Team Information

Infinity Stones HQ: Palo Alto 94303

Infinity Stones is a silicon valley based technology company that specializes in both cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity protections for blockchains. Our core team is comprised of senior engineers from established companies in the hi-tech such as Google, Oracle, Apple, Intel, and LinkedIn.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

Infinity Stones would like to become a part of the ICON Network by becoming one of the P-Rep to help maintain the network. Our company has experience running block producing nodes on many chains, such as EOS, TRON, Ontology, Cosmos, GXChain, IoTeX, and more. We have the technical abilities to make sure our node achieves high availability as well as security standards. By operating on multiple high-profile chains, we have accumulated a diversified customer base which we can seamlessly bring to the ICON community. Most importantly, we have studied extensively the economic models of different DPoS chains and would love to have the chance to discuss it with the ICON team and share our experiences.

We believe that Infinity Stones will be a valuable member of the ICON community. Not only we can share our technical knowledge with existing members, we can also bring in new members to the community. In other words, we would like to contribute to the stability and growth of the ICON by becoming a P-Rep.

2. The motivation of the proposal (Why)

One of the advantages of running block producing nodes on a variety of chains is that we have the chance to talk to many communities, thus able to acquire information from a wide range of sources. ICON is one of the projects that we have the fortune to get to know.

At Infinity Stones, we believe PoS/DPoS is the future of the Blockchain and is always looking for projects in the space with great potential. We want to bring in our existing customers and community to ICON and share our knowledge of the DPoS space to contribute to the development of ICON.

By contributing to the growth of ICON, we are also doing good for our customers as we would be able to create opportunities for them to participate in the development of a project with excellent growth potential. Our motivation is always creating win-win solutions for customers and for the projects we plan to participate.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

Infinity Stones will help with ICON in the following areas:

a. Share our experience of running nodes on chains with high TPS and high requirement with community members and contribute to the stability of the network.

b. Provide consultancy to assist ICON in improving ICON’s DPoS Staking Program.

c. Introduce ICON Infinity Stones’ existing customers and communities to broaden the influence of ICON. By becoming a P-Rep, we will also introduce staking on ICON to our existing customer of institutional investors and high net-worth individuals, thus helping ICON achieving greater stability.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

We can start to share our knowledge and experiences of running nodes on other Chains as soon as we establish an official connection with the ICON team. We will also share our opinions of different DPoS economic models to contribute to the development of ICON’s staking economy.

At the same time, we will start to introduce the ICON’s DPoS staking program to our core customers who would be interested in purchasing ICON and participate in staking. We will also publish announcements and PR materials of ICON to our community through our official channels to broaden the influence of ICON. 

We plan to achieve all we have stated above before the scheduled official lunch of ICON’s DPoS staking in September.


Expected Network Information

Oregon, USA Cloud

Instance type: C5.4xlarge vCPU(core): 16 RAM: 32G Disk 500G NVMe SSD Network 10 Gbps

Team Members

Dr. Zhenwu Shi: Founder Team Member

Tech lead of cloud team at C3 IoT, Previously Senior Software Engineer at Oracle, Ph.D, Georgia Tech. Over 10+ years’ experience in IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems. Also, he serves on the Editor Board of Cyber-Physical Systems, and the Technical Program Committee of multiple international conferences.

Yu Zhao: Head of Engineering Team Member

Senior Software Engineer at Google. His work focuses on Cloud computing and cluster resource management optimizations at Google Cloud.

Wenhui Xu: Head of Product Team Member

Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn leading mobile infra development. She worked at Apple and launched many key products and features. 10+ years of experience in Product Development in Technology.

Sili Zhao: Business Analyst Team Member

He holds a Master of Science in Customer Analytics degree from Washington University in St.Louis’ Olin Business School. He reports to CEO of the company. His work focuses on researching and analyzing blockchain economic models and managing company databases.