Team Information

PLAN-P HQ: Seoul

Plan-P has been breathing with ICON since its pre-sale. We, Plan-P understand what Iconists want to support ICON’s meaningful decentralization. So team Plan-P decided to join as a P Rep candidate to speak out as an Iconist.

Plan - P, which has created a community of icon pressllers in Korea even before ICON,s mainnet opened, knows the importance of the community better than anyone else and will concertrate on strengthening the community. 

ICON Foundation and other P-Reps are good, but Plan - P will work harder based on our experiences.

Since we cannot do everything by ourselves, we will discover and suppot talwnted start-up companies that develop Icon DAPPs. We will expand ICON's ecosystem together.

We will also operate high-performance sever which is even better than the one having speccification which is recommended by ICONfoundation. Our operators will monitor the status of our server 24 hour, 365 days for the nod's health.


2020. 1Q P-Rep Open

2020. 3Q Decentralized Bet Service Launching

Expected Network Information


Instance Type : C5.9xlarge CPU Model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8124M CPU @3.00GHz vCPU (core) : 36 RAM : 72G Disk : 500G NVMe SSD (EBS Bandwidth 4.5 Gbps) Network : 10Gbps

Team Members

Michael Park Team Member

Plan - P Founder & CEO, Cryptor Investor, ICON Freesale Contributor, Non Official KAKAO TALK Community manager

Jay KIM Team Member

Developer Blockchain Developer Back-end Engineer

Mingeon Park Team Member

Advisor Plutochain CSO Plutus CSO