Team Information

BlockVenture Coalition HQ: New York City, USA

The BlockVenture Coalition is the largest alliance of university/research blockchain groups + VC funds in the world, with 41 groups and 44 venture capital funds as members. Goals of the coalition are to spur inter-university collaboration and provide resources to our partnered organizations. Extensive relationships at nearly all major exchanges, media outlets (Huffington Post, Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg, and others), and large US tech/financial firms. Currently coming across 5-6 startups per day.


1. Proposal introduction - Provide a description of your proposal you wish to pitch and briefly explain how it will enhance the ICON Network.

  • The BlockVenture Coalition is the largest alliance of university blockchain & research groups (41) in the world. Also has 44 blockchain specific VCs and share dealflow on a monthly basis with them. We want to push ICON to the university scene and help build the infrastructure (via its developer talent) that will onboard financial institutions and key power brokers into crypto through ICON.

2. Motivation of the proposal - What brought you to become a P-Rep of ICON and what was the motivation for the proposal above?

  • We’ve been speaking closely with the ICON team over the past year. On the ground in Korea, a few of our partners had commented on how focused their team was on development, and we saw it first hand. We will be the gateway to the US market for ICON and can roll out ambassador programs to spur usage across our 41 university groups.

3. Execution plan of the proposal - How would you actually carry out your proposal? Please elaborate related action items and technical explanation.

  • Phase 1) University Ambassador Program
    • Hosting 1 meetup/week across each of our university groups. Will aim to gain large scale developer usage of the ICON platform, as well as spread awareness
  • Phase 2) Infrastructure Partnerships
    • Will utilize relationships with major infrastructure players (major financial firms, crypto exchanges, payment solutions, ATM networks across the U.S., MM/OTC desks, etc.) to form official partnerships between the ICON team and well known firms
  • Phase 3) Dapp Onboarding
    • We will begin pushing the 4-5 blockchain startups we come across per day to build ontop of the ICON blockchain. Will push any of the 200+ projects we’ve spoken with in the past to ICON if they’re looking for a new layer 1 solution.
  • Phase 4) Venture Investment
    • Will begin pushing projects based on the ICON blockchain to our 44 venture funds to help increase the funding amount and success rate of startups built on the blockchain.
  • Phase 5) Mainstream Adoption
    • We will focus on utilizing our relationships at major U.S. based firms & technology companies to adopt ICON into their business practices.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal - Provide specific milestones, expected timeline to fulfill your proposal.

  • Phase 1 (university ambassador program): Date of mainnet launch + 1 month
  • Phase 2 (infrastructure partnerships): Date of mainnet launch
  • Phase 3 (dapp onboarding): Date of mainnet launch
  • Phase 4 (venture investment): Date of mainnet launch + 1 months
  • Phase 5 (mainstream adoption): Date of mainnet launch + 3 months


Expected Network Information

New York city Cloud

Will set up a cloud VPS with full recommended specs: C5.18xlarge, Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz, 72 cores, 144gb RAM, 1000G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 9 Gbps), 10 Gbps network. If exact setup not available, will approximate or upgrade parts as necessary.

Team Members

Philip Forte Team Member

Carnegie Mellon University Alumni. Previously Institutional Asset Management at PNC.

Tyler Wellener Team Member

Carnegie Mellon University Alumni. Associate at Struck Capital Crypto & Previously Consultant at Deloitte.