Team Information

SNZ Pool HQ: British Virgin Islands

SNZ Holding is a crypto assets capital, consulting service, community builder and an early investor in Ethereum, Dfinity, Cosmos, Polkadot and other renowned projects. SNZ Pool under SNZ Holding is a professional and reliable POS validator for a variety of projects including but not limited to Cosmos, IRISnet, EOS, ONT and Loom. With profound knowledge, rich experience and all-encompassing ecosystem resources, we are committed to maintaining the security and stability of each network, offering professional POS services and strongly supporting and contributing to projects and their communities.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

SNZ Holding would like to join the ICON Network by becoming one of the P-Rep to help maintain the network. SNZ Holding is a large parent corporation of multiple crypto related corporation, including incubation centers and investment companies. SNZ Holding can sponsor blockchain R&D research that will benefit the long-term development of ICON ecosystem through investment. Meanwhile, SNZ Holding keeps a good relationship with many open source communities and help ICON collaborate with them in different areas. By doing so, ICON would be better positioned to solve challenging blockchain technology problems and keep a leading position in the blockchain area. We believe that SNZ Holding will be a valuable member of the ICON community who may contribute technically, financially and more.

2. The motivation of the proposal (Why)

Our team consists of a group of engineers, technical evangelists and entrepreneurs with the same belief in the blockchain technology. Our mission is to discover valuable projects, bring resources to the team, contribute to the ecosystems and benefit from the win-win relationship. We are trying our best to help great projects develop their business in China and also bring together local projects and communities to their counterparts abroad.

ICON is one of the projects that we feel glad to get to know. We want to bring in our existing customers and community to ICON and improve the development of ICON. By contributing to the growth of ICON, we are also doing good for our customers as we would be able to create opportunities for them to participate in the development of a project with excellent growth potential. Our motivation is always creating win-win solutions for customers and for the projects we plan to participate in.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

SNZ Holding owns several incubation centers across Beijing, Shanghai and other place. By leveraging these resources, SNZ Holding can help expand ICON’s community influence through the following ways:

    a) Organize a series of seminars and workshops in SNZ Holding’s incubation centers.

    b) Improve the ICON eco-system by sponsoring and incubating a large amount of good dApps projects on ICON platform, through the investment arm and incubation centers.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

We can start to help improve ICON eco-system as soon as we establish an official connection with the ICON team. SNZ Holding want to build up a long-term partnership with ICON both technically and commercially. ICON may bring in good projects to SNZ Holding’s incubation center. Also, we may work together to co-invest in some promising projects.

Expected Network Information

Singapore, Singapore Cloud

Instance type: C5.4xlargevCPU(core): 16RAM: 32GDisk: 500G NVMe SSDNetwork: 10 Gbps

Team Members

Haihua Shi Team Member

(Founder) M.S from Paris Institute of Technology. France EMBA in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Jacques Chi Team Member

(CEO of SNZ Pool) Supply Chain Manager in Fortune 500 company M.S from Paris Institute of Technology, France.

Neo Liang Team Member

(CTO.) More than 10+ years experience in Internet Area and more than 5+ years experience in Blockchain Area.

Shuai Yuan Team Member

(Blockchain Engineer.) More than 5+ years experience in Computer Science.