Team Information

Paradigm HQ: Moscow, Russia

Paradigm Fund is a group of industry experts and crypto enthusiasts, PhDs and graduates from the top universities investing in crypto space since 2013 with a strong track record including investments in top projects at ICO stages. We created Paradigm to provide a vast variety of support to the most promissing crypto projects including media coverage, developing tools for bootstrapping early stage ecosystems, launching nodes, participating in PoS systems as bakers/guardians/validators and other consensus model roles, providing community support.



In Paradigm Fund we strongly believe in a PoS economy of the future. According to our Network Valuation Model at least 71% of tokens in PoS ecosystem must be staked providing both a strong security and economic model. We envision Paradigm as a service gradually transforming into a network. Built around strongest projects in the field Paradigm will provide state of the art user experience in consensus management (staking, delegation, guardianship) for HNWI, institutions and broad community.

We consider ICON`s P-Rep node to be a unique and valuable type of asset. Combined with other fundamentally strong PoS networks scarce validator slots will enable second layer of sophisticated financial services and products to be built on top of them. This will allow ICON holders to get access to insurance pools, graph default swaps, crypto collateralized loans, tokenized PoS NFT`s and other financial products to be traded on our platform.

Besides, we believe that bootstrapping community and ecosystem is as important as providing security and economic incentive.

Our software team is experienced in developing a variety of tools for cryptonetworks. As an active community member we can develop specific tools needed for early stage of network development.   

On a community side, currently we have publishing bi-weekly ICON reports on our Medium and Twitter for almost a year, along with 30 min read in-depth report we published in November 2018.



Paradigm is all about analysis. We consider ICON to be one of the best projects in the field because many times over, through very strict analysis we have acknowledged its fundamental advantages over other projects. We are committed to take part in testnet and bootstrap the network. We are interested in developing tools that would facilitate growth of the ICON community.



Our technical expertise includes: Android development (Java, Kotlin); Ios development (Swift); Web development (Html, Css, python, go, nodejs, ansi); Smart contracts (experience in solidity, liquidity..); Sap cloud platform solutions; Unix system administration, Docker; Low level programming in C; apps development on C/C++/Scala/Python/Solidity/Liq for hardware wallets and Web/Linux platforms.

Our track record of developing security IT solutions for huge infrastructure conglomerates like NLMK gives us unique opportunity to promote and integrate ICON-based solutions to traditional markets.

We are experienced in nodes deployment on AWS cloud service and happy to share our expertise in both security and maintenance practices.


Expected timeline

White Pine Fort - Basic staking and delegation service with ICON project integrated - May 2019
Limestone Stronghold - Asset tracking added added - Q3 2019
Steel fortress - Consensus management - a wallet with integrated staking solution - Q4 2019
Cyber Castle - Cross-chain management - Q4 2019
Arx Absoluta - Proof-of-Stake applications - Q1 2020

We will continue to publish bi-weekly updates on ICON and be active members of community.

As a fund we are planning a roadshow to Asia onboarding investors and promoting ICON project.

Expected Network Information

Mandeville, QC, Canada AWS Cloud

Instance type - C5.18xlarge CPU model - Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz vCPU(core) - 72 RAM - 144G Disk - 1000G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 9 Gbps) Network - 10 Gbps

Team Members

Ehor Smoliakov Team Member


Valentin Rodionov Team Member


August Roman Team Member

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