Team Information

weBloc Asia HQ: Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

weBloc is a tokenized advertising platform shifting the center of the traditional advertising ecosystem from advertisers to users. The ultimate goal of weBloc is to provide fair compensation by clarifying what each player, including the user, contributes within the advertising ecosystem, which is made up of various interests. weBloc would develop services based on our principles, ‘Participation’, ‘Reward’, and ‘Expansion’ and contribute to the expansion of ICON’s ecosystem.

Self-Intro Video


1. Intro

Infinite scalability of weBloc’s ecosystem: providing the win-win structure for all players


We have decided to take benefits of our team’s expertise and networks of digital advertising field, that we have established the first blockchain company in Korea, and that we are the official marketing partner of ICON to expand our tokenized advertising ecosystem.


  1. All players would earn tokens as a reward for participation and spend tokens in our blockchain based advertising platform.

In weBloc’s advertising platform, any player can have advertisers, middlemen, and users and form the ecosystem that grows by participants. All participants will actively evaluate each other’s actions to earn and spend tokens efficiently.


  1. Our team is confident that it will be able to attract advertisers and users who have already acquired through our previous digital marketing business as players in the new advertising ecosystem. All the actions of players in weBloc’s ecosystem, including the user’s ad click, will be recognized as a kind of individual contract, increasing the number of Smart Contracts and triggering the ICON platform.


  1. All IRC-2 tokens can be utilized in weBloc’s platform in near future. All ICON’s DApps can post and spread advertisements with their tokens as well as WOK in our platform. That is, a virtuous cycle will be formed in which all players in ICON Network grow together.  


We admit that expanding ICON’s ecosystem is essential to expand our ecosystem. We will clarify the identity as a DApp of ICON and maintain the stability of the ICON Network as well as to demonstrate the scalability of the ecosystem.



2. Motivation

Headquartered in Jeju Island, weBloc aims to build a decentralized advertising ecosystem based on its experience and network in the traditional digital advertising market. Advertising platform needs to be able to support a lot of transactions between advertisers users, so fast speed and scalability are essential. And ICON’s fast TPS and loopchain technology are optimized for building weBloc’s ecosystem. Moreover, weBloc is in all business areas related to advertising as the official marketing partner of ICON and we have been conducting TGE with ICX only for the first time in the world to revitalize ICON’s ecosystem. We strongly admit that growth of the ICON DApps and expansion of our ecosystem are in contact. We will realize the popularization of blockchain technologies by attracting and utilizing reliable and innovative DApps as well as existing DApps to our ICON Network through our ecosystem.


In the ecosystem of weBloc,

  • anyone can easily become an advertiser, a middleman, or a user.

  • the barriers to participation are not high and fair compensation for each participation is linked, so it will play a big role in expanding the ICON Network.



3. How

Community Building


Community building is a prerequisite for success and expansion of the ecosystem. As an official marketing partner for ICON, we will utilize various channels to communicate with communities and attract users into the ICON ecosystem to revitalize.

weBloc has already

  • acquired about 53K domestic crypto users through various channels such as daily newsletter service, YouTube, etc.

  • launched two blockchain related apps: DEVOTE (Android, iOS), ICON Watch(Android, iOS)

  • been developing more applications to expand the coverage of services and contribute to ICON Network such as JUBJUB, an offline user behavior compensation marketing service based on Jeju Island, IDOLTODAY, a marketing service to send a message to and vote for Idol etc.


Block Generation and Verification


Based on our global service expansion, we will build server infrastructure for each of the global major sites and ensure that ICON Network can provide stable services.

  • Instance Type: C5.18xlarge

  • CPU Model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz

  • vCPU(core): 72

  • RAM: 144G

  • Disk: 1000G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 9 Gbps)

  • Network: 10 Gbps


The Scalability of ICON Network


We will attract a variety of DApps in our ecosystem that can play a role as media and/or publisher by developing more services and forming the alliance.
We will also play a business and marketing development role for ICON Network, ultimately establishing a business structure called "advertising/marketing monetization" for DApps.


  1. weBloc will link between WEB, mobile Apps and DApps through the advertising platform service.

  2. Our services will connect the crypto world with the real world. To use the IRC-2 tokens will not be limited to each community but will be applicable to the real life in our ecosystem and define essential values of tokens in the crypto world.

  3. This will lead to the fiat money in the real world to flow into the weBloc’s ecosystem and create a virtuous cycle with tokens. That is, the crypto world will naturally expand.



4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

  • 2018. 09. Established weBloc Asia Inc. in Jeju Island, S. Korea

  • 2018. 11. Conducted TGE with ICX ONLY

  • 2019. 03. Closed Beta Test for weCon (a messenger type of advertising platform)

  • 2019. 04. Launch IDOLTODAY (a marketing service targeting Idol fans)

  • 2019. 05. Launch JUBJUB (an offline user behavior reward marketing service)

  • 2019. 06. BRS (a rewarded ad marketing service)

  • 2019. 07. SNOW PEA (a cryptocurrency wallet)

  • 2019. 08. Forming the Crypto-marketing Alliance with ICON

  • 2019. 09. P-rep Election

  • 2019. 12. Build up global servers


Expected Network Information

Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea cloud

AWS Could Server - Instance type: C5.18xlarge CPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz vCPU(core): 72 RAM: 144G Disk: 1000G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 9 Gbps) Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

Joon Hong (CEO) Team Member

Joon Hong has a BA in Computer Engineering at Dankook University. He worked at Naver as search AD business team leader experienced explosive growth in the digital advertising market. He co-founded FSN (Future Stream Networks), launched the mobile advertising service Cauly in Korea and listed the company. After the success in business, he moved onto Riot Games taking the executive director in business development having wide spectrum of experiences. At GS Shop, he worked as an investment consultant contributing to the expansion of the venture business ecosystem. After the 20 years of advertising, marketing, and venture investment, he currently works as CEO of blockchain marketing company AD4th Insight and weBloc Asia. He has been running Youtube channels about blockchain technologies including ”Blockchain World”, “Just Start Blockchain”, “Looking into Blockchain”, etc. leading the growth of the blockchain industry.

Jongha Baek (CTO) Team Member

Jongha Baek has a MA in Engineering at Yonsei University. He worked at Naver as a developer of blog and map services. He moved onto Kakao leading the development project of voice recognition library on Android, and developed and launched iOS app “Lazzy”, a recommendation service based on interests. He also co-founded XHIFT as sharing service related to real estate and two more startups. Based on 13 years of experience in development, he has developed his career as a full-stack developer proficient in web/server/mobile (iOS, Android) and joined weBloc Asia.

Wusic We (CSO) Team Member

Wusic We has a BA in Statistics at Korea University. He worked at Samsung Card risk management team to develop FDS (Fraud Detecting System) analyzing the patterns of credit card usage and preventing abusing in advance. He had worked at Naver, NHN Entertainment, and Kakao in charge of advertising data analysis, search advertising, mobile advertising platform development, and so on. He also has experienced startup business having a successful launch of the very first mobile advertising network Cauly. With the experiences of business process in large corporations and efficient work process in startups, he has joined weBloc Asia leading the project, a blockchain-based tokenized advertising platform.

Namhyun Kim (COO) Team Member

NamHyun Kim has a BA in Social Psychology at Yonsei University. He was in charge of marketing, media and new business strategy at Sport Chosun daily paper in the Chosun Media Group. He has many experiences in the field of traditional advertising ecosystem. After that he moved to affiliated companies of Sport Chosun in the digital area taking the role of COO at T-on Network and CEO at SYL Company. He has launched many apps and recorded 10 million downloads at many vertical categories such as sport, entertainment, fashion/beauty, game, etc. With such experiences and careers, he has developed deep understanding in the digital advertising industry in overall and joined weBloc Asia in charge of operation of the organization.