P-Rep Candidate
Team Information

ICONDA - Sample P-Rep Candidate HQ: Brasilia, BZ

ICONDA is a team of 5 ICON supporters based in Brazil. We are all experienced developers and were involved in blockchain technology. We have strong presence in the region and have been active in the blockchain space in Brazil. Leveraging our network and background knowledge in the technology, and based on our enthusiasm in the ICON Network, we decided to run as an ICON P-Rep.


1. Intro

ICONDA is an ambitious team with strong understanding about the blockchain technology and we aim to become a leading P-Rep in Latin America. Our team is comprised of five dedicated ICONists, experts who have a long history of running large capacity services. We want to expand the ICON Network's ecosystem in Latin America and spread ICX-based economy in the region.


2. Motivation

Since ICON project is based in Korea, we realized that their presence in Brazilian blockchain community is not distinctive despite the fact that all blockchains are global projects.

We believe P-Rep election is meaningful in that this is the first step to establishment of a truly “decentralized network”. By the nature of public blockchain, having a node scattered around the world is crucial to stability of the network. As we have background knowledge in blockchain technology and governance, we will run a stable node and make the ICON Network more solid and at the same time let people in Latin America know about ICON better.


3. How
1) Community Building
We will organize various blockchain events ranging from small meetups to conferences across Latin America. These events will provide opportunities for ICON supporters to network and share their thoughts on the ICON Network. Once we are elected as a P-Rep, we will bring up agenda that helps to improve the ICON Network governance. Furthermore, we will create media contents on the ICON Network, ICON DApps, and other related services or activities in Spanish and share to the community.


2) Infrastructure
We will locate the server in Brazil at the beginning, but in the long term, we will strategically spread out to other regions of Latin America, hire and educate more developers to accomplish our mission. Such expansion will provide better environment to decentralization of the ICON Network. 


3) Token Economy 
We will implement ICX-based token economy to local society of Latin America. Many Latin American countries are lacking stability of their traditional currency. We plan to build a local marketplace where people can trade using ICX instead of legacy currency.
Specifically, we will develop a simple billing system and a dashboard solution that enables sellers to easily manage transaction information. At the end of the way, our ultimate goal is to create friendly environment for cross-border trade based on ICX.


4) Weekly Report
 ICONDA team will create weekly reports on the latest trends of the blockchain industry. The contents will include status report of the cryptocurrency exchanges and overall market sentiment, and share with the ICON Community. 
More importantly, we plan to analyze the transaction volume and market condition of the ICON Network, which is useful and at the same time crucial to investors. This will help the investors to understand, grow a broader viewpoint about the blockchain industry, and make a reasonable cryptocurrency investment.

4. When

1) Community Building
ICONDA has a vision to build a community of people who want to be part of token economy based on the ICON Network. Our mission will start immediately and will go on as a long-term project. 

2) Infrastructure
The initial server installation is already being planned and will be done right away. ICONDA plans to build the basic infrastructure by 2019 4Q and further expand the system depending on network demand by 2020 1Q.

3) Token Economy
We are doing research on ICON Network’s token economy and how to expand and apply to the real world. The basic research will end around 2019 4Q and the prototype testing will commence within 2020 1Q.

4) Weekly Report 
We will publish a weekly report as soon as soon as we are elected as a P-Rep.

Expected Network Information

DF, Brazil Cloud

AWS Cloud Server - Instance Type C5.18xlarge / CPU Model Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00GHz / vCPU(core) 72 / RAM 144G / Disk 1000G NVMe SSD / 10 Gbps

Team Members

Ricardo Arantes Team Member

Ricardo is a senior developer who has work experience of 10+ years in IT industry. He spent five years working on a high speed networking stack for mainframe systems used by banks and government agencies. Also, he has been in the cryptography industry for the past four years. Based on his expertise in distributed computing and server infrastructure management, Ricardo will lead the technology efforts at ICONDA and be in charge of the infrastructure that will support the ICON Network.

Stephanie Fernandez Team Member

Stephanie is responsible for business development of ICONDA and is currently developing various business opportunities based on the ICON Network. She has strong academic background in Mathematics and Business administration as she earned her master’s degree from Joseph University. As a crypto-enthusiast, she established two blockchain companies and secured investments in the past.

Anna de la Fuente Team Member

Anna is in charge of technology research, focusing on the governance structure and node operation of public blockchains. Anna worked for several leading global companies as a system administrator and has build infra systems. Also, as an early investor of cryptocurrency, she has been involved in global blockchain research projects.

Alexandra Massafera Team Member

Alexandra is a marketing specialist who has been engaged in the advertisement industry for 15+ years, especially online marketing. Attracted by the philosophy of the blockchain technology, she joined ICONDA team to deliver and spread the value of blockchain to the public and build up communities in Latin America through online marketing tactics.

Lucas Valverde Tejedor Team Member

Lucas is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. As a leading entrepreneur, he has a personal goal to discover and nurture good startups to demonstrate their full potential and expand their business. In order to reach this mission, Lucas has joined ICONDA to provide advisory to DApp projects in Latin America.