Team Information HQ: 10 Anson Road, Singapore

CrossAngle is a company building Xangle, a public data disclosure service for the global crypto asset market. Their goal is to resolve the issue of information asymmetry pervasive in the crypto market today. CrossAngle is working closely with token projects and exchanges to institutionalize public data disclosure practices, and are also actively engaging with traditional corporates by conducting a seminar called NotForSale(NFS). Their activities are aligned to their broader vision of bridging the gap between the blockchain and traditional industry by making blockchain projects and crypto assets accessible and understandable to all.

Expected Network Information

seoul Cloud Server

C5.4xlarge (16 Cores, 32 Gb RAM, 2TB SSD)

Team Members

Lihan Lee Team Member

Lihan is a serial entrepreneur solving real world problems based on data technology. He founded OpenSurvey and served as a CTO which was the first and currently the largest smartphone market research startup in Korea, followed by a leading F&B start-up powered by medical data. Currently, he is passionate to solve the transparency problem in the crypto industry by providing a disclosure service based on on-chain and off-chain data analysis.

Hae Min Park Team Member

Haemin has been in the international business scene for more than 10 years, working in global top tier IT security companies such as Darktrace and F5. Prior to joining CrossAngle, he was the co-founder of a successful ICO project and raised 27M USD for the company. He holds an extensive network with forerunners of blockchain industry including crypto hedge funds, exchanges, and media. Haemin, who had been investing in crypto projects, co-founded the company with the urge to resolve information asymmetry.

James Kim Team Member

James has a balanced experience in diverse scenes; Trading, Corporate Strategy (Samsung Electronics Mobile, North America Market Strategy), Investment & Business Development (NXC), and most recently MD of NXVP as a Venture Capitalist. He was engaged in crypto exchange business deals around the world, managed a large crypto fund, reviewed numerous ICO deals with high interest in finding the intrinsic business value of blockchain. The lack of information to make informed investment decisions compelled him to co-found CrossAngle.

Jake Lim Team Member

Jake has experience in both Finance and Enterprise IT. With over +6 years of collective experience in Banking, FinTech Consulting, EPC, he has leveraged his experience from Finance, and as a level 3 CFA candidate, to initiate digitization for Enterprises at Samsung SDS. Later on, he became an in-house Blockchain Consultant and then went on to co-found Overnodes, a micro-payment and digital wallet solution company.

KP Jang Team Member

KP has diverse research experiences on financial assets; Derivatives, alternative assets (Infrastructure and real-estate), and equities. Prior to joining CrossAngle, KP worked as an equity analyst at Samsung Securities. He is currently leveraging his experience from finance industry to build Xangle, and at the same time is responsible for conducting research to produce institutional reports.

Sean Kim Team Member

Sean is an experienced developer participating in various technical projects including one of the first mobile browser engine in Korea as well as online services like POOQ reaching millions of daily users. With over 15 years of experience, he is now building an user interface for crypto asset investors serving rich quantitative data based on cutting edge frontend technologies.

Ina Jeong Team Member

Ina has various design experiences in food and beverage, travel, O2O, IT, shopping and so on. YelloMobile's subsidiary, Purples, worked on the product design related to Beacon(Bluetooth 4 low energy technology). As a founding member of a start-up business, she has been in charge of design an integrated management platform for shopping malls. Her design mind is to take a step closer to the user without missing the visual expression.

Hyunjoo Cho Team Member

Hyunjoo is an energetic individual who enjoys new experiences and adventures. Prior to joining CrossAngle, she worked for Schneider Electric, a global energy management company. She held multiple roles from analyst, product management and marketing for electrical and mechanical products and services. She ventured into the blockchain industry as a research analyst for NotForSale in early 2019, and has since moved on to a marketing role.

Roy Cho Team Member

Roy is a veteran Backend Server Developer with more than 20 years of technical experience, with a focus in the game and entertainment industry. Most recently, he was involved in developing a DApp for a fan community as well as MMORPG and mobile game development. He has experience handling AWS cloud, MEAN stack, Unity3d, CryEngine, and blockchain protocols of bitcoin, Ethereum, ICON and Klaytn. Today he is the backend developer of Xangle.

Jaewon Park Team Member

Jaewon joined the blockchain industry with a strong belief in the technology, after a 3-year career in the public financial sector. She was the business development team lead in CodeChain, and acknowledged that new technology is a key factor for economic growth. Eager to contribute in the blockchain industry, she joined CrossAngle to build a healthy ecosystem, with a role in service planning and business development.

Minji Ju Team Member

Minji is an agile operations manager, ensuring the efficient execution of recruiting and administrative process of the entire company. Previously she worked in the HR department of Boston Scientific Korea, where she was responsible for recruiting and training of 150+ employees. She was also a secretary to the executive of Samsung Electronics Digital City Mobile Software R&D, where she handled administration of over 300 employees.