Team Information

IFnLIFE HQ: Seoul, South Korea

Starting with a project to put life records on the blockchain, IF&Life aims to establish a decentralized platform for the ending and silver industries.


1. Proposal introduction (What) 

To be more than a P-Rep. Our mission is to secure ICON blockchain with reliable infrastructure and to build a global community equipped with tools and resources to thrive. We are committed to leading and contributing to the projects that add values to ICON ecosystem and network.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

With a broad knowledge of Information Technology, Security and Privacy as well as Block production for EOS (eosDAC team in Korea). We aim to become a leading P-Rep and will help ICON ecosystem to expand in the world.
We build and deploy best-in-class secure, reliable, resilient, and trusted infrastructure and support development of innovative applications.


3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

Start to provide reliable infrastructure and to build a global community equipped with tools and resources, then we are going to be focusing on our development of Lifelog platform on ICON.  


4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

We can start community building and block production immediately. We already have several social media channels and involved in the community building, and we are technically ready to start it for ICON.

For our dAPP development, we are under the planning stage and will start development in March or April.

Expected Network Information

Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea Bare metal

Dual Zeon Gold 6144 (max 4.2GHz) / Intel DC P4608 6.4TB / RAM 256GB DDR4 ECC

Team Members

Minho Kim Team Member

CTO @ IFnLIFE Co.LTD. Founder & CEO @ Semo Education ( Head of Development @ Hansol PNS. IT Manager @Nestlé.

Eric Kang Team Member

Business Director @ IFnLIFE Co.LTD. CEO @ GAQI TV Entertainment. System Development Engineer at @ Hyundai Motors.

Sunghwan Won Team Member

Founder & CEO @ IFnLIFE Co.LTD. Representative of Korea @ & CIO, CISO @ Nestlé, LOTTE-Nestlé & Nespresso. System Engineer @ SAMSUNG SDS.