Team Information

Signal9 HQ: Seoul, South Korea

The Signal9 team believes in the value of the decentralized ecosystem pursued by the blockchain and the value of the ICON to apply blockchain technology in real life. To increase this value, our team strives to make the SCORE stable over the ICON network.


1. Proposal

Securing Smart Contracts and Supporting dApp developers on ICON blockchain network


Signal9 is always an upholder of the ICON blockchain. Our support to ICON network can trace back to 2018 from the first launching of blockchain mainnet. As an auditing process with SCORE in the ICON blockchain, this will help a lot of current dApp developers to adopt to ICON Ecosystem. All SCORE deployed in the ICON network will only be active on the ICON network if it passes the auditing process by the Signal9 team.

Signal9 is a team of professionals with years of experience in advertising, mobile communications and broadcasting that require diverse and constant changes.


2. Motivation

As we proceeded with the audit of ICON SCORE, we found that there is an endless world that can be achieved with ICON blockchains. But we also realized that the world is not easy to achieve as we find out what difficulties DAPP developers have in common. So, our team provided P-Rep with the expectation that if DAPP developers were able to solve some of the difficulties, ICON and DAPP developers would be able to more easily make flexible connections in different worlds they dream of.

Based on the know-how gained in the IT industry and deep understanding of the ICON blockchain, Signal9 is sure to help fulfill the basic duties of P-Rep, as well as activate the ICON blockchain. ICONSENSUS's first itinerary is to create a block of ICON Network and apply it to P-Rep, which is the entity that verifies the transaction.


3. Execution

The P-Rep we propose has four promises:

1) Build the best infrastructure

Maintain and extend high-end hardware with leading technology by security experts in order to create safe and secure blocks. It provides the best infrastructure for the DAPP development team.


2) DAPP Developer Support

2.1) Provide SCORE audit automation tools and act as a SCORE agency

We will provide automation tools for items that can be automated among the SCORE audit items so that DAPP developers can conduct self-audits and shorten development time. We will also provide SCORE authoring services to DAPP developers who has lack of basic knowledge, allowing many developers to enter the ICON blockchain without entry barriers.

2.2) Provide Web-based development console

We will provide a Web-based Development Console that enhances and extends the cli-based tbears development framework provided by ICON. DAPP developers can self-audit using the development console that we provide, deploy it on ICON testnet, and easily perform mainnet deployment after testing their own functions. This allows more developers to experience the ICON blockchain easily.


3) Community Support

Activate ICON ecosystem such as hacker tone and club for developers and college students, and support for meatballs. In order to support the ICON community, we will actively communicate with other P-Reps and create ICON's philosophy. All these activities will be made transparent.


4) Operation of research group and distribution of educational materials

We run a community and research group to expand the base of ICON. In addition, we will actively exchange opinions with other P-Reps and create ICON's philosophy. All these activities will be made transparent.


4. Expected timeline

  • 2019. 05. Self Audit Tool Beta Release

  • 2019. 07. Self Audit Tool Release

  • 2019. 09. P-rep Election

  • 2019. 12. Build up global servers

  • 2019. 12. Web Development Console Beta Release

  • 2020. 06. Web Development Console Release


Expected Network Information

Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea AWS Could Server

We will follow ICON Best Recommendations: Instance type: C5.18xlarge CPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz vCPU(core): 72 RAM: 144G Disk: 1000G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 9 Gbps) Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

YoungMin Kim Team Member

YoungMin has a BA in Computer Science and Engineering at POSTECH(Pohang University of Science and Technology). Since 1998, he has had various development experiences such as internet search engine, marketing automation platform and tele-communication value-added services. In addition, he has played a role as PL and PM in many projects, demonstrated outstanding ability in terms of coordinating opinions, and accomplished remarkable achievements in discovering new projects in overseas projects. We will contribute to the activation of the ICON blockchain based on this technology and communication ability. He is currently president of Signal9, a blockchain technology company.

YoungMi Shin Team Member

YoungMi has a MA in Computer Science and Engineering at POSTECH(Pohang University of Science and Technology). She has a history as a backend developer in mobile communications and broadcasting services. She has experience in backend upgrade without service interruption due to the nature of mobile communication and broadcasting service. She has security experience in charge of security module in IPTV and cable set top box. Currently, she is conducting SCORE audit work in ICON network.

Sun Jang Team Member

Sun has a MA in Computer Science and Engineering at Hongik University. He has experience in building supplementary services and billing services in domestic and overseas mobile communication networks. He also developed Smart Fleet Management System, an open Connected Car platform monitoring service of SK Telecom. Having a long experience as a developer, he is currently conducting SCORE audit work in ICON network. Recently, he participated in a SK Planet project as a SCORE Main developer in the project to convert OK Cashbag to OKX, which is a type of StableCoin.

HyungSuk Kim Team Member

HyungSuk has 8 year experience of frontend and backend development. He has tried to apply development methodology such as Agile and CI to actual development and have an enthusiastic attitude by hosting technical seminar on security technology because they are interested in security.