Team Information

Iconode HQ: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Iconode is committed long term to holistic expansion of the Icon ecosystem; Our team aims to set the bar high on quality operating standards, client retention, dependable real-world business practices and infrastructure. Iconode will create a hub of excellence in developing our business based from Puerto Rico.



The current structure being implemented centers Iconode to be headquartered and operated from Puerto Rico. With its particular advantages, this appealing location with close proximity to international communities will help to raise a unique awareness assisting engagement with US markets as well as global participants to become clients of Iconode.

As the Icon Blockchain has developed, Iconode has been in the frontline of identifying the correct timing of inserting itself into the space. The proper structure has been delineated and we have also made successful progress in obtaining interest of partners, as well as clients.

Iconode looks to serve as a conduit for those who while being economically able, may not specifically align with the technology to enter the space.
We are reducing barriers to ease market entry for participants while helping to create and maximize opportunities in decentralization, data efficiency and process management.

Our adamant early-mover position naturally provides us with a competitive advantage given the industry’s dynamics.
Currently, the competitive landscape is limited due to the very high barriers to entry – the solutions require computational capabilities, a significant installed base, business and tax knowledge that must be complemented with the ability to obtain then service large scale delegations maintaining client support and operational up-time. Therefore, our experience combined with the industry’s current early stage development, in fact, enables us to secure operating share and subsequently, maintain a solid position in the icon ecosystem. We have also taken a view of the potential future changes to the industry in the areas of regulation, taxation, jurisdiction and institutional involvement and have accordingly built a structure capable of mitigating and adapting to overcome new challenges fostering perseverance and growth.  
Moreover, Iconode’s management focus will allow it to maintain a high status within the community as it serves its purpose and improves the community’s awareness, understanding, market access and use of these technologies. Iconode also distinguishes itself by its ability to attract institutional investment and user's focus to the Icon Blockchain.

Our double prong business model focuses on servicing or partnering with institutions thereby requiring larger services from our team. However, we are also organizing a campaign to target delegations directly from the public.
Our success is measured by; 1) The amounts of tokens delegated to Iconode, 2) Agreements that drive the flow of delegated icx, And 3) Increased awareness of the icon network.

Being located in Puerto Rico is important to the project, as Puerto Rico continues to grow as a unique jurisdiction in the Blockchain space. The structure has been designed so that the Tax Incentives granted by Puerto Rico are not only beneficial to Iconode LLC, but also serve as an attractive element for potential investors and partnerships. The skilled pool of engineering talent available in Puerto Rico will directly impact the continued expansion of the project.

Our Team has set-up prior successful business ventures in other spaces and has identified the need for this type of service in an early time which allows for competitive advantage in gaining market share and producing quality user experiences. The team is able to explain the project and processes to develop the proper relationships needed to secure additional funding, develop support products and obtain new users from areas not conventionally associated with blockchain communities. 


Decentralization is a Marvel we desire to usher into common use. We appreciate the Icon Foundation Team for all their incredible efforts and strides to transform and evolve our world. 


Implementation of our intentions began with industry specific research and analytics in Q1 2017; We decided upon San Juan, Puerto Rico as headquarter, and thereafter began our relocation and the building of our corporate structures and partnerships, see milestones for details.

∙         Market research. Business model analytics. Selection of headquarter location - Completed Q1-Q2 2017.

∙         Assemble team capable of achieving our tax and structural goals -- Completed Q3 2017.

∙         Entity formations:  
-         Etta Global Partners LLC - Advantaged hub for partnership excellence. -- Completed Q2 2018.
-         Amity Concord LLC - Financial services -- Completed Q2 2018.
-         Iconode LLC - Dedicated ICON P-REP Services -- Completed Q2 2018.

∙         Established initial operating partnerships. -- Completed Q2 2018.

∙         Act 22 grant active and issued from the commonwealth of Puerto Rico to our CEO. -- Completed.

∙         Act 20 grant application is in progress to be issued from the commonwealth of Puerto Rico Q1 2019 with issuance expected before. Q3 2019.

∙        Implemented [in house] trading desk, obtained high daily withdrawal limits on multiple exchanges -- Completed Q2 2017.

∙        Accumulation of "Traction" capital for acquisition of icx to provide stable operations, minimizing fluctuations to the flow of our delegations and providing initial basis for reliable operating. -- Completed Q3 2017.

∙        icx acquisitions:
-                    Q3 2017--250,000 icx -- Completed
-                    Q4 2017--250,000 icx -- Completed
-                    Q2 2018--250,000 icx -- Completed 
-                    Q4 2018--572,000 icx -- Completed 
           Total icx holdings as of 1/25/19 1,322,313

∙         Additional acquired holdings of decentralized ecosystems to sustainably grow our business functions and advertising capabilities;
-           Wanchain 25,000 -- Completed Q3 2018.
-              Tron 500,000 -- Completed Q3 2018.
-               BTT *******   ---------- Q2 2019.   
-             STEEM 750,000 -- Completed Q4 2018.

∙         Secure domain names and register social media accounts and wallets -- Completed Q2 2018.

∙         Website design. Q2 2019.
-         Website release. Q3 2019.  

∙         Design social media campaign. in progress; Q1 2019. 
-         Launch of advertising campaign on social media to attract attention for receiving icx delegations. Q3 2019.     

∙         Cayman island based [non-cima] private equity master feeder fund, currently in formation. ( - Primary focus of this fund that we are calling the Social Equity Leasing Fund(abbreviated S.E.L.F.) will be mainly to acquire further icx holdings up to $20m USD through 10-15 partners for perpetual delegation to iconode. Formation is currently in progress Q1 2019[currently we are hiring for AML/DMLRO compliance in Cayman], initial investor outreach scheduled for Q4 2019, target launch of the fund scheduled for Q1-Q2 2020. When complete it will act to further strengthen our user base along with the financial ability to increase awareness while enhancing our support systems and operational tools to manifest unrivaled client satisfaction.    

∙         As part of Iconode's macro growth strategy, we will seek incubation programs and grants such as the parallel 18 program in Puerto Rico, and we expect, if we achieve success on these peripheral goals, it will serve as external accreditation increasing investor participation and client attraction/retention for the company. Q4 2019 and beyond.

∙       Open, then expand communication channels for new relationships and/or new partners. Q3 2019.


Publication of weekly reports with metrics and statistics in english, korean, spanish translation through linked by social media(steemit).

In addition to weekly reports, interested parties will be able to follow along with Iconode via our website and steemit, where quarterly reports will be published with company progress achieved vs. future goals moving forward. Quarterly reports will be conveyed in the same format as Agile software development and thus assign story points as a unit of measure for expressing an estimate of the overall effort that will be required to fully implement a piece of work or product log.
Public relations through reporting and hearing community feedback is a vital role for p-reps due to their influence as representatives with duties to Icongress and to all Iconists in the republic. We look forward to embracing our responsibilities within and outside of the community.
We believe, especially in times of market uncertainty or even excessive hubris it is the relationship of the elected representative with the community that would act to provide insight through illuminating basic market happenings to the P-rep's user base and beyond.

Expected Network Information

San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico AWS CLOUD

We will use the recommended specifications, However we are flexible should the recommended specifications change. Instance type: C5.18xlarge CPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz vCPU(core): 72 RAM: 144G Disk: 1000G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 9 Gbps) Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

Joseph Goldman Team Member

Joseph Goldman, Our CEO, has expertise that brings together his experience in traditional investment with discipline from his background as a senior-level business manager overseeing past operations in NY-NJ. Capitalizing on age old principles and knowledge, increasingly proficient in blending technologies to capture value within variously volatile industries. Mr. Goldman served as a department of consumer affairs licensed auctioneer in NY, and was an early participant in the Act 22 program. He acted as an asset portfolio manager, oversaw commercial and residential real estate portfolios in NY-NJ, commodities trading and an exceptional past performance in the U.S. stock markets with diverse holdings generating substantial returns. Built upon a foundation of structured strategy combined with research and analytics, these dynamics have been complemented and enhanced by the ability to assemble teams capable of building on those experiences and to execute the envisioned strategic direction.

Giovanni Mendez Team Member

Giovanni Mendez has extensive experience as a corporate and tax attorney, including compliance, financial reporting, tax preparation, and regulatory matters. Admitted to the Puerto Rico Bar and United States Tax Court, Giovanni has advised clients at both, the State and Federal levels. His client list includes; Fortune 500 companies, pharmaceutical companies, telecommunications firms, financial services companies, e-commerce, technology and software companies, private equity investors, blockchain technology companies, and high net-worth individuals. Giovanni’s practice includes, structuring of tax exempt and taxable operations in Puerto Rico, structuring of complex business transactions, transfer pricing consulting, entity formations, negotiation of tax exemption decrees, tax planning and counsel for Puerto Rican and United States federal and international income tax matters, and accounting services. During the past years, He has served as advisory council for many investors and businesses seeking grants of tax exemption under Puerto Rico’s Acts 20 and 22. As a blockchain technology investor and advisor, Giovanni has played a key role in the development of Puerto Rico as an investment destination for the industry. His unique access to the burgeoning global and local crypto currency industry provides his clients with invaluable insight.

Amity Concord llc Team Member

Investment management, Digital asset curation, FX conversion, Financial services. Bridging traditional financial procedures with the digital economy to enhance capability and facilitate Iconode.

ETTA Global Partners llc Team Member

Limited member society, fostering an environment for worldwide partnerships dedicated to increasing decentralization globally from a tax advantaged hub in US jurisdiction. Recurrent advancement of strategic function plus creating and maximizing capabilities for member groups is the defining focus of this society.