Team Information


HypoICON believes in explaining things simply and in detail so that people thoroughly can understand the logic and idea behind the project, instead of just focusing on the technical details, the buzzwords and the industry jargon. For ICON to grow and thrive, there is a necessity to become friendly to non-tech users. That said, we’ll bring following to the table: a) With Blockchain experience and expertise, we’ll put extra effort into educating ICON target audience, in a meaningful way, so that the current and future ICONists can grasp the real concept. b) With marketing and communication, we’ll present ICON in words, imagery and video


Proposal introduction

We’re in the emerging years of quickly evolving technology that could have a meaningful and transformational impact in the digital nation. This includes disruption of the online media and publishing with advancements in decentralized social media, content management systems and advertising platforms.

We have background in the blockchain space and the underlying technology – along with a leadership in marketing campaigns. We strongly believe that good communication with right marketing can make huge difference for ICON to the new decentralized world.

We’ll run an online marketing campaign for ICON to increase the brand awareness of ICON project and its ecosystem, which would garner interest aligned to ICON’s mission and accelerate the real-world adoption.


Motivation of the proposal

The technical know-how and the experience of the team is the backbone of ICON Ecosystem that wants to have a bright, long-term future. But expecting the world-wide adoption merely on whitepaper, roadmap or even the finished product – is way too optimistic dream, and it won’t fly especially in this digital and fast changing world. Without contextualized marketing, it makes harder to succeed despite the strong technical foundation

Since 2018 ICON is failing in terms of price as nobody (majority & big investors) ever hears about them due to ICON foundation’s less focus on sales and marketing. Therefore, a good online marketing campaign with a clear and open communication is must needed to generate spark and help differentiate ICON’s business in the forest of thousands of projects.


Execution plan of the proposal

  1. We’ll staff (Full-time & contractors) customer facing resources such as social media marketing specialists, blog writers, youtubers, storytellers, and PR professionals. These will help with the communication, content creation, outreach, audience growth and management of an engaged community. Our mantra would be to start small and build a bigger customer facing team as we progress.
  1. We’ll co-ordinate monthly connect with ICON’s development team as well as P-Rep members for better engagement and alignment – as well as to understand the project and the development progress in order to better communicate it to other non-tech people.
  1. With right skills and right team, we’ll create great content and associate that content to the big platforms, leveraging our networking and connects across the globe. We’ll proactively reach out to the relevant publishers and influencers such as Asiablockchainreview, Decrypt, Coin Central, Coin Telegraph and YouTubers (with a subscriber base of 75K+)


Expected timeline of the proposal

- Hiring of Customer Facing team by Mar-Apr 2020.

- Few starting in-depth coverage videos by top YouTube influencers – Q1 2020

- Online Marketing with global media coverage will be in full mode by Q2 2020

Expected Network Information

Lamar, MO, United States AWS Cloud

4 vCPUs, 2.3 GHz, Intel Broadwell E5-2686v4, 500GB memory

Team Members

Adam Team Member

Blockchain & Cloud Expert

Shiela Team Member

Marketing Campaign Leader