Team Information

ICON pragmatism HQ: Daegu, South Korea

To grow a platform, we think it’s critical to find the real usage. Our vision is finding and growing the “killer” apps, which gives actual transactions, in the fastest way possible. In order to do so, we believe we shouldn’t restrict our sight only inside the ICON network. Our mission is to introduce ICON to the potential future projects outside, and let them adopt the ICON blockchain network, and incorporate them as an essential part of the ICON ecosystem. We are delighted to offering our capacity of consulting, mentoring, marketing, and networking to the promising projects as much as any existing ICON Dapp project could be given. We are also put our best effort to make ICON well known. It is our another mission that spreading awareness of potential of the ICON network to new audiences so as to increase the probability of seizing new opportunities.


ICON Pragmatics is a team dedicated to make ICON a real-life usable platform. Finding real usages should be the top priority of any blockchain project because it has always been the greatest weakness that they lack in practicality. If any real life success could be made with ICON, that would make ICON distinct from any other blockchain projects.


Motivation of the proposal

The members ICON Pragmatics have been with the ICON project since its beginning. Over the years, we have seen lots of opportunities that would have gone better if it were with backup of the ICON network. That experiences convinced us that we could best contribute to ICON by interweaving promising outside opportunities with the ICON network.


Execution plan of the proposal

The initial step of the ICON Pragmatism's execution plan is to introduce ICON to the practical business fields. Mix of various marketing tools and decisions would be carried out to imprint ICON as a valid answer on business executives’ mind.

We also have an active interest in tailored on-demand Dapp development. We hope the ICON ecosystem to function as a repeatable co-work partner in blockchain industry, therefore, even who are not native of blockchain technology could easily utilize blockchains for their business.

To facilitate such development environment, we have a plan to launch a market platform where series of collaborations would occur and the participants of ICON ecosystem could serve as authorized developers. 



ICON Pragmatics will perform it's duty of providing a reliable network condition. We utilizes AWS to meet the ICON's server specifications and to easily cope with growing network scale. technical specifications of our AWS server instance is written in the below

Instance type: r5a.2xlarge

CPU model: AMD® EPYC® 7000 processor 2.5GHz

core: 8

RAM: 64GiB

Disk: EBS (over 1Gi)

Network: 10 Gbps

Expected Network Information

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea cloud(AWS)

CPU model: AMD® EPYC® 7000 processor 2.5GHz core: 8 RAM: 64GiB Disk: EBS (over 1Gi) Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

C.M Song Team Member

Involved in crypto since 2017, participating in ICON ICO. Has working experience in the medical field, science education, global entrepreneurship, and creative contents writing. Academically, Holds a Bachelor of Management Science from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from Seoul National University.