Team Information

Chainode Capital HQ: Zug, Switzerland

Located in Zug, Switzerland we are at the heart of blockchain innovation.. Our team consists of a Solution Architect with more than 8 years of experience in the field of development, integration and technical solutions design, and a Growth Manager with more than 7 years of experience in the Marketing and Business Growth area, currently working in the blockchain space.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

As a team consisting of a Solution Architect and Business Growth Manager with an ICON P-REP position we will: 

  • Ensure network security by using a robust and protected fail-over architecture;
  • Activate a testnet validator since phase 1 in order to provide support for the quality assurance and network decentralization;
  • Produce and verify blocks, validate transactions, propose and vote on network policy changes, drive growth to the ICON ecosystem;
  • Actively participate in governance decisions;
  • Develop an ICON Ecosystem portal (ex.: that will host all the relevant information about ICON as well as projects/tools created around it;
  • Support projects that will be significant to the ICON Ecosystem;
  • Provide technical, architectural as well as business growth consultancy services to projects built on ICON. 

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

Through our technical expertise, we identified ICON as one of the blockchain application platforms with great potential to become a leader in this industry. One key component of every blockchain platform besides the technology is its community. A large, strong community implicitly delivers a certain degree of adoption and usability of the platform, as well as of the DApps and tools around it. Recurrently, it happens that the work of community members, developers or entrepreneurs, consisting of these tools or DApps, often goes lost or overseen.
Therefore, we want to build a central portal, equivalent to a single point of entry into the ICON Ecosystem. The portal will provide access to particular tools and DApps built on ICON in an easy manner by using a proper UX, thus being accessible by any user.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

  • Creating and maintaining a testnet node for quality assurance, security tests and network decentralization;
  • Designing and implementing the architecture for a secure validator on mainnet;

  • Actively participating in governance decisions and discussions on Reddit or similar forums;

  • Develop an ICON Ecosystem portal that will centralize all the information around the ICON project. The portal will contain information and links to projects (DApps) developed on ICON, news portals, explorer pages, as well as any other relevant tools developed in the ecosystem. In this way devs as well as regular users can easily find the necessary tools and DApps, at the same time being ensured of the veridicality of the data, avoiding to fall victims of scam or fraudulent websites. The portal will be constantly updated, implying continuous content creation as the ecosystem starts to expand.

  • Projects interested in building on ICON can make use of our consultancy services for technical as well as business growth, under the constrain of personal resources.

  • Promote the development of the ICON Ecosystem as well as the portal over social media channels like Twitter and Telegram.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

Our P-Rep validator has been already active and participated successfully since the beginning of phase 1 on TestNet.  

We are confident that our proposal will bring a valuable contribution to the ICON project and we are already working on the portal design and concept. Soon after the election, the first version of the ICON portal will be released. Meanwhile we will
continue to test and contribute to the ICON software quality and also be active on the social media channels with the latest ICON news. 

The upcoming projects which will be built on ICON can reach us for support and consultancy services.

Expected Network Information

Frankfurt, Germany Cloud

Instance type : C5.9xlarge CPU model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00GHz; vCPU: 36; RAM: 72G; Disk: 500G NVMe SSD ( EBS Bandwidth 4.5 Gbps); Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

Ionut Scirlet Team Member

Solution Architect working on different topics including Blockchain and its integration in enterprise field. Experienced in infrastructure, integration, cloud and blockchain technologies. Been active and invested in the blockchain space since 2014. Very technical, creative and analytic, and looking to actively add large contributions to the blockchain space. Already having experience with running validator nodes.

Ilinca Alexiuc Team Member

7+ years of experience in the Marketing field for companies based mainly in Germany, with focus on both B2B and B2C markets. Joined the Blockchain space at the beginning of 2017 and currently working as a freelancer, helping projects that use distributed ledger technologies from a growth management perspective (focus on the Asia market). Very determined, analytic and creative in terms of solution finding, with a passion for entrepreneurship and emerging revolutionary technologies.