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Deblock with Stayge HQ: Seoul, Korea

Deblock is a blockchain focused venture capital and accelerator firm located in Korea. Since early 2018, Deblock has made 10 investments and these investments are not just financial investment but the strategic investment for ICON ecosystem. Deblock team has made itself the most active member in the Korea blockchain community as well. STAYGE Labs, a technical partner of P-rep, has been committed to innovating the entertainment industry with technology since its establishment in 2016. In particular, in 2018, with ICON, blockchain technology has been introduced., a service of STAYGE Labs, is one of the representative DApp linked with ICON mainnet and maintains close cooperation with ICON based on the highest level of technology among ICON's DApp partners.


Proposal point and objectives

  • Deblock is established in the first quarter of 2018 and is engaged in investment and community activities to expand the ICON ecosystem. Deblock has invested in nine projects and companies with possible strategic synergies with ICON, and Deblock is accelerating the ICON projects while serving as the Seoul launch pad for ICX_station. Deblock is promoting ICON to various blockchain community in Korea and discovering and promoting business opportunities with various players. Deblock acts as Strategic Investor & Accelerator for the ICON ecosystem’s expansion. Deblock intends to participate more actively in stable node operation and on-chain governance by strengthening existing activities with ICON P-rep.

  • Deblock's activities creates actual business on off-chain and expands the community. Deblock is running P-rep based on partnership with STAYGE as a technical partner for more stable node operations. STAYGE Labs has been actively developing and testing since the ICON Testnet; moreover, STAYGE has been actively involved in technology development and utilization. STAYGE team also has created its own wallet for the first time in ICON Ecosystem based on the open source. By teaming with this proven technical team, we can carry out activities and governance for the success of ICON in all areas of on-chain and off-chain.


Execution Plan of the Proposal

  • Investment & Acceleration

    • Deblock is an official accelerator approved by the Korean government and has a unique position as a blockchain professional VC. Based on Hyun Oh's VC career, we will continue to explore and invest in startups in Korea and Asia that will help ICON succeed.

    • Deblock will also work on the blockchain acceleration program and education program in cooperation with the Korean government start-up support centers. We are currently cooperating with government agencies in Seoul and Jeju Island in Korea and will start in earnest in the second half of 2019.

  • Business Development

    • Through cooperation with major companies in Korea, we plan to develop blockchain projects using ICON. We will create commercialized products that will be on the ICON mainnet based on STAYGE's solid technology.

    • For the expanding and utilization of ICON’s various service (ex. Decentralized ID, certificate services, ICONest), we are making partnerships aggressively.

    • We support global business through ICX_station and support global entry of Korean companies as well as global companies into Korea.

    • STAYGE's business is in the relatively casual area of 'entertainment', with its main target audience in the 10-20s, which will grow into the main user base of the internet and blockchains within the next decade. Through this business strategy, we are striving to realize 'mass adoption', which is a hot topic of all industry.

  • Block Production & Governance Decision

    • Based on STAYGE's technology and understanding of ICON technology, Deblock is able to provide the most stable and safe block production environment.

    • Based on the ability of Deblock of meeting the most companies that have business with communities, we will provide developer-friendly governance to conform to ICON's DPoC policy, which will eventually lead to the expansion of ICON developers.

  • History

    • Feb, 2016: STAYGE Labs established

    • March, 2018: DEBLOCK established

    • April, 2018: Deblock started to held demoday every month with AD4TH. 
                           STAYGE wins the 1st place of ‘New Kids on the Blockchain’ demoday, 

    • May, 2018: DEBLOCK enforced the first investment

    • September, 2018: STAYGE made a collaboration contract with ICON foundation

    • April, 2019 : Deblock held ICON Dapp meetup 

    • May, 2019: STAYGE, launched ICON Mainnet DApp


  • Expected timeline

    • June, 2019: Announced ‘DEBLOCK with STAYGE’ P-rep project team

    • June, 2019: Project website scheduled to release

    • 2019: Continuation of Deblock, ICON Strategic Investment

    • August, 2019 : Deblock, ICON development educational program 

    • 2019: STAYGE, develop and launch more than 3 apps running on ICON Mainnet (K-Pop Speed Quiz, e-commerce service, DID related service)

Expected Network Information

Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea AWS

Instant type : Instant type : C5.9xlarge CPU model : Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHz vCPU(core) : 36 RAM : 72G Disk : 500G NVMe SSD Network : 10Gbps

Team Members

Hyun Oh Team Member

Managing Partner of Deblock. Co-founder of AD4TH Insight Korean largest corporate VC, GS shop. Software engineer with LG Electronics.

Michael Baeg Team Member

STAYGE One / Co-founder & CEO STAYGE Labs / Co-founder & CEO Formation 8 Partners / Asia Business Operating Partner On*Media (acquired by CJ Group) / New Biz-dev Team Manager Entelligent (acquired by NEXON Mobile) / Team Leader & Senior Software Engineer DelphiEye (acquired by Webzen) / Software Engineer Actoz Soft (acquired by Shanda) / Software Engineer POSTECH / B.S. in CSE

Steve Cho Team Member

STAYGE Labs / CTO KTDS / Senior Software Engineer KT / Software Engineer Nomad Connection / Software Engineer Oullim Information Technology / Software Engineer KAIST / M.S in CSE POSTECH / B.S in CSE