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Noris HQ: San Francisco

Norís is a technology consultancy that fosters the growth of the most promising blockchain platforms. From proofs of concept to deployment, we catalyze distributed ledger networks and decentralized applications by building robust developer communities and bringing together all industry stakeholders around our clients. Main co-host for San Francisco Blockchain Week!

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1. Proposal introduction (What)

- Provide a description of your proposal you wish to pitch and briefly explain how it will enhance the ICON Network.

Noris is a leader in building blockchain-focused communities with a particular focus on connecting the talent and expertise of Silicon Valley with the rest of the global blockchain movement. We deliver the most impactful events to the crypto space such as SF Blockchain Week - a four day educational blockchain convention - that recently attracted over 5,000 attendees from all around the world in 2018. We organize gatherings such as the Berkeley Blockchain Career Fair, enabling thousands of students from multiple universities to network with existing blockchain-related professionals, from dozens of startups and companies, in San Francisco and broader Silicon Valley. In the aforementioned examples, ICON has been spotlighted through Noris’ full support. We have proven that it has been one of our firm’s goals to engage the ICON community and to disseminate knowledge of its technological advantages to computer science enthusiasts and blockchain investors far and wide, bringing together ICON and numerous top-talents in this industry.


Abroad, we have supported ICON in growing its community in China, and we plan to continue promoting ICON globally. With such a record as ours, we hope to further our relationship with ICON so that many others, not yet aware of your achievements, may also appreciate and dig deeper into the ICON Network. We aim to galvanize this synergistic relationship by becoming a P-Rep, beyond the venues that we have already and will further offer to ICON.


2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

- What brought you to become a P-Rep of ICON and what was the motivation for the proposal above?


We have been a strong, evolving community partner to ICON and have given our full support since before the beginning of the ICON public blockchain. By focusing on the growth of this mutually beneficial relationship, we are confident in the value of our contribution to the ICON team and as a general member of the ICON community. By becoming a P-Rep, we believe we are better able to maintain our voice within the ICON ecosystem, meanwhile continually bringing our best counseling, resources, and industry know-how and analysis to help ICON move ever forward. We think that the network of ICON P-Reps should be distributed throughout the world with impactful anchors in every needed geographic region. We see ourselves being a strong anchor for ICON in the Silicon Valley, as the de facto central hub of today’s technology firms.


3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

- How would you actually carry out your proposal? Please elaborate related action items and technical explanation.


We plan to provide our support to ICON in community building and market expansion in the U.S. as well as China. Our efforts to expand the offline community here in San Francisco will catalyze ICON’s growth organically via the multitudinous talents in, and immediately adjacent to, our professional connections. Meanwhile, we endeavor to seek potential opportunities to advance ICON in aspects of cross-sector partnerships, online-offline community building, PR opportunities, engineering and business talent sourcing, etc.


4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

- Provide specific milestones, expected timeline to fulfill your proposal.


The 2nd Annual SF Blockchain Week (planning phase, late 2019 - early 2020) - highlighting ICON in the most impact way possible to the San Francisco community by educating the community from both a technical and fundamental perspective, from enthusiasts to serious engineers and investors.


The 2nd Annual Blockchain Career Fair (planning phase, mid - late 2019) - providing our full resources in on-ramping the best talent to ICON. San Francisco / Silicon valley nurtures some of the world’s greatest developers and working professionals, which can provide invaluable personnel and talent resources to the ICON team.


We will continue to provide our support in growing and helping evangelize ICON in China. Our focuses, in this regard, will be to provide the most relevant updates from ICON to the Chinese market by coordinating with the renowned media influencers in China, when and as appropriate.

Expected Network Information

Northern California, CA, United States Cloud/ AWS C5 Instace

c5.9xlarge ,vcpu 36, rams 72 GiB, 10gbs Network,

Team Members

Steven Chen Team Member

Steven Chen is Managing Partner of Noris with a focus on protocol-level strategy, use-case discovery, and emerging protocol technologies. He advises clients on critical strategic issues across the distributed ledger value chain with particular interest in advances in scalability research and solutions. Steven brings the detail-oriented eye and professionalism of structural engineering to the industry. Steven completed his graduate and undergraduate training in Structural Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. He is currently an adviser to Blockchain @ Berkeley, the premier academic organization delivering the potential of distributed ledgers to traditional Fortune 500 companies.

Callis Yin Team Member

Callis Yin is a Partner at Noris who specializes in developing market insights and identifying strategic growth opportunities. His regional expertise into the trends and drivers of the Asian cryptoassets market enables our teams to leverage resources, talents, and capital on both sides of the Pacific, having recently cultivated a robust international community to support a new and ambitious distributed ledger network based in Asia. He also brings the attention-to-detail and discipline of construction management to the industry. Callis was awarded a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.

Steve Yu Team Member

Steve is a Partner at Noris who focuses on product launches and strategic business development for our teams. He has extensive blockchain-specific marketing and PR experience, especially as it pertains to optimizing the online reach and awareness of decentralized applications (DApps). Through the firm’s extensive network, Steve connects our clients to top-tier talent and resources. Steve has previous experience in market discovery, community management, and customer acquisition from serving as an original member of the Lunyr Project, a DApp on the Ethereum Network. Steve earned his degree in Political Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Kevin Huynh Team Member

Kevin is a Partner at Noris who brings strategy experience from the global management firm, L.E.K. Consulting, and investment experience from the GreenLight Fund. A longtime cryptocurrency enthusiast, he is currently an adviser and interim Chief Operating Officer at DAGlabs, a directed-acyclic-graph network project, based on the SPECTRE protocol. He is currently an MD / MBA candidate at UC San Diego after earning his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.