Team Information

Newroad.Capital HQ: The Netherlands

NewRoad capital is a young company that started in 2017. Initially, the focus was development and advice in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Today there are 3 main services we provide: 1. Delegation and Staking Service 2. Digital Asset Investment 3. Blockchain Infrastructure We strongly believe that a permissionless blockchain model will be the base of many future products in leading industries like, finance, transport, agriculture, healthcare and many more. This by serving as a secure, transparent and tamperproof information source globally protected by all it participants. In potential every person. Our goal is to professionally support networks that have good and honest potential for improving markets and build on a sustainable future.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

We from Newroad would like to join de Icon community as an P-rep. We believe that our experience in this field can contribute the ICON Network. Our experience comes from various other networks like Tezos, Comos , IRISnet and Chainlink where we provide highly secure delegation services and node service and also participate in the governance model.

Our first 3 priorities if we become elected as an P-rep are:

  1. Provide a highly secure an scalable infrastructure to bring as stable as possible network
  2. Grant Program for the ICON Community
  3. Participating in the governance on behalf of community. We will base our votes an suggestions of policies on our experience and your voice.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

Quality over quantity! We are a small team and we do not have the capacity to be a part of every project that looks promising. The most of us are in this business to be a part of the new world. Where we strongly believe in the importance of networks like ICON have for the future. ICON connects the isolated worlds but preserves the so important decentralisation. That is why we want to be a part of ICON as an P-rep.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

Our experience will be useful in the realization of the infrastructure on our side.
We will also draw up a plan on how we can set up a system in which we can keep direct  contact with our delegates. 

When Newroad gets elected by the ICONist to become a P-rep we will start up a Grant Program for ICON community. A part of our earning as a P-rep will be monthly added to this program. If you are or have a good idea of enlarging and strengthening the community like a developer of dapps or you're hosting, making content for ICON  you can applied for this grant.  We will try our best to support you and the community!


We will all be responsible for making ICON a success.

Expected Network Information

Amsterdam, The Netherlands bare metal

Equivalent tot the recommended Specification

Team Members

Team Newroad Team Member

The members of team Newroad all have a technical, development or a financial background. If you have any questions about us please contact us.