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Portal Network HQ: Taipei, Taiwan

Portal Network provides a singular decentralized BNS standard across all blockchain protocols, allowing users to move away from challenging hexadecimal addresses to human-friendly text and characters to describe their blockchain addresses. The BNS standard will support naming everything from wallets and smart contracts, to specific resources in tools like IPFS hosted files and Swarm databases. A world-class and robust name service is sorely needed in the nascent blockchain space, and the potential use cases are endless.

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1. Proposal introduction (What)

Portal Network would love to join to become a P-Rep at ICON to further enhance our relationship and work with the ICON team and community.

Our team has experience not only running nodes on multiple blockchains (ICON, Ethereum, EOS, BCH, OMNI, Binance Chain, and more), but also developing different products on multiple blockchains, and related tools (Metamask, MyEtherWallet, OMNI and more). You may find the full list at

Our Experience on ICON:

We have been building ICON for almost a year, and developed ICON Name Service, ICON node manager, and resolver. All are working products, and have been tested on Yeouido Network.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

The Domain Name System (DNS) has shaped the centralized web as we know it today by turning IP ( addresses into easily-recognized domain names ( This has enabled developers to build applications using distributed services across the internet, instead of using single datacenters with manual management processes. Thanks to DNS, these services, such as cloud facilities and content delivery networks (CDN), became easily referenced with each other. Portal Network believes the Blockchain Name System (BNS) will shape the decentralized web of tomorrow by turning hashes (hx7563e2514a0865630216903c5fd166ec0fdb217a) into easily recognizable and memorable blockchain names (chris.icon).

Just like how domain shaped the internet world we know today, decentralized domain can help shape the decentralized internet. I believe INS (ICON Name Service) is an important piece to enhance ICON Network and community.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

We have divided the execution plan into 3 main parts, and the timeline on the next chapter also shows proof of execution of INS in the past.

  1. Product Building:

    1. Domain Market Cap - With ICON Name Service, we will introduce “Domain Market Cap” which enable also ICX holder to buy/sell .icon domains to create value, similar to Ethereum Name Service.

    2. INS Manager - Enable users to easily manage their INS, and connect their INS with wallet.

    3. Web Builder - People can start building decentralized website with INS, and store contents on IPFS (decentralized storage).

    4. Extension - Turn any browser into INS compatable.

  2. Community Building:

    1. Create INS domain event everyweek via our social media channels and marketing partners.

    2. Live AMA in English and Chinese

    3. Token aidrop

  3. Node Mainaing:

    1. KAIZEN - Kaizen is manager tool that enable both technical and non-technical user to easily start an instance/node on ICON Chain - This tool will highly increase node holder on ICON Chain.

    2. KAIZEN CLI - KAIZEN CLI is a command line interface that enable developers to easily manage and build on ICON Chain. (


ICON Improvement Proposal (IIP-6 and IIP-7) submmited by Portal Network


We've been very active on github and npm to build our product:




ICON Name Service Structure:


ICON Partnership:

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

Below we have listed a detailed timeline of ICON Name Service. We have successfully tested and deployed INS on ICON Network. And will soon list INS on our main market place (

Expected Network Information

Taiwan Clour or bare metal


Team Members

Christopher Shen Team Member

Christopher is an entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, futurist, designer, speaker, and investor in progressive technologies. He has published numerous articles on FinTech and blockchain technology, and has proposed multiple blockchain protocol improvements with his team, such as EIP-1062, ECIP-1044, IIP-6, WNS, and NNS. He has actively promoted blockchain technology since 2016, later founding Mr.Block, a well known blockchain company in Taiwan that hosts many blockchain-related events, such as ‘Taipei Blockchain Forum’ and ‘Blockshow - Taipei’. He has spoken at DappCon Berlin, ETHIS, Ethereum Classic Summit, to name a few.