. We are fully committed to ICON for the long haul and believe we can help. By voting for our own node, we also hope to inspire your confidence in its security, uptime, and productivity. We trust our team and hope you will too.

1- The Promise

We want what is best for the network and the community. We promise to do the best job we can to build the ICON infrastructure and community as well as source compelling use cases for the ICON network. We oppose vote-buying and want what is best for the long-term health of the ICON network and community.

2- Our Long-Term Commitment

We have a long track record of helping crypto projects launch and grow. We work behind the scenes helping communities develop and helping projects progress. We have run nodes since 2014 for a very select group of projects. We wholeheartedly believe in the future of cryptocurrency and ICON is our focus.

3- I-CONbinator

We want to work with any members of the community who have ideas they would like to see implemented. We plan on funding projects that the community wants. If you have any ideas or requests, please send us a message at or through our website. Requests could be for funding, for something you would like to see developed for ICON, or just to pass on an idea you have.



Many of our initiatives are already underway. Our current focus is making sure that we have the most stable node, the highest quality infrastructure, and rock-solid 24/7 monitoring processes in place to help keep the ICON network running smoothly and to let you stake your ICX worry-free. Our I-CONbinator program will begin shortly after decentralization begins and the network is stabilized. However, we will begin accepting ideas and applications immediately.

Expected Network Information

Salt Lake City, UT, United States AWS Cloud

We use a dynamic system that adjusts to the needs of the network in order to be as efficient as possible.

Team Members

Symmetry SLC Team Member

As long-time crypto enthusiasts, we love our privacy. As such, we prefer not to be individually recognized at this time. However, you can rest assured knowing that we have been in regular contact with people at ICON for years. Before coming to our decision to run as a P-rep we consulted with ICON and were encouraged to pursue this opportunity. Our team consists of a diverse group of professionals with backgrounds ranging from engineering to medicine to finance. All our members hold degrees from top-tier US universities. Our technology team is of the highest caliber with decades of experience running highly-performant and secure network architecture with our first crypto node being launched in 2014. We work with world-class engineers to ensure every aspect of our operation is cleanly and efficiently run. Our technical team is second to none.