Team Information

Blockaccel HQ:

Formed in 2019, Blockaccel is a network of industry expert, full stack web developer, and investor that backs startups building the decentralized future through blockchain technology. Our focus Investment: Our team applies domain expertise to identify compelling opportunities, investing in both pre-ICO and publicly-traded digital assets. Node operation: Our team draws on deep technical expertise to securely operate nodes.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

Blockaccel has the same vision for the decentralized future and a way to help ICON network realize that vision by 1) investing in early stage ICON-based blockchain projects and digital assets, 2) promoting news through "ICON Insights", our own blog, and 3) maintaing a secure ICON network as a P-Rep.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

We are committed to our roles as an ealry investor of ICON, seeking to increase the value of ICON network.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How) & Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

We will continue to invest in early stage ICON-based blockchain projects and digital assets and to promote news through ICON Insights. Also, we will contribute to maintain the ICON network, through participating in consensus and governance as a P-Rep. Expected timeline of the node operation is as below.
- 2019. 06   P-Rep pre-registration
- 2019. 07   Testnet connection
- 2019. 08   On-chain registration
- 2019. 09   Block production and verification
Expected Network Information

United States AWS


Team Members

Our team is comprised of industry expert, full stack web developer, and investor. Team Member

Our team members have experience across a wide range of industries, and many have multiple investment in early stage blockchain projects and digital assets such as ICON, Bluzelle, WAX, Refereum, Pundi X, Traceto, TTC, Carry, and VELIC.