Team Information


ICONTROL is an agile team of product makers and an avid supporter of ICON network united to create useful products and contribute to the ICON ecosystem. The formation of ICONTROL team began with the question of 'what should be prepared for the ICON network to be first adopted in the coming Public Blockchain era?'. Creating and running scalable products has been something we've always done, and we know what to do for the job. ICONTROL team is composed of competent team members who have experience in backend technology, app development technology, efficient infrastructure design, and service operation for large-capacity processing. We will gather the competence of each team member, and build products with a large user base and lead the revival of ICON network with the aim of "Practicalization of Blockchain". Stay tuned for ICONTROL team's performance and journey.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

We will develop and operate products to acquire large-scale users by utilizing blockchain engine development and service operation capabilities, and provide stable P-Rep nodes to the network. Additional revenue will be used to invest in infrastructure for reliable service operation, and collaboration with other P-Rep is also in place.

  • Product Contribution

    • Build useful products for the ICON ecosystem and holders, starting with the Mobile Multi Wallet service

    • Generate 100,000 daily transactions and discover ICX use case 

    • Develop and operate additional 'practical' products to promote ICON ecosystem growth

  • Network Contribution

    • Provides 24x7x365 Nonstop Block Production service

    • Prepare for operation failures with servers that accommodate 10G or more and a redundant configuration

    • Suggest performance improvement to other P-Reps for node operational stability


2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

We believe in the potential of ICON network and Public Blockchain technology, and we’re willing to contribute to it with feasible plans and capabilities.

The formation of ICONTROL team began with the question of 'what should be prepared for the ICON network to be first adopted in the coming Public Blockchain era?'. We concluded that two things are needed for Mass Adoption of the ICON network. First, the emergence of end-user services with large numbers of users. The second is the reliability and scalability of the infrastructure that facilitates such activities.

If a blockchain-based service with a large number of users emerges and proves its success, visionary teams will try to participate in the ecosystem one after another, and various experiments occur continuously, and in the end, a virtuous cycle of the advent of successful service can be expected. For this, a solid infrastructure must be prepared, and the capacity and willingness of ecosystem participants to lead it to continuous improvement is necessary.

We will make the cornerstone ourselves. We aim to lay the foundation for various teams to join the ICON ecosystem and contribute to the vitalization of the network by leading the development/operation of ‘Winning Products’. In addition, we will share the operational experience with other P-Reps and contribute to enhancing network scalability and reliability by utilizing our infrastructure design/operation expertise.


 3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

While operating the P-Rep node stably, we will develop and operate three ICON network-based Dapps. In the second half of 2020, we plan to launch mobile products (iOS/Android) to recognize our potential and launch additional services.

  • Product Plan

Product Title(tentative)

Core Value


  • Multi-coin management and transaction history inquiry

  • Notification of deposit events

  • Short address service

  • Easy approval(Biometrics)


  • Development of Citizen Node in a new way and disclosing its source

  • Record directly to DBMS by event method

  • Eliminate tracker dependency

  • Implement easy statistics with Relational Database (RDB)


  • Management of document sharing and perusal

  • Blockchain-based verification

  • Authorization  and electronic contract API


  • Reputation management

  • Company, product, personal reputation inquiry


  • P-Rep Node Specification



Server type


CPU Model

Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124 CPU @ 3.00GHZ

vCPU (core)





500G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5 Gbps)


10 Gbps


4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

Following the election, we will follow the roadmap below.


●      2020 Q3 : P-Rep Registration

●      2020 Q3 ~ Q4 : Launch and operate Mobile Multi Wallet service

●      2020 Q3 ~ Q4 : Launch Citizen-R and release the source

●      2021 Q1 ~ Q2 : Launch and operate eSignature service

●      2021 Q3 ~ Q4: Launch and operate Reviewy service


Expected Network Information

Seoul Cloud

Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124 CPU @ 3.00GHZ / RAM 32G / Disk 500G NVMe SSD / 10Gbps

Team Members

James Underwood Team Member

James has experience in designing and operating infrastructure for large-scale fintech services. He aims for stable infrastructure design, and constantly studies for perfect DevOps. In addition, He experienced a distributed processing architecture under a high-volume traffic environment based on container-based services and CI/CD-based build/test/automation. He loves himself.

winDy Sohn Team Member

Sohn is an architect and main contributor of loopchain, the core engine of the ICON project, and he has been managing the development and engine teams for the past four years. He studied software engineering at the graduate school, studying Agile methodology, and was very interested in the autonomous organization and helped to continue the project. He has a passion for constantly digging into problems, and tries to solve problems that can be solved programmatically. In addition, he has experience of extensive user processing and service operation and continues to update the latest technology trends such as concurrency programming and asynchronous programming. He is committed to improving code quality and loves hockey.

J.H Ahn Team Member

Ahn is an iOS native app developer with experience in launching multiple apps. He continues to suggest ways to cut development costs in a much faster and more efficient way, even for similar features. He has made great efforts to maximize productivity and reduce risk by utilizing UX patterns. He is also experienced in IBDesignable, Autolayout Priority adjustment, Autolayout Safe Area utilization, and talented in Crash Report analysis. He has the insight to solve problems and loves his wife.

J.S You Team Member

J.S mainly uses Java and Kotlin, and is interested in React Native and mobile UX. He is working to improve the user experience of his mobile products and is good at scalable development and code management. In addition, he is good at security coding, and is also trying to train juniors through his experience in various languages ​​and frameworks. He has experience in producing several fintech applications and loves boxing.

T.Y Kim Team Member

T.Y is a user experience designer and product manager with various web and app service launching and start-up experiences. He constantly explores popular products to create useful products from the user's perspective. In addition, he is good at finding the best means and methods to make the most efficient use of owned resources. He is interested in investment and philosophy and loves creation and discussion.