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The Iconist HQ: Seoul, South Korea

The Iconist is the longest-running dedicated news platform for the ICON Republic. Since August 2018, we’ve published hundreds of high quality articles, delivered to thousands of people every week. We cover news of all topics ICON-related, from P-Rep profiles and deep dives into ICON announcements to insider interviews with the ICON team themselves. We also deliver a wide range of blockchain-related news from South Korea, ICON’s homeland, so that Iconists around the world can keep tabs on everything that might affect the project and the price of ICX. Do you want more ICON news coverage? Your votes help us deliver more articles!

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1. Proposal Introduction (What?)

Our mission has always been to produce the highest quality English-language news about the ICON Republic on a regular basis. Ideally, we’d like to publish multiple times per day, 7 days per week. Our goal is to operate as a top-tier news site and bring awareness of ICON to the global public. All we need is the funding to make this happen.


2. Motivation of our Proposal (Why?)

The Iconist has been ICON’s official news source since the project’s early days in 2018. Moreover, G3 Partners — the Seoul-based marketing and PR agency that operates The Iconist — helped with ICON’s PR during and after their ICO. We have been a part of this story since the very beginning, and we have no intention of stopping now.

Being an ICON P-Rep is one of the best ways we can contribute to the ICON Republic because your delegations will bring real value to the project and help increase the worth of ICX. As such, we promise to dedicate fully 100% of our earnings toward building up The Iconist news site and bringing as much ICON news as we can handle to the public. 

Our ultimate goal is to increase our news output to a frequency high enough to be accepted as a legitimate news provider on Google News. Imagine: daily ICON headlines displaying on Google News streams around the world.


3. Execution Plan (How?)

Our P-Rep earnings will be spent in the following ways:

  • Staffing for The Iconist: Journalists, designers, photographers/videographers, social media marketers, web developers and interns all play a critical role in our business model. The more staff we can afford, the more output we can offer!

  • More Articles and Videos!: We propose a community-funded platform for The Iconist, in which higher rates of delegation buys a higher frequency of quality posts. To this end, we will maintain an up-to-date page on our site that displays our delegation amount along with a track record of our ongoing content contributions. Sufficient transparency and lots of content is our goal here.

  • Cooperation With Other Media-Based P-Reps: We believe the ICON project is stronger when everybody works together. To date, we have interviewed dozens of P-Reps to help spread their message across the world, and we regularly share content from other media platforms operated by P-Reps on our social media channels. We will continue to seek out ways we can cooperate with P-Reps and other key players operating within the ICON Republic when possible.

  • Node Operation: To ensure the quality and security of our node, we will go through a third party node operating service — we are media experts, so we will absolutely defer to the sysadmin experts to handle our server requirements.


4. Expected Timeline (When?)

Our news platform is already well-established, and our node is already registered. Our production output is now dependent on the amount of ICX rewards we earn, and will be continuously re-assessed on a weekly basis. Collaboration will take place on an ad hoc basis, whenever the opportunity presents itself. But most importantly, our future goal is to maintain and continue growing The Iconist’s news platform and social media community.

Expected Network Information

New York, NY, United States AWS


Team Members

Nathan Millard Team Member

Nathan is Editor in Chief of The Iconist and CEO of G3 Partners, the top global-focused marketing agency in Seoul dedicated to serving startups. He has been supporting the marketing and communication needs of companies (large and small) in Asia for over a decade, including a multitude of blockchain clients. He is also Advisor for connected car security company PERSEUS and a mentor at Google Campus Seoul.

Robin J. Wolf Team Member

‘Robin’ is the pen name of a journalist who has been writing professionally in Korea for nearly 20 years. He has been the lead journalist for The Iconist since September 2018, and therefore knows the ins and outs of ICON and most blockchain topics extremely well. He also serves as an editor, translator, photographer and videographer for our publication. Based in Seoul, Robin became interested in blockchain because of a fascination with futurism.

Dean Baker Team Member

Dean is a Project Manager at G3 Partners. He has handled marketing for multiple blockchain companies, and joined The Iconist team as Editor and Project Manager in March 2019. He also contributes articles to our publication. A journalist and copywriter from Canada, Dean moved to Korea in 2002. Seoul's dynamic pace and high-tech lifestyle has kept him here ever since.