Team Information

HKICON HQ: Hong Kong

Starting from being a tech-based standby block producer in the EOS community, HKICON will share the same capability and vision with the ICON community. We focus on three core values; Network Security, Technical Support and dApp Development.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

We propose to be ICON’s agile infrastructure guardians and dApp enabler. Becoming a representative is not only about the ability to set up a good infrastructure to produce blocks but also about always available in case of any urgent situation. Also, building dApps and presenting it to the community is practical value-adding activity. Since we already have been doing it, we plan to expand it to ICON. 


2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

We are interested in building decentralized future with various blockchain networks. We have been supporting the EOS mainnet and sister-chains. Having said that, we are expanding to various DPOS based blockchain ecosystem as we believe blockchain projects with scalability can make a difference. 

One of our focus areas was to give back to the EOS.IO ecosystem by incubating promising  projects, such as Lumeos. We leveraged on our networks, technical and business expertise to help a number of early stage projects. This experience offered our team the opportunity to sharpen our skills within the dApp ecosystem; also allowing us to identify and resolve issues that dApp teams are encountering. With that experience, we have set up another entity called RocketBC and have been building dApps. Our future is in BUIDLing meaningful decentralized applications ourselves. 

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

After setting up a node and become a representative on ICON, we are planning to expand our products into different blockchain ecosystems. Among the different products we are building, we have a dApp project called GIVLY, a decentralized social funding platform. It would be a good opportunity for us to onboard token holders in ICON ecosystem to become donors and workers. 

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

We are planning to set up a node in June. And any product side decisions will follow after July. 

Expected Network Information

New Territories, Hong Kong cloud (AWS)

AWS EC2, 1 r5.4xlarge, 1 c5.9xlarge. c5.4xlarge

Team Members

Jae Chung Team Member

Jae is a passionate blockchain developer and system administrator from Hong Kong. He specializes in building reliable infrastructure and network security. Believe it or not, he loves spending his time with computers, whether it’s developing smart contracts and the backend for decentralized applications, or writing scripts to automate processes on his servers. He has been succesfully involved in bug bounty programs by the likes of Tumblr, Tinder, and’s EOSIO. Jae wrote one of the first fully automated testing suites for EOSIO smart contracts in bash, and played a crucial role in writing the launching and peering scripts for the EOS network itself. He is a technical advisor for rising blockchain projects including and L2. When he’s not coding in his cave, he enjoys making music, playing basketball, and cooking. Jae is a Systems Engineer from the University of Pennsylvania, and speaks English and Korean.

Hugo Campanella Team Member

Hugo is a senior UI/UX designer and Front-End developer who leads product execution. A professional of agile methodology, he is applying his highly user-centric approach to build usable dApps. Hugo leaded web and mobile product teams in various startups around the globe, he contributes to around design, user experience and Front-End development problematics alongside EOS Cafe Block’s team. Hugo has previously worked with major brands like UBS, AXA and Rocket Internet. He speaks English, German, French and Italian. He holds a Masters in Finance and a BSc in Economics.

Devin Perera Team Member

Devin has been responsible for a number of successful businesses and initiatives, both in the traditional and digital ecosystems. His passion for cryptocurrency lead him to co-found Blockchain IB, advising Asian crypto-investors engage a number of celebrated token sales, such as Bread Wallet and Coinme. Devin is also the co-founder of the EOS.IO HK community and helped Block.One run their highly successful inaugural Meet-Up. Devin previously worked in various equity market roles at leading investment banks such as BNP Paribas, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. Devin holds a Masters Degree from The University of Sydney.

Naeun Kim (Orchid) Team Member

Orchid has been a creative business developer in blockchain space. She loves turning new ideas into actual business and products. As a former business developer of EOSYS, Orchid co-hosted the first EOS web conference EOS Ignite, joined the Worker Proposal System core group, helped with the biggest EOS DApp meetup in Korea EOS DApp Festa, and kickstarted JellyJuice project to build casual games on the EOS mainnet. In the past, she managed UX research projects with global companies in Yonsei HCI Lab. She got a masters degree in Cognitive Science and a B.S. in Business administration from Yonsei University.