Team Information

ICON 4 EDUCATION HQ: San Francisco

We believe in facilitating learning for participants new to coding and blockchain. technology.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

Our team will create a strong social presence utilizing Twitter and Medium to share helpful tutorials for people new to the blockchain community.  We feel a strong desire to encourage learners in a positive and productive way so particpants can learn at their own pace.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

ICON is the best blockchain in the world and the current PREPS are incredible. I am excited to join the PREPS and help others achieve their dreams in the blockchain world.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

Our team will constantly create new posts and tutorials and run a strong node for ICON.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

In the next few weeks!

Expected Network Information

San Francisco ,CA Cloud

128 GB 24 vCPUs 11 TB 2,560 GB

Team Members


We are a team of lifelong educators that feel blockchain technology can feel overwhelming. Our goal is to simplify an entry point for a willing participant.