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Catalyst HQ: Puerto Rico, USA

Investor who is interested in helping decentralize the network by running a node.


Proposal Introduction

Catalyst will begin primarily as an investor node intended to help decentralize the network further. From there we have a strong desire to bring to the ICON project something it has needed more of for quite some time:  Widespread exposure to the retail crypto investor demographic. With the goal in mind of onboarding new purchasers of the ICX token, and subsequently increasing its value.

The name Catalyst was chosen because we want to focus on facilitating. Facilitating communication and exposure to those with large audiences, and facilitating initiatives across P-Rep teams for ways to accomplish this via pooling funds and exploring ideas. The individual running the Catalyst team is a familiar person in the ICON community who has been passionate about taking steps that weren't possible until now. We are excited to finally have an opportunity to realize many ideas through the funding and resources available from the staking system, and P-Rep community.


Motivation of Proposal

We strongly believe that ICON has remained primarily a developer-centric project from Day 1. We strongly believe that just building something isn't enough. You need people to know about it.  You also need to educate your target demographic on what you're doing, why you are still important, and why they should speculate on your future success through financial investments. Without this, especially in crypto, your token can remain nearly value-less, indefinitely.

ICON is a massive project with many things going on. There is no shortage of things to talk about, and even recycle a hundred different ways across a hundred different mediums. This is what marketing truly is. Drawing attention, generating curiosity, informing, and inspiring, with the end goal in mind to onboard new investors. As this has not been the focus until very recently, the token value, and investor base / participation has suffered. We would like an opportunity to play a part in bringing these ideas to the table, and finally executing on them. We strongly believe that there are myriads of avenues through which new investors can be onboarded, including online media marketing, influencer marketing, incentive programs, and much more. The term "Marketing" spans any act taken which generates interest in a company or project.


Execution of Proposal

This will be a work in progress, but to start, we have partnerships set up with some Crypto YouTube influencers with very large, highly targeted crypto alt-coin audiences. First order of business (already under way) will be working with other P-Rep teams to put together content and funding to garner a spot on these influencers "channels", ideally on a weekly basis. Brand awareness is a powerful thing, and constantly putting that brand in front of your target audience can have positive effects both short, and long term.  It can build trust in the brand, confidence in the longevity of the project, and create a positive reputation, investor sentiment, and many other benefits. 

Secondly, we are connected to PR company who has worked in the crypto space for several years. They have influencer accounts across numerous paper and online mass-media publications including INC, Forbes, Wired, Wall Street Journal, Hacked, Business Insider, Newsweek, CNN, and others.  They were the company responsible for landing spots on 60 Minutes for their client, and even getting Anderson Cooper to fly out and do an interview with them on the recent 60 Minutes crypto episode.  They took this client to a $2 billion valuation within a few years of startup. Connections are the key with proper PR, and this company and its CEO has them, in spades, including the former head of the US Mint, and Fox News, where he has been interviewed live several times. Though the non-crypto demographic will be the primary audience, their resources will be available to everyone in the ICON ecosystem to help with business development wherever needed.


Expected Timeline

Partnership with the first YouTube influencer is already in place (Dec 2019). We will be finalizing payment terms, and then begin outreach to all P-Rep teams to present a proposal for a marketing budget that we can all share, immediately. From there, we hope to begin an established, weekly presence on the "show". This will be our primary contribution for the short term, but the individual running this node is a strong "ideas person" and there will be several exciting and fun initiatives he will want to pursue. Beginning January 2020, more serious talks will begin with the CEO of the PR company, and a game plan will be put in place to discuss both fees and packages they will offer us for a PR campaign that makes sense for the type of project ICON is. From there, and while of this is happening, if we see success garnering funding and enthusiasm from the P-Rep community, the sky will be the limit on projects we will pursue dedicated entirely to promotion and marketing. 

Our ranking seems to hover just inside and outside the Top 22, so funding goes from sufficient to completely insufficient.  As such we will be pushing for an "everyone chips in" approach with some of these initiatives.  What can be prohibitively expensive for one team to cover alone, can be handled with pocket change across 50 teams, assuming all see value in the idea.  

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Puerto Rico, USA AWS


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