Team Information

iCONsolidation HQ: Zagreb, Croatia

ICONsolidation is the ICON network Public Representative actively involved in securing the network and representing the community in the ICON network governance.


iCONsolidation will provide open, down to the ground and realistic approach to all our operations.

Our main focus is to provide a stable, secure and scalable node to serve the ICON network. We will stay open and approachable to community needs and focus our energy to keep a positive environment around the project and future developments.

As a P-Rep, we hope the community will recognize our efforts and help up grow by placing their votes on us. We aim to achieve steady growth and we plan to scale our operation with it. iCONsolidation goal is to increase the community footprint to be able to self-fund at least one project in 2020. If we don't make the numbers we will try to start a grant program with the Icon.

Our long term commitment to the ICON is backed by our 2020 financial plan where entire server operation costs are self-funded with no rewards sold to fund it. Instead, current rewards will be restaked to build up the treasury to secure node operation for 2021 and 2022. 

We will scale our operation together with the growth of community votes received:

0 – 400 000 votes – Our current status is to reinvest in the treasury to secure long term operation. Our commitment to the work is voluntary and will include social interaction with the community. While we may not be in the situation to fund the development, we are planning to keep producing technical papers with the goal to secure external funding for the development.

400 000 - 1 000 000 votes – Our operation will expand with the goal to achieve at least 1 full-time employee with the funds to invest in the development of at least one ICON project.

1 000 000+ votes – iCONsolidation will transition to the team of the full-time employees with the focus on getting a full-time main developer employee to layout plans for the future developer expansions.

iCONsolidation will encourage a face to face interaction with the community to serve as a community and financial hub -  to be a trusted collaborator, a champion of talent, and a responsible member to provide care, investment and risk control to the great ideas.



Expected Network Information

Falkenstein, BY, Germany Cloud

iCONsolidation is following the ICON Foundation server specification to maintain a highly secure, resilient and reliable network. Our cloud server solution is highly scalable and ready for upgrade as the network grows.

Team Members

iCONsolidation Team Member

iCONsolidation team brings 20 years of technical worldwide experience to the ICON network with completed projects in over 30 countries. We are here to tackle the challenges and integrate ICON services to modern life digital needs.