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DRAICON BALL team is enthusiastic about creating a decentralized world. We firmly believe decentralization will bring about many changes and furthermore, the world will be hyper-connected through blockchain. Team will focus on ICON’s decentralization ideology and connection with other networks. We will be based in Korea to keep a close relationship with ICON team and to maintain real time communication with the community for the betterment of ICON Network.

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1. Proposal introduction

DRAICON BALL team aims to help ICON in achieving its goal of creating a change in the world through decentralization.  Specifically we will not only provide a stable network condition but will also help dApps succeed in ICON Network. We will also support development and growth of various needed in ICON Network in the future.  Our main goal is to promote and help grow ICON Network by providing the following:


Dependable infrastructure

DRAICON BALL will provide block generating and verifying infrastructure to help ICON Network seamlessly operate.  We view dependability as below:

  • Reliability: to give credibility and verifiability to block generating node’s data.

  • Availability (fault tolerance): to provide ability to handle block generating node’s system faults.

  • Security: to protect the node from ill intent contact.


dApp ecosystem

Currently, promotion and growth of dApp ecosystem is critically important to all blockchain platforms, not just for ICON Network.  We will focus on the dApp ecosystem growth and promotion. Another major goal is to create a virtuous cycle in which credible and innovative dApps are attracted to and utilize ICON Network.  For these goals, we will contribute the following:

  • Awareness: to increase the general awareness of dApp being registered to ICON Network to help the said dApp succeed.

  • Barrier to entry: to help eliminate the barrier to entry for dApps starting services.

  • Promotion: to help promote and market dApps before their service launch.

  • Investment: to help execute investment into dApp.


Oracle ecosystem

Oracle is critical for ICON Network to connect to the outside world.  DRAICON BALL team will build decentralized Oracle ecosystem to connect diverse networks with ICON Network.  Through this effort, dApps within ICON Network will be able to receive and provide better and more various external data.  DRAINCON BALL will contribute the following:

  • Governance & Reputation: to build decentralized Oracle governance and reputation system.

  • Data: to enable identification of necessary data needed by a dApp.

  • Participation: to open Oracle for participation to anyone.


Interchain is one of the core objectives of ICON where various decentralized networks and blockchains are connected.  Interchain enables value or asset swapping between blockchains and also enables smart contracts’ interworking. More specifically, interchain allows using Ethereum dApp by using ICX or using BTC or ETH for ICON dApp.  DRAICON BALL team fully believes these revolutionary changes will occur in the near future. We will contribute the following:

  • Status: to easily gauge and understand the interchain supported by ICON Network.

  • Value exchange: to establish value exchange ecosystem through ICONist and users of other blockchain networks and stabilize token flow for value exchange.

  • Awareness: to communicate and promote use cases of dApps using interchain to further develop the value of interchain.


2. Motivation of the proposal

DRAICON BALL team believes decentralization is a disruptive force that will hyper-connect the world through the blockchain technology.  We find ICON’s ideaology consistent with ours in this regard, hence the reason for our application to the P-Rep. The main purpose of our team is to increase the value of ICON Network by actively growing dApp ecosystem and building the Oracle ecosystem which is a necessary element in current and future ICON Network.   


3. Execution plan of the proposal

Dependable infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the market leading IaaS vendor, providing cloud infrastructure to the largest number of customers in the world.  We will use AWS but we will not stop there. In case a system failure occurs at a block generating node, a spare node that can be switched immediately and seamlessly will be utilized.  Also, to prevent malicious access or ddos attack, infrastructure will be constructed by propagating the block generation result to the outside through the full node connected to the block generating node without exposing the block generating node directly to the outside.


dApp ecosystem

We will provide dashboard web service to show information of network’s dApps at a glance.  It will provide information on both registered dApps and dApps in process of registration. dApps will be able to promote their services through this space and attract ICONists’ investment. Dashboard will also provide voting function for dApps for ICONists. We believe this service will encourage more active participation by ICONists resulting in growth of ICON Network.


Oracle ecosystem

In Oracle ecosystem, 1) anyone can be Oracle, 2) anyone can evaluate data provided by Oracle. DRAICON BALL team will provide web service to satisfy these two conditions and establish governance.

  • Oracle web service: ICONists can request the data they need and identify which Oracle is providing what data. Oracle data users will evaluate and rate data providers on the accuracy of data.

  • Oracle governance: Oracle data evaluation results will be reflected in Oracle’s reputation.  Each Oracle can receive incentives or penalties through a reputation system. Oracle governance will operate through the use of ICON’s smart contract.



DRAINCON BALL team will execute two critical missions below for success of interchain.

1) Value swap ecosystem construction

For value swap ecosystem, token liquidity needs to be stabilized.  For example, if ICX is to be exchanged for ETH, ETH needs to be pre-allocated.  In order for the value swap ecosystem to be active and functional, 1) anyone should be able to contribute to token liquidity and 2) those who contribute to token liquidity must be compensated.  Specific details are as follows:

  • Build a token economy for the value swap ecosystem.

  • Provide a web service that allows easy identification of token liquidity for value swaps and allows anyone to participate in it.   


2) Interchain vitalization

Through the web service provided by DRAICON BALL team, status of interchain and major use cases will be summarized.  We will be open to and respond to policy suggestions or issues related to interchain.


Marketing, Promotion & Education

We believe “Interoperability” is the main driving force behind Icon and its future plans moving forward.  We will focus on promoting the importance of interoperability and act as an outlet to announce and spread the strategic executions carried out by the Icon team to achieve hyper connectivity.  

We will devote our efforts into two categories to help the mass better understand Icon’s interoperability objectives and initiatives:

1) Structure-wise

Icon’s interoperability can be divided into two categories:

  • Within Icon’s Nexus: Interoperability between Icon/ICX (public) & IconLoop (private)

  • Outside Icon’s Nexus: Interoperability between Icon protocol & other blockchain protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum & Neo.

2) Business strategy-wise

Within Icon’s interoperability between Icon/ICX & IconLoop, we will educate and promote Icon’s efforts with IconLoop, private blockchain for enterprise:

  • Industries & partnerships

  • dApp ecosystem and its development


4. Expected timeline of the proposal (Roadmap)

2019 2Q

  • DRAICON BALL team introduction and website development

2019 3Q

  • dApp dashboard development within DRAICON BALL website

2019 4Q

  • dApp dashboard stabilization and development of various value-add functions

2020 1H

  • Continue dApp dashboard stabilization and development of various value-add functions

  • Dependable infrastructure development

2020 2H~

  • Development of web service for Oracle ecosystem

  • Development of web service for Interchain

Expected Network Information

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea Cloud

ICON recommended AWS Cloud - Instance type: C5.9~C5.18xlarge / CPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz / vCPU(core): 36~72 / RAM: 72~144G / Disk 500~1000G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5~9 Gbps) / Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

Renov Jung Team Member

Renov Jung is a blockchain developer with dreams of creating a decentralized world. He has 7 years of experience in web, mobile app, system software and blockchain development. He is a graduate from Ajou University with software engineering degree and also completed software architecting and software engineering courses from Carnegie Mellon University.

David Kim Team Member

David Kim is a global business development and marketing professional with 15 years of experience in various fields such as logistics, telecom and IT. He is a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast and enjoys converting opportunities and ideas into tangible success and results. David has held numerous high-level positions at FedEx, Gartner and IDC, he is also a co-founder of Radical Finance, a blockchain and cryptocurrency research and consulting company.