Team Information

Chain Partners HQ: Seoul, Korea

Chain Partners is the first blockchain company builder in Korea. It was established by serial entrepreneur Charles Pyo in July 2017. Charles was recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek as a “Top 25 Young Entrepreneur Representing Asia.” Chain Partners received $12M funding within 10 months of incorporation, in rapid fashion, built 14 businesses in blockchain technology, consulting, crypto payments, exchange, wallet, research, OTC, media, marketing, and education. In 2018, Chain Partners began the second phase of its growth towards becoming the ‘leading digital asset company in Asia.’ Chain Partners is the only company in Korea that has established stakes across the entire digital asset ecosystem, from payment to exchange and OTC. Chain Partners is the most comprehensive digital asset company in the Korean market.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

As Chain Partners has operated numerous blockchains such as EOS, Worbli, Sovrin, Orbs, and Aergo, we promise the following support:

a. Optimal Infrastructure - To ensure stable and secure block production, we maintain high-performance hardware with the best security experts. We provide the optimal infrastructure for the blockchain and its DApp developers.

b. Development Support and Investment - In order for a blockchain to gain wider adoption, we need DApps along with other necessary tools. Based on our experience developing tools such as, we will build tools necessary for ICON to thrive.

c. Community Support - Chain Partners operates one of the biggest EOS communities in South Korea. We have successfully hosted offline events. Based on this experience, we will partake in the development of the ICON community.


2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

Chain Partners believes in ICON’s longterm vision of “hyper-connecting” the world through blockchain. ICON is the most well-developed and well-known public blockchain based in Korea. We see great potential in the project itself.


3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

Running a stable and secure node is one of the most important aspects of blockchain. Throughout the years, Chain Partners partook in node running of several blockchain projects such as EOS, Worbli, Sovrin, Orbs, and Aergo. As a block producer, we have maintained a stable and secure node without any major problems. We hope to do the same for the ICON blockchain.

On top of that, Chain Partners has the capability of making a blockchain flourish. Not only do we have Daybit (Exchange) and Coinduck (Payment), we also developed NovaWallet (EOS Wallet) and EOShub (EOS Toolkit). By having these resources, we strongly believe that we are an appropriate candidate for ICON. With our outstanding technical team, we hope to participate in the development of ICON blockchain.

Lastly, Chain Partners will actively partake in the governance of ICON. We have been actively participating in the governance aspects of different blockchains. These experiences will allow us to lead the governance of ICON.


4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)


  1. Participate actively in test-net phase

  2. Stable and secure node running

  3. Actively participate in the launch phase

  4. Community Building

  5. Offline meet-ups



  1. Build necessary tool kits for the users (ex, Voting or Block scanner tool)

  2. Build necessary tools for DApp developers (ex, API and tool kits)

  3. Launch Dapp / Wallet on ICON

Expected Network Information

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea AWS

Instance type: C5.4xlarge vCPU(core): 16 RAM: 32G Disk 500G NVMe SSD Network 10 Gbps

Team Members

Charles Pyo Team Member

Charles is a serial entrepreneur and founder of web and mobile startups Dadream Communications, Rubicon Games, and Wizard Works. He was recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek as a “Top 25 Young Entrepreneur Representing Asia” and is a council member on the Presidental Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a national policy group. He is currently the founder & CEO of Chain Partners. Linkedin:

Richard Kim Team Member

Richard has successfully launched numerous businesses overseas in energy and emerging technologies. With his strong connections across the blockchain ecosystem internationally, he initiated key partnerships at Chain Partners, including Polymath, Sovrin, and Orbs. He is the CSO of Chain Partners. Linkedin:

Kevin Ahn Team Member

Kevin is a data-driven project manager who works across multiple areas of responsibility at Chain Partners, including Validator 1, company branding, and business development. He brings a profound understanding and experience in the production of web/app products. He is working as a project manager at Chain Partners Linkedin: