Team Information

Hexlant HQ: Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Established in 2018 by former Samsung engineers, Hexlant is a blockchain laboratory which provides 12 main-net node API solutions. With these solutions, it is conducting custody and smart contract businesses and providing a SK Planet cryptocurrency wallet


Introduction of proposal

Hexlant has successfully deployed more than 13 blockchain mainnet nodes to provide companies and agencies with 'hexlant nodes'.

The mainnet nodes supported by Hexlant are:  Bitcoin / BitcoinCash / Ethereum / EOS / Ripple / Tron / Qtum / Neo / Ontology / Cardano / Stella / Bytom / RSK

Hexlant nodes have successful commercialization technologies ranging from network operations to tracking suspicious transactions and accounting reports. Based on this technology and know-how, we contribute to the ICON Network as follows.

A.  KYC / AML based block search - Provides services to monitor transaction and account information generated in ICON Network.

B.  Feasible Infrastructure - Provides the infrastructure to meet the network requirements required by the ICON Foundation and enable stable service delivery.

C.  Participate in ongoing governance - Participate in important policy decisions to communicate the ICON community's opinions for the activation and development of the ICON Network.

D.  Service for commercialization - We provide contract development support and security verification service for project team launching based on ICON.

E.  Developer Training and Documentation - Hexlant has educational experience on a number of mainnets including Ethereum and IOS, and it draws in new users through long-term training on ICON.

F.  Contract Security - Hexlant has verified a number of smart contracts. With its numerous test cases, ICON provides smart contract validation services to ensure that the security issues of any contracts that have occurred are not rediscovered.


Motivation of the proposal

It's time you need a successful use case for a blockchain. It is time to prove the market by expanding the blockchain ecosystem through collaboration between ICON and node teams.

We will also provide ICON endpoints for block-chain projects to lower technology entry barriers.


Execution plan of the proposal


Stable Node Operation 

Hexlant has successfully run 13 mainnets including BitCoin / BitCoin Cash / Ethereum / EOS / Ripple / Tron / Qtum / Neo / Ontology / Cardano / Stella / Bytom / RSK.  Based on our technology, we will operate ICON nodes securely.

Providing services for commercialization 

We have a core technology that enables blockchains. We successfully provide core technology for blockchain commercialization from contract validation automation solutions to contract issuance, encryption key storage solutions, and admin pages.

Most advanced community

The ecosystem we create does not stop with the application of blockchain technology. Build a community where developers and ICON documents can accumulate.


Proposal execution roadmap

1. Operation of ICON node and provision of node API 

2.  Support of DIP technology and investment of technology

3.  Suspicious transaction history and anti-money laundering technology applied

Expected Network Information

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea cloud


Team Members

Jinwoo Ro Team Member

- Representative at Hexlant lnc. - Representative at Block Monster Lab lnc. - (Prev) Samsung Electronics Creative Development Center 'Next Generation AAC Solution Service Design' . - (Prev) Mentoring of former Samsung Electronics college student foundation contest. - (Prev) Barbie Tok (Plastic Surgery O2O Service). - (Prev) Apartment management service 'Mobil Mo-vill' service design. - (Prev) Master of Congitive Psychology, Yonsei University.

Junwoo Kang Team Member

- COO at Hexlant lnc. - (Prev) CTO at Buildit lnc. - (Prev) Samsung Electronics 'Network EMS' Frontend & Backend Development - (Prev) Samsung Electronics Algorithm Rating 'Professional' - (Prev) 'KITI Researcher' Developed 'Smart Plug' using BLE, ZIGBEE - (Prev) JH Network 'bbattle' Android, iOS App development - (Prev) Waterbear Soft Co-Founder (ST Unitas M & A)

Chun Ryu Team Member

- CSO at Hexlant lnc. - (Prev) Planning and designing 'Deep Running iris recognition solution service' of creative development center of Samsung Electronics - (Prev) Samsung Electronics VD Division Global TV UX, Interaction precedent research - (Prev) Planning, development and commercialization of smart guest book service 'Atelier',