Team Information

GoodKrak HQ: Miami, Florida

Hello Icon community! We humbly introduce ourselves for the position of P-Rep here if sunny Florida. As a participant in the ICON ICO, winter time bag holder, and long supporter of the ICON, hyperconnect everything project, we turn towards you, the community, in asking for your votes and support in hosting an ICON node. Due to our location in Miami, our node will clearly be the flashiest, sexiest, node, and we are considering candy car paint for the server's exterior. But to be serious, we look forward to supporting the network from a new geography where we can build a community in this region, which closely straddles the Latin startup community. Our unique position in South Florida will provide us access to a broadly different community pool, as well as stretches the ICON node network across all corners of the American continent (NYC, SF, and now Miami!). We look forward to communicating directly with ICON users and supporters, as well as developing in person events where we can engage in face to face activities.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

I will leverage my geographical location to bolster and enhance the ICON network. Furthermore, I hope to leverage the unique position of Miami as a bridge between LATAM and America. This community is comprised of startups and people that are crossing over from a variety of Latin countries into the American startup scene. I hope to use this opportunity to educate these startups, investors, and users on the benefits of the ICON community.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

As a major investor in the ICON ICO, a winter-time bag holder, and passionate ICON community member, I look forward to participating and supporting the network as it moves towards true decentralizatikon (the dream!). 

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

While setting up the node is first and foremost, I haven't decided between an AWS server or a locally operating machine. Either solution is ready to rock and can be set up in no time. After the node is up, running, and kicking verification ass, I'll turn my energies towards community developement, hosting educational/promotional events for local entrepenuers and startups in the Miami area. 

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

As with all actions, I intend on wasting no time. Setting up the node can happen immediately, my hand is already on the button. Once that is up and running, proving it's worth to the network, then I will begin to flesh out community opportunities. I look forward to hosting open communication channels with the ICON community about what might best support the network, and who we might want to build on top of it. We will be stronger together- now let's build!

Expected Network Information

Miami, FL, United States Cloud

AWS Recommended Specs

Team Members

Graham Friedman Team Member

My story in crypto land begins with the founding of my previous company, TLDR Global in late 2016. We were early to the game, and participated in the exciting activities of 2017, during which we participated in the ICON ICO. I've recently left the firm and moved from NYC to Miami, greatly enjoying my integration into the South Florida startup scene. The key difference between Miami and the rest of America is the strong cross over with Latin American investments, startups, and overall culture. My position here has exposed me to startups from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and more. It's a truly unique launchpad that bridges two regions. I am a passionate cryptophile with a strong background in creating social media content, a strong believer in community, and hold a firm view on the merging realities of the cyber space and our 'real' world over the coming decade. Tools such AR,VR, and AI, will provide a solid experience layer, and I envision blockchain as the trust layer that connects all functionalities. I hope that you'll join me on this adventure, and let's work together to make ICON a great success, and truly hyperconnect everything!