Team Information

Sunrise HQ: Vancouver BC Canada

Blockchain enthusiasts who believes in ICON success. We will strive to grow ICON through our expertise.


1. Run a stable node. 

Having a stable decetralize network in one of the most important fundamental building blocks of ICON. Sunrise will prioritises starting up and running a 99% uptime node to continue ICON's strong decentralized network integrity.

Timeline: 2020 Q1.

2. Run bi-weekly ICON & Blockchain related workshops. Build a team with likeminded individuals. 

There are many talented individuals that do not know ICON and its usage. To have a successful product and grow we must get ourselves out there and network/market to more talent. Sunrise will run workshop and build a likeminded team to further the interest of ICON. We also plan to market ICX token's usage and value.

Timeline: Starting 2020 Q2 and onwards.

3. Build a ICON Pet DAPP that utilizies the ICX token.

We have seen the success of pet collector games (Cryptokittes, Neopet, Tamagotchi) in the market. Sunrise believes this is an easy win for ICX in terms of DAPP/ICX token usage.

Timeline: 2021 Q1.

Expected Network Information

Vancouver BC Canada Cloud

C5.4xlarge Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00GHz 16 Core 32GB Ram 500G NVMe SSD ( EBS Bandwith 4.5 Gbps) 10 Gbps

Team Members

Teddy Liang Team Member

A veteran in the blockchain space since 2012. Experienced in tech, team building, and networking.